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Dragonball - Wishes

One day, I was trying to go to sleep when I got the idea for this section. I haven't seen a section like this on any of the DB/Z/GT sites that I've been to, so hopefully this is somewhat original. I'm not going to have all of the wishes up just yet, I plan on adding more and more to this section over time. Please don't submit any information for this section, I don't want anything I don't know spoiled for me... I still don't know all of Dragonball or Dragonball GT's story. If you think you have a correction for some information that I have up in this section, then you may drop me a line. Dragonball GT wishes and movie wishes will not be added for a long time.

And now for how this section works. The categories are sagas: Dragonball, Dragonball Z, and Dragonball GT. Under those categories will have the first, second, third, etc. dragonball usage for that saga. Under those categories will be which dragon is used (green), the person who makes the wishes (orange), and the wishes that are carried out (black).

I am well aware that there is a good amount of missing information in this section. Don't worry though, it'll be filled in over time. I might also add some screenshots/scans sometime for each wish or set of wishes. I also plan on eventually having episode numbers or manga tale numbers for when these summonings occur.


First Summoning (Dragonball Tales 19 and 20):
  • Kami-sama's Shenlong - Oolong - "The panties off a hot babe."
Interesting Facts: When Emperor Pilaf and his henchmen are about to get Pilaf's wish granted, Oolong notices that if he speaks first, he can get a wish granted. This is why such a wish is made (also because Oolong is a weirdo).

Second Summoning (Dragonball Tales 111 and 112):
  • Kami-sama's Shenlong - Upa and Goku - Upa's murdered father brought back to life.
Interesting Facts: Goku went through quite a bit to get all of the dragonballs to make this wish. Upa's father was killed by the Red Ribbon Army's assassin, Tao Pai Pai, when he resisted giving up his dragonball. When he was killed, Goku promised Upa to use the wish to bring his father back to life. Eventually, Goku defeated the Red Ribbon Army and acquired all of the dragonballs they had. When there was one dragonball left to find, Bulma's dragon radar was unable to detect it. Therefore, Goku and his friends went to the "All-Seeing Crone," (a.k.a. Fortune Telling Granny) Kame Sen'nin's sister, to ask her where it was located. Since they didn't have enough money, they were given the option of winning a series of battles against opponents. As soon as they won all of the battles, the All-Seeing Crone located the dragonball with her magic ball. To their surprise, it turned out Emperor Pilaf and his henchmen had it in their possession. Goku easily retrieved it from them and made his wish next to Karin's Tower. Another really interesting part of this wish is, after the wish is granted, Goku catches the four star ball as soon as the dragonballs fly in multiple directions.

Third Summoning (Dragonball Tales 147 and 148):
  • Kami-sama's Shenlong - Piccolo Daimao - His youth restored to when he had the most power.
Interesting Facts: Chaozu tries to wish for Shenlong to destroy Piccolo Daimao before Piccolo makes his wish. Before Chaozu manages to say the whole sentence, Piccolo kills him. After Piccolo gets his wish granted, he kills Shenlong so that no one will be able to use the dragonballs against him in the future.

Fourth Summoning (Dragonball Tale 165):
  • Kami-sama's Shenlong - Shenlong - Ressurect all those who were killed by Piccolo Daimao.
Interesting Facts: At Goku's request, Shenlong is reconstructed by Mr. Popo and given life by Kami-sama. He even summons Shenlong for them immediately, instead of making them wait a year for the dragonballs to regenerate. Somehow, Shenlong already knows what Yamcha and the others want to wish for and grants the wish.

Dragonball Z:

First Summoning (Dragonball Z Tale 18):
  • Kami-sama's Shenlong - Kame Sen'nin (Muten Roshi) - Goku brought back to life.
Second Summoning (Dragonball Z Tales 98-100 and ?):

  • Porunga - Dende - Piccolo brought back to life.
  • Porunga - Dende - Piccolo brought to Namek.
  • Porunga - Dende - Everyone on Namek except for Goku and Freeza teleported to Earth.
Interesting Facts: Vegeta forces Dende to wish for him to have eternal life after the first two wishes are made. However, the Namekian Grand Elder dies before Vegeta's wish (the third wish) can be carried out by Porunga, causing Porunga to vanish, the dragonballs to turn in stone, and the wish that Dende makes not carried out. The third wish is made after the Namekian Grand Elder is brought back to life.

