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Dragonball - Bodycounts

I obtained these from the FUNimation North American Dub, fansubs, manga, and emails. I knew when someone was killed and counted their death, even though FUNimation would censor it with noises or moans to make it seem like they were still alive. FUNimation also added the words "good thing that was a robot helicopter" for when a newscrew's helicopter was destroyed and they also replaced the word "hell" with "The Next Dimension" or "The Other Dimension." Other cover-ups by FUNimation is when they had Vegeta say "too bad the city was nearly empty because it's Sunday." I also only included deaths I saw from the Namekians that really were killed. Anyway, you get the idea. I also include someone as having killed someone if they are responsible for their death. For example, Dr. Wheelo didn't directly killed Dr. Kochin, but he caused him to fall off the platform and blow up. I also include deaths from Dragonball Z Movies, TV Specials, and Dragonball manga.

The Killers The Killed
Android 17
  • Dr. Gero/Android 20 (he kicks off his head and crushes it with his foot)
  • Helped to kill Gohan (Trunks Special) (we don't see Gohan die, but we know he was partly responsible)
  • Millions of humans (Trunks Special) (we are told this and see him blast some and run some over with a car)
  • Many Z-fighters (Trunks Special) (they are shown being killed)
  • Punk bikers (by ramming them off of the road with a van)
Android 18
  • Helped to kill Gohan (Trunks Special) (we don't see Gohan die, but we know she was partly responsible)
  • Millions of humans (Trunks Special) (we are told this and see her blast some)
  • Many Z-fighters (Trunks Special) (they are shown getting killed)
Android 19
  • Multiple humans (kills them in different ways)
  • Supopo-Bitchi (makes him explode from the inside out)
  • Tenka'ichi Budokai worker (makes his head explode)
  • The female in his group of henchmen named Zangya (Movie 9) (pushes her in front of him and blows her away)
Brolli (Movies 8, 10, 11)
  • Planets of multiple galaxies (we are told this)
  • His father, Paragus (he crushes the saiyajin space pod that Paragus is in, and throws it into the comet)
(Captain) Ginyu
  • At least 6 of Freeza's guards (He threw them through the air)
  • A bunch of humans (absorbs them or blows them up in different ways)
  • Mirai Trunks in an alternate future (we are not shown how)
  • Post Room of Spirit and Time Trunks (fires a blast through his chest)
  • Android 16 (crushes his head with his foot)
  • Android 17 (absorbs him)
(Namek) Giant Crab
  • 2 of Freeza's guards (it clamps onto them and pulls them underwater)
  • Kibit (blows him away at point-blank range)
Dr. Gero (Android 20)
  • A bunch of civilians and half of a village (most were killed when he used his eye lasers, but some were killed other different ways)
Dr. Wheelo
  • Dr. Kochin (Movie 2) (knocks him off of the ledge and Dr. Kochin is destroyed by the energy from the giant tube beside him as he falls)
  • A small town near South City (Movie 2) (he blows it up)
  • Hundreds of his own men (destroys them in many different ways, most were killed in Freeza's massive blast that destroyed the Planet Vegeta)
  • The Planet Vegeta (blows it away with a massive ball of energy)
  • King Vegeta (punches him in the face, most likely breaking his neck)
  • Nearly all the Nameks (is responsible for their deaths, by killing them and having them killed in many different ways)
  • Bardock (is blown away in Freeza's blast that destroyed the Planet Vegeta)
  • Dende (blasts him)
  • Kuririn (makes him explode from the inside out)
  • Vegeta (blasts him through the chest)
Freeza's Henchmen and guards (Includes Dadoria and Zarbon)
  • At least 9 Namekians (kills them in several different ways)
  • Bardock's Saiya-jin team (we don't get to see)
Gogeta (Movie 12)
  • Janemba (Movie 12) (shoots a blast through him, causing Janemba to disintegrate)
  • One of Freeza's guards (kicks him into a lake)
  • All 7 Cell Juniors (punches them so hard that they explode)
  • Cell (blows him away)
  • All of Garlic. Jr.'s henchmen (kills them in several different ways)
  • Some of Slug's soldiers (Movie 4) (hits them and blasts them)
  • Some of Kooler's robots (Movie 6) (flies through them or punches through them)
  • Bojack (Movie 9) (blows him away)
  • Two of Bojack's henchmen (Movie 9) (kicks them in half)
  • Helps to kill Brolli (Movie 10) (contributes a blast)
  • Freeza (Movie 12) (is blown away after being slugged in the stomach)
  • Tambourine (blows him away with a kamehameha)
  • Drum (busts his head apart with a punch)
  • Piccolo Daimao (rams himself through his chest)
  • Yakon (Goku causes it to eat so much of his light energy, that he expands and explodes)
  • Evil Majin Buu (uses a super genki-dama)
  • Two of Garlic Jr.'s henchmen (Movie 1)
  • Dr. Wheelo (Movie 2) (with a Genki-dama)
  • Turles (Movie 3) (with a Genki-dama)
  • Turles's Henchmen (Movie 3) (hit really hard)
  • Lord Slug (Movie 4) (with a Genki-dama)
  • Angira (Movie 4) (fires a blast into his mouth)
  • Medamatcha (Movie 4) (punches him really hard in the chest)
  • Kooler (Movie 5) (his own blast is pushed back by Goku, causing him to go into the sun)
  • Kooler (Movie 6) (a blast is shot into him, which explodes)
