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DBZ Episode Summaries

Episodes 14-16

Episode 14: The Legend of the Saiyans

After Goku catches Bubbles, Kaio summons Gregory (a small, fast grasshopper) for Goku to try to hit on the head with a heavy mallet. When they eat lunch, Kaio tells Goku about the saiyajins' past. He explains that the Planet Vegeta was originally inhabited by the Saiyajins and the Tuffles. The Saiyajins were a primitive, warrior race and the tuffles were a technological, earth-like race. They both lived apart, until one day the saiyajins attacked the Tuffles and they fought a war.. until there was a full moon. Though, a full moon only happens on the Planet Vegeta once every eight years. The saiyajins won and flew to another planet where they made a deal with its inhabitants. The deal was: the saiyajins would conquer worlds for them because the planet's inhabitants' world was in ruins. Goku is also told that one day the guardian of the Planet Vegeta brought meteors to destroy the planet and all of the saiyajins. Goku also learns he is one of the four saiyajins that survived it, him included. After that, Goku eventually hits Gregory and Kaio is so impressed, he decides to teach him about the Kaio-Ken and the Spirit Bomb.

Episode 15: Black Day for the Planet Earth

Goku finally finishes his training with Kaio-Sama and we see he has mastered the spirit bomb and Kaioken. Kaio realizes that he forgot to include the time it would take for Goku to get back across Snake Way. Kaio gets Goku to put his hand on his [Kaio's] back and call Master Roshi (Muten-Roshi, Kame-Sen'nin whatever.. I'll use Master Roshi, since the Dub's episodes call him that and since these are summaries of the dub's episodes) to get the Dragonballs together to wish him back to life. Goku leaves to head back along Snake Way, Vegeta and Nappa finally arrive, and Nappa destroys the city that they land in. They notice there are over a half of a dozen power levels that are over 1,000 and quickly head to the two highest ones, which are Piccolo and Gohan.

Episode 16: The Battle Begins... Goku Where Are You?

Krillin joins Piccolo and Gohan, just before the two saiyajins arrive at their position. Nappa and Vegeta demand to know where the dragonballs are. Vegeta recognizes Piccolo's voice from the voice of the one who killed Raditz. He explains that Piccolo is an alien from the Planet Namek. Krillin, Piccolo, and Gohan prepare to fight as Vegeta and Nappa grow 6 Saibamen (fast, green aliens) out of the ground. Just then, Tenshinhan, Chaozu, and Yamcha arrive to help in the fight.

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