Third Summoning:

  • Kami-sama's Shenlong - Mr. Popo - Everyone killed by Freeza and his gang back to life.
Interesting Facts: Kaio-sama and Kami-sama confer on what wish they should make. Kaio-sama then comes up with the idea for this wish, based on the hopeful assumption that the deaths that Freeza is indirectly responsible for will be brought to life as well. This turns out to be true, since the Namek Grand Elder is revived as a result of this wish, restoring Namek's dragonballs so that the third wish can be used to send those on Namek safely to the Earth.

Fourth Summoning:

  • Kuririn's remains teleported to Earth.
  • Kuririn brought back to life.
  • Yamcha brought back to life.
Fifth Summoning:

  • Tenshinhan brought back to life.
  • Chaozu brought back to life.
  • New Namek created and Namekians are teleported there.
Interesting Facts: A wish is made for Goku to be brought back to life, but Goku refuses since he's training on another planet. Before the Namekian Grand Elder dies on the Earth, he transfers his dragonball-controlling abilities (and maybe other abilities) to another Namekian, making that Namekian the new Grand Elder. Sorry that I don't have much information on these summonings yet, I don't seem to have the episode (or two) on tape... When I find more information on these, I'll add it.

Sixth Summoning:

  • Dende's Shenlong - Yamcha - Everyone killed by Cell brought back to life.
  • Dende's Shenlong - Kuririn - The bombs planted inside of 17 and 18 removed.
Interesting Facts: This is the first time Dende's Shenlong is used. After everyone killed by Cell is brought back to life, they notice that Goku didn't come back, finding out that he didn't come back because he didn't want to. Kuririn then wishes for 17 and 18 to become human, to which Shenlong replies that such an act would be beyond his power. It is then that Kuririn makes the wish for the removal of 17 and 18's internal bombs.

Seventh Summoning:

  • Dende's Shenlong - Yamcha - Everyone killed that day except for evil-doers brought back to life.
Interesting Facts: Only one wish is made because Goku teleports to Bulma and the others before they make another wish and tells Shenlong that they don't need any more wishes for the time being. Goku does this to save the other wishes for later, so that they don't have to wait a year if they really need to make some more.

Eighth Summoning:

  • Namek's Porunga - Dende - Restore the planet Earth.
  • Namek's Porunga - Dende - Everyone killed after Babidi showed up restored to life, except for the truly evil.
  • Namek's Porunga - Dende - Goku's health fully restored.
Interesting Facts: After Namek received a new Grand Elder, the Grand Elder gave Porunga a power-up, due to the Freeza situation. This new power-up gave Porunga the ability to surpass his one-person-restored-to-life-per wish limit. These two wishes were Vegeta's idea, which he had Dende carry out so that Goku would be able to create a super genki-dama, charged with the volunteered power from the people of the Earth. The second wish also brings Vegeta back to life, which shows that Vegeta is not truly evil. Goku and the others also forget to wish back the other planets that were destroyed by Majin Buu. Sucks for those planets...

Ninth Summoning:

  • Dende's Shenlong - Goku - Erase everyone on the Earth's memories about the whole Majin Buu/Babidi incident.
Interesting Facts: Goku, Mr. Satan, and all the Z gang retain their memories about the whole Majin Buu thing. I guess Goku really wished for this memory thing to apply to everyone except him and his friends. Also, when everyone on the Earth loses their memories about the Majin Buu incident, they lose the memory that "Mr. Satan saved them from Majin Buu" as well. This wish is made so that fat Buu can go places without everyone freaking out and running or attacking him.

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