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DBZ Episode Summaries

Episodes 8-10

Episode 8: Home For Infinite Losers

Goku falls off of Snake Way and into the "Home For Infinite Losers" which is a censored substitute for hell. He tries to take some fruit from a tree and is knocked unconscious by two ogres. Later, he learns they guard King Yamma's fruit (which will boost up your energy and keep you from getting hungry for days). After many attempts to get back through the clouds, he learn he has to find a secret passage in order to get back to Snake Way. One of the ogres says if Goku can beat him at wrestling, he'll tell him where the secret passage is. Goku quickly beats him and the other ogre says if Goku can catch him, then they'll tell him where it is. After a while, Goku tricks him and catches him. They eventually show him where the passage is and he tells them he took a fruit from the tree. Goku makes it back to snake way again, but he now must start all over.

Episode 9: Princess Snake's Hospitality

Goku gets sucked into a giant snake's head on snake way and down some tunnels into a mansion of some sort. He meets a woman named Princess Snake and, at first, mistakes her for King Kai. Princess Snake and her associates make a series of attempts to put Goku to sleep with drugged food but can't succeed. Finally, they do succeed in getting Goku asleep. We learn that Princess Snake and all of her associates are snake-like beings. After a few minutes, Goku awakens and finds out who they are and that where he is is an illusion. He discovers he's inside Princess Snake's stomach and that she is a giant snake. He races out and she chases him until he tricks her into tying herself in a knot.

Episode 10: Escape from Piccolo

Gohan makes a boat and sails away from his training land and onto the ocean. A storm ensues and he's thrown into the ocean. He wakes up to find himself on the shore. There are two kids standing there who are looking at his sword and he falls unconscious again. They take him inside and tell him they are orphans on their own. Then, some people come from a foster home and try to take the kids back. Gohan and the others escape and succeed in making the adults leave. Gohan meets all of the group of orphans and tells him he already has a home and parents. Then, a day later, the people from the home come to take the kids again with the help from the police. The oldest orphan takes only Gohan with him and they make an escape in a car. He tells Gohan he can't take care of them as well as the foster home (orphanage?) can. Gohan races to his house, but turns away, realizing he must do his part to help the earth against the saiyajins and willingly goes back with Piccolo.

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