  • Super 13 (Movie 7) (is destroyed by being hit by Goku and dissolved by Goku's energy)
  • Punches Brolli into a comet (but "doesn't really kill him") (Movie 8) (punches him in the stomach and blasts him)
  • Helps to kill Brolli (Movie 10) (contributes a blast)
  • Hildegarn (Movie 13) (with his Dragonfist attack)
  • Helps to kill Brolli (Movie 10) (contributes a blast)
  • Helps to kill Brolli (Movie 11) (contributes a kamehameha)
  • A whole bunch of Nazis (Movie 12) (uses the Ghost Kamikaze Attack and blasts)
Hildegarn (Movie 13)
  • Whole planets' civilizations (Movie 13) (we are told this by Tapion)
  • Tapion's brother (Minoshia - emailed in by Krillin517) (Movie 13) (we don't get to see)
  • Hundreds of people on Earth (Movie 13) (destroys many buildings and people)
  • Hoi (The little, old sorceror) (Movie 13) (is stepped on)
  • Bibidi (thanks for reminding me, Lex)
  • 3 Saibamen (with a huge blast)
  • One of Freeza's guards (most likely dies after being hit into the lake)
  • Some of Kooler's robots (punches through them) (Movie 6)
(Evil) Majin Buu
  • Tenshinhan, Chaozu, Gohan, Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks (when he blows up the earth)
  • We can assume, from his attacks on cities and from the scene on Episode 256, Majin Buu (fat buu combined with evil buu's kills) kills every person on the Earth (below Kami-sama's palace), except for Tenshinhan, Mr. Satan, and Chaozu
  • ChiChi (turns her into an egg and smashes her)
  • Kuririn, Android 18, Bulma, Marron, Yamcha, Gyuu Mao (Oxe-King), Mr. Popo, and Videl (turns them into chocolate)
  • The two humans that were responsible for shooting Mr. Satan and his dog
(Fat) Majin Buu
  • Several cities full of people
  • Darbura (turns him into a cookie)
  • Babidi (smashes his head into a pulp, then blows away the body)
  • At least 5 of Freeza's guards (kills them in many different ways)
  • Tenshinhan (uses all of his energy trying to kill Nappa)
  • Chaozu (he's responsible for his death) (Chaozu self destructs in an attempt to kill Nappa)
  • Piccolo (blasts him, and Piccolo dies afterwards)
  • Kami-sama (he's responsible for his death) (when Piccolo is killed, Kami-sama dies too)
  • Two cities (blasts them)
  • Alot of the earth's Navy (mostly with blasts or cutting open the planes)
  • A few newscrews (blasts them)
  • Raditz (with his Makkankansappo attack)
  • Goku (with his Makkankansappo attack)
  • One Saibaman (uses a mouth blast)
  • One of Garlic Jr.'s henchmen (Movie 1) (blasts him)
  • Dorodobo (Movie 4) (blows his head off)
  • Several of Slug's soldiers (Movie 4) (fires a blast at them)
  • Mace (Movie 5) (destroyed by ki blast reflected back at him) (Thanks for reminding me, Nukem999)
  • Sauza (Movie 5) (killed with a makankansappo) (Thanks for reminding me, Nukem999)
  • Dorian (Movie 5) (killed by ki blast fired at face) (Thanks for reminding me, Nukem999)
  • A whole bunch of Kooler's robots (Movie 6) (punches through several of them, but unleashes a giant explosion on a whole bunch)
Piccolo Daimao
  • Muten Roshi (dies using his mafu-ba)
  • Chaozu (blasted)
  • Shenlong (mouth-blasted)
  • Several of the King of the World's guards
  • Yam (fires a blast at him, blowing him up)
  • A farmer (flicks bullet back at him)
  • Yamcha (one Saibamen self-destructs while being latched onto him)
Lord Slug (Movie 4)
  • One of his henchmen (Movie 4) (fires a blast through his chest)
  • Gyoshi (Movie 4) (fires a blast through his chest)
  • Several of his soldiers (Movie 4) (blasts out of his spaceship, killing them)
  • Kuririn
  • Namu
  • Four martial artists whose names are not mentioned
  • Giran (punches through his chest)
  • Freeza (cuts him in half and blows the rest away)
  • King Cold (shoots him through the chest and then blasts him)
  • The Guards on King Cold's Ship (cuts them into pieces)
  • Helps to kill Brolli (Movie 11) (contributes a kamehameha)
  • Android 14 (Movie 7) (cuts him in half)
  • Android 18 (in his own timeline) (blows her away at point-blank range)
  • Android 17 (in his own timeline) (with a blast)
  • Cell (in his own timeline) (blows him away)
  • The Planet Arlia (with a blast)
  • One Saibaman (by making it explode from the inside out)
  • Four Saibamen (Bardock Special) (blasts them)
  • Nappa (blows him away)
  • Kuwi (makes him explode from the inside out)
  • Dadoria (blows him away)
  • Zarbon (blasts him through the chest at point-blank range)
  • A Village of Nameks (atleast 20) (kills them in many different ways)
  • Gurudo (shoots his head off and blows the head away)
  • At least 19 of Freeza's guards (kills them in many different ways)
  • Recoom (with a blast)
  • Baata (knees him in the neck)
  • Jeice (blows him away at point-blank range)
  • A group of Freeza's troops (kills them while searching for Goku in space) (Thank you for reminding me, TGO and Austin Miller)
  • Android 19 (with his Big Bang Attack)
  • Pipi (blows him away at point-blank range)
  • Several hundred people in the 25th Tenka'Ichi Budokai audience when Majin Vegeta (fires a blast at one section, then another)
  • Whoever (guards) that was on Babidi's ship (blew it up)
  • Blows himself up in an attempt to kill Majin Buu
  • Android 15 (cuts his head off, causing him to explode) (Movie 7)
  • Cymbal (cuts him in half with his sword)
  • Two of Babidi's henchmen (eats them)

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