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DBZ Episode Summaries

Episodes 26-28

Episode 26: Battle's End

Everyone is happy Vegeta is defeated, but they are wrong because Vegeta's body returns to the earth. What they don't know is he's even stronger than before. He gets up and knocks Krillin out of the way. Then, he powers up and destroys everything around him, but sees Gohan over to the side. Then, he notices Gohan's tail grew back! He goes to cut it off, knowing if Gohan sees the artificial moon he could transform. But, Yajirobei springs up and cuts his back with his sword. Yajirobei thinks Vegeta's dead, but Vegeta gets back up and trashes him. Unfortunately, he forgets about Gohan and is too late. He runs back to Gohan and starts to hit him, but the transforming Gohan hits Vegeta. The transformed Gohan starts to beat up Vegeta, but heads for Krillin and Yajirobei. Goku's yells telepathically at Gohan to stop and get Vegeta. Gohan goes after Vegeta, who eventually manages to make an energy disc and cut off Gohan's tail. However, as the huge Gohan transforms back to normal, he smashes Vegeta into the ground. Vegeta gets out a control pad and summons his ship. Then, as he slowly heads back to his ship, Krillin stops him and gets ready to kill him. Goku yells for Krillin to stop because he wants to show that they are of better stuff than he is. Reluctantly, Krillin throws the sword aside and Vegeta leaves. Then, Bulma, Chi Chi, Master Roshi, Karin, and others show up in their airplane.

Episode 27: A New Goal... Namek

At the beginning of this episode, they mourn a little bit for their friends, especially Bulma. On the way to the hospital, they decide they must find a way to Namek. They get bandages and casts put on and Bulma enters, showing them that she is going to use one of the pod-controlling devices to call Nappa's space pod to them. But Bulma accidentaly presses the self destruct button, rather than the button that calls it to them and it blows up. Then, Mr. Popo shows up and tells them he knows where a space ship is. They tell Bulma to go because she's the technical expert of the group. She leaves with Mr. Popo and he reveals it must be Kami's space ship that he used to get to Earth from Namek. After they find it at "Yungzabit Heights," they get inside it by using the password, "Piccolo." Mr. Popo starts up the spaceship and get to Jupiter in less than a minute. Bulma is very pleased at how fast the ship is, and knows they can get to Namek to get its dragonballs.

Episode 28: Journey to Namek

Bulma gets Mr. Popo to bring the space ship back to earth and she and her father begin to repair the ship. Bulma gets Krillin to go with her because she doesn't want to be alone, and later, Gohan volunteers to go to. This upsets Chi Chi, but Goku's fine with it. Goku can't go because he's so beat up from the fight with Vegeta. Later, Bulma and Krillin are at Roshi's island and Krillin is dressed in street clothes for once, and Bulma is dressed in a space suit. We see Gohan with the new mushroom-like hairdo for the first time too. Gohan is embarassed to be so dressed up in front of his friends, and Krillin laughs at him. They get aboard the space ship and take off, with Bulma extremely serious. They are attacked by a bunch of spaceships, but their ship is able to destroy them. Then, they arrive in a mirror-coated spaceship. At the end of this episode, they are surrouded by a bunch of kids with guns.

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