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Dragonball - Before Dragonball

This section tells the tale of the destruction of Planet Vegeta from three points of view: Raditz's, Bardock's, and Freezer's. Raditz's story is told in the early episodes of Dragonball Z. Bardock's story is the Bardock TV Special. Freezer's story is told when he transforms into his second form, at Vegeta's request.

Raditz's Story

When Raditz explains Goku's true origin, he tells him that the Planet Vegeta was destroyed by a meteorite. We are led to believe this until Freezer reveals the truth much later on in Dragonball Z.

Bardock's Story

Bardock is Goku's father, a saiyajin who lives on the Planet Vegeta. Long ago, Freezer took over the Planet Vegeta and used the saiyajin who lived there as mercenaries by having them take over planets and sell them to him. Freezer began to get tired of the saiyajin and saw them as a threat when banded together. Later, Bardock is with some other saiyajin and they have pretty much conquered a planet. Tooro, a surviving species of the planet, curses Bardock with seeing his future and dies. Meanwhile, Vegeta, the Prince of the saiyajin, asks Freezer if he can go with Nappa to conquer a planet. Freezer permits him to do so. We later learn that Freezer let Vegeta live because he admired his fighting skills. Later, Bardock recovers at the Planet Vegeta and discovers his saiyajin friends have left to take over a planet without him. He arrives at the planet they went to and finds all of them dead but one. The surviving saiyajin informs him of Freezer's plot to destroy the Planet Vegeta. Bardock encounters Freezer's henchmen who killed his friends and fights them. During the battle, he loses concentration when he sees the future: his son growing up. He defeats all of Freezer's henchmen except for Dadoria. Dadoria severely injures Bardock with one fireball and leaves thinking Bardock is dead.

Bardock recovers and heads to Planet Vegeta to warn the saiyajin about Freezer's plot. The saiyajin he tells this to do not believe him and laugh, so he heads to Freezer's ship to fight him alone. Freezer's ship arrives and hundreds of Freezer's henchmen fly to Bardock. Bardock easily kills them off until Freezer exits his ship, laughing at Bardock. Bardock fires his best fireball at Freezer, but Freezer launches a massive fireball at Bardock, which easily overwhelm's Bardock's fireball, disintegrates Bardock, and destroys the planet. Bardock dies a happy death since he sees his son as an adult, challenging Freezer to a battle. The only saiyajin that survive the destruction of the Planet Vegeta are Goku, Vegeta, Nappa, Raditz, Brolli, Paragus, and Turles.

Freezer's Story

Freezer reveals the truth about Planet Vegeta when he transforms into his second form. According to him, he told King Vegeta to bring Prince Vegeta to his ship. At the time, King Vegeta and the saiyajin were not on good terms with Freezer and were angry that he was taking their prince from them. King Vegeta and his strongest saiyajin head to Freezer's ship, which was hovering above the Planet Vegeta at the time, and enter. They kill Freezer's guards that try and stop them and arrive at Freezer's main chamber. King Vegeta enters, the rest being too scared to follow, and tells Freezer that he and the saiyajin are sick of Freezer's reign of terror and wish to end it. He then attacks Freezer but is killed with one blow. Freezer heads outside, where tons of saiyajin await the death of Freezer. He creates a massive fireball and throws it at the planet. The fireball wipes out everyone in its path and goes into the planet. Freezer laughs with pleasure at the "wonderful fireworks" as the planet is destroyed.

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