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DBZ Episode Summaries

Episodes 20-22

Episode 20: Time's Up

Nappa is still bored so he blows up another city. Meanwhile, Goku finally reaches the check in station to meet Kami, who telelports him to the edge of Karin's (Corin's) Tower. Goku jumps off and Karin tosses him two Senzu beans. Goku eats one, feeling much stronger and calls on Kinto'Un (Flying Nimbus) to give him a ride to the battlefield. At the battle, Nappa returns and Vegeta reports that the three hours are up. Piccolo devises another plan: Krillin will distract Nappa, Piccolo will grab Nappa's tail, and Gohan will attack Nappa head on. The plan goes well for a while, but Gohan stops as Nappa hammers Piccolo in the back of his head, just after Piccolo grabs Nappa's tail. They realize Vegeta and Nappa don't have the tail-weakness. Nappa decides to have some fun and hits around Gohan until Krillin gets fed up and hits Nappa in the face. Then, Krillin charges up a kienzan (Destructo Disc) and hurls it at Nappa. At the last second, Vegeta warns him to duck and Nappa turns his head. The disc cuts Nappa's face, angering him into blasting at Krillin. Nappa goes to hit Krillin with another blast, but Piccolo shoots him in the back. Then, Piccolo senses that Goku's heading their way, stronger than ever. Vegeta picks up his scanner and finds out Goku is coming and his power level is 5,000. Vegeta immediately orders Nappa to kill all three, so Goku can't get help when he arrives.

Episode 21: The Return of Goku

Nappa charges up to kill Gohan, but Piccolo takes the blast. Amazingly, Piccolo is still alive after the blast, but not for long, and he dies telling Gohan that he's the only person he's ever really cared for. This enrages Gohan, causing him to summon up all his energy to blast Nappa. But, it still isn't enough and Goku finally arrives in time to save Gohan and Krillin. He gives each of them a half a senzu bean to make them feel healthy again. Then Goku goes to take on Nappa.

Episode 22: Goku Strikes Back

Goku easily dodges Nappa's attacks and makes a fool out of Nappa, hitting him around. Vegeta declares they've received enough embarrasement and tells Nappa to stop fighting. Nappa decides to kill Krillin and Gohan, but is stopped by Goku using his Kaioken technique. Goku breaks Nappa's back and tosses Nappa to Vegeta. Angry with Nappa's failure, Vegeta hurls Nappa in the air and blows him away. Goku tells Krillin and Gohan to head back to Roshi's Island as he takes on Vegeta alone. This way, Krillin and Gohan can't get in the way in the battle. Then Vegeta and Goku head far away to do battle. After a brief skirmish, Goku realizes Vegeta is stronger than he thought.

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