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DBZ Episode Summaries

Episodes 23-25

Episode 23: Goku vs. Vegeta... A Saiyan Duel

In this episode, the battle continues between Goku and Vegeta. Goku discovers the Kaioken alone will not be able to defeat Vegeta, so he goes beyond and does a Kaioken X2. Goku then proceeds to beat the crap out of Vegeta, who decides he must use his Gallet Gun attack, so either way Goku or the planet will be destroyed. Goku shoots a Kamehameha back to counter it, but Vegeta's blast still doesn't give. So, Goku goes to Kaio-Ken X3 and eventually decides the only way to win the stalemate is to go Kaio-Ken X4. This quickly pushes the beam toward Vegeta and shoots him into the sky. After Yajirobei congratulates Goku, but finds out that Vegeta is still alive, Yajirobei leaves and Vegeta escapes the blast. Vegeat decides he must transform to win the battle. He comes back to the earth and throws an energy ball into the sky which transforms into an artificial moon. This technique is claimed to have been created by Goku's father (which is wrong because Bardock was never a scientist). At the end of the episode, Vegeta begins to transform into a huge saiyajin monster.

Episode 24: Vegeta... Saiyan Style

Vegeta transforms into the giant ape saiyajin creature and starts to attack Goku. Goku decides the only way to beat Vegeta now is with the Spirit Bomb. But first, he needs to buy time, so he does Tenshinhan's "Solar Flare," temporarily blinding Vegeta. He nearly summmons up all the energy needed for the spirit bomb, but before he gets a chance to throw it, Vegeta blasts him and Goku loses the spirit bomb. Sensing trouble, Gohan and Krillin head to the battle. Even more weakened, Goku is knocked to the ground and his legs are stepped on by Vegeta. As Goku yells in pain, Vegeta goes to finish him off by smashing him with his finger. Goku uses his last amount of energy by blasting Vegeta in the eye. Enraged, Vegeta picks up Goku and begins to squeeze him. In the end of the episode, Gohan and Krillin arrive and meet up with Yajirobei. Vegeta's hears something and looks around.

Episode 25: Stop Vegeta Now!!

In this episode, Gohan distracts Vegeta while Krillin charges up a kienzan. Krillin fires to cut off Vegeta's tail, but Vegeta's super hearing picks it up and he jumps just in time. Yajirobei finally does something and he cuts off Vegeta's tail, sending Vegeta back to normal. Goku's limp body falls to the ground and Yajirobei runs to a hiding place. Furious, Vegeta beats up Krillin, followed by Gohan. Gohan eventually gets up and fights Vegeta, while Goku gives Krillin what remains of his Spirit Bomb. He tells Krillin to feel it out, and he'll know when to throw it at Vegeta. The battle between Gohan and Vegeta continues, as Vegeta begins to beat Gohan, and Krillin still feels for the moment. When Gohan gets cornered by Vegeta, Krillin fires the spirit bomb and Vegeta dodges it, but Gohan rebounds it right into Vegeta. The spirit bomb envelops him and sends him into the sky.

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