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Welcome to the section of this website devoted to Dragonball (mainly Dragonball Z). Being the previous focus of this website, there is a great deal of material available. Believe it or not, about two-three years ago this site used to offer tons of multimedia (music videos, movieclips, and images). However, after I lost my host at the time, I had to revert to hosting that limits my bandwith and storage.

Nowadays you can find almost everything this section has to offer elsewhere on the net, but keep in mind that I was one of the first sites, if not the first that offered some of this information (bodycounts and rumors being two of those sections).

What's Dragonball? - An introduction to the universe of Dragonball.

Before Dragonball - Discusses two stories that took place before Dragonball starts: Bardock's and Freeza's stories.

Bodycounts - A fairly complete listing of who kills who in Dragonball Z (and some Dragonball kills as well).

Casting - An incomplete listing of voice actors for the Japanese version and English dubs.

Dragonball Wishes - Details on the wishes made using dragonballs in Dragonball and Dragonball Z.

Episode Summaries - A massive amount of Dragonball Z episode summaries, probably the most informative section of this website.

Funny Quotes - When I hear something funny in Japanese DBZ episodes, I put it here.

Majin Buu - A section all about Majin Buu.

Manga Summaries - A decently-sized collection of summaries of Viz's Translated-to-English Dragonball manga. These summaries start with the "Dragonball Z" manga and end part of the way through the Namek saga.

Names - A lot of characters' names mean something in certain languages. This section lists some of those meanings.

The Saiyajin - Explanations of the saiyajin and the different forms they take on.

Song Lyrics - Lyrics to songs heard in Dragonball, DBZ, and DBGT. I usually get these lyrics from the VHS and DVD's available in the United States from FUNimation and Pioneer.

Tournaments - Complete coverage of a few of the tournaments in Dragonball and Dragonball Z.

Vehicles - A listing of some vehicles seen in Dragonball Z with a brief description for each.

Section created: 12/14/04 | Section updated: 1/6/05

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