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DBZ Episode Summaries

Episodes 17-19

Episode 17: The Saibamen Strike

The Saibamen begin to attack the Z-fighters in this episode. Tenshinhan takes one down and as the alien gets back up, Vegeta kills it because he says it'd be a waste of time. Next, Yamcha fights one, sending the saibaman into the ground. Thinking he can take on the rest, the one he knocked down gets up and attatches itself to Yamcha, taking them both out. Enraged, Krillin fires his most powerful blast at the two saiyajins and the saibamen, killing all but one saibamen, Vegeta, and Nappa. The last remaining saibaman is killed with ease by Piccolo. At the end of the episode, Nappa charges up to fight.

Episode 18: Nappa... The Invincible??

In this episode, Nappa hits off Tenshinhan's left arm. Chaozu clutches to Nappa's back when Nappa goes to finish of Tenshinhan. Chaozu powers up and blows himself up, blowing up himself and Nappa. As the smoke clears, Nappa is still alive but Chaozu is not. Enraged, Tenshinhan attacks Nappa with full power, but is still no match for Nappa's brutal strength. Meanwhile, Piccolo devises a plan that when Nappa least suspects it, he and Krillin will attack and Gohan will blast Nappa. Krillin and Piccolo to their part, but Gohan gets scared and hides. Krillin and Piccolo fire at Nappa, but Nappa recovers and dodges their two blasts. In the end, Piccolo and Krillin multiply themselves so there are three Krillins and three Piccolos.

Episode 19: Tien Goes All Out!!

The tri-form technique doesn't work and Nappa beats up Piccolo and Krillin, until Tenshinhan summons up the rest of his power to do an enormous blast at Nappa. Nappa is still alive and Tenshinhan can't believe it, falling over dead. Krillin yells out for Goku to hurry up and get there, catching Vegeta's attention. Vegeta learns from Krillin that Goku is Kakarrot, so Vegeta decides to call a 3-hour wait because if Goku's around, the battle will be more interesting. Bored, Nappa flies away and takes out the earth's Navy and the news crews who keep recording the battle. Goku finally sees King Yamma's check-in station at the end of this episode.

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