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DBZ Episode Summaries

Episodes 5-7

Episode 5: Gohan's Metamorphisis

Gohan is attacked by a giant creature and uses his powers to get away. Unfortunately, he gets stuck on the top of a high mountain. When he wakes up at night, he transforms from having seen the full moon. Piccolo remembers Saiyajins need the full moon to transform and he destroys the moon, causing Gohan to turn normal again. Krillin tries to tell Chi Chi about Gohan and Goku, but he doesn't succeed and leaves their house in the middle of the night to head back to Master Roshi's.

Episode 6: Gohan Makes a Friend

Gohan is attacked by many beasts who are trying to eat him. After getting away and getting food, it begins to storm and he heads into a cave. When waking up, he finds out a giant creature is next to him and runs away. When he comes back to get his sword, he finds that the creature is wounded. He pulls out the stick in the beast and puts a healing mixture on it. Elsewhere on Earth, Yajirobei informs Krillin that Kami, the guardian of the earth, wants to train him and his friends so they can help fight the Saiyajins. When leaving, they see Chi Chi and her father coming. They tell Chi Chi and her father about Goku's death and Gohan being kidnapped by Piccolo. After getting food, Gohan returns to his new friend and sees he's under attack from the same beast that attacked him [Gohan] before. He tries to save his friend, but is knocked away and falls unconscious, waking up to find out his friend was eaten.

Episode 7: Trouble on Arlia

As Gohan is mastering his training and Goku is now hitching a ride to Kaio Sama's, Vegeta and Nappa (the other two Saiyajins) decide to make a stop on the barren planet Arlia. They allow themselves to be captured by its residents. On Earth, Krillin and Bulma inform Yamcha, currently a baseball player, that Kami is going to train them. On Arlia, Nappa and Vegeta escape their prison with ease and tell the king to send the best he has to fight them. They take down his royal guard and his giant mutant-insect easily. When the king tries to make an escape, he is killed by a stray rock. Vegeta and Nappa are declared heroes for destroying the corrupt king. Before they leave, Vegeta blows the planet away.

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