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DBZ Episode Summaries

Episodes 11-13

Episode 11: Showdown in the Past

Tenshinhan, Krillin, Chaozu, and the others become angry with their training methods and want to learn some new moves. They are introduced to the "Pendulum Room" where they can fight any place at any time. They walk into the center and close their eyes are their spirits are pulled back in time where they fight the saiyajins on the Planet Vegeta. They go back to the Planet Vegeta, when it still existed, and are brought back to the "Pendulum Room" where they learn their bodies have been there the whole time, but their spirits were doing the fighting. They also learn the oncoming saiyajins are over twice as strong as the saiyajins they fought.

Episode 12: The End of Snake Way

At the beginning of this episode, Gohan's mind is brainwashed by Goku's saiyajin space pod. The pod projects an artificial moon and Gohan attacks Piccolo. Frustrated from not being able to beat Piccolo, Gohan runs away and transforms because it turns out his tail grew back. Piccolo is now fought by the oozaru Gohan and discovers the saiyajin space pod is the source of the full moon. He immediately destroys it right before Gohan destroys him. Gohan tranforms back to normal and Piccolo removes his tail once again. Meanwhile, Goku finally reaches the end of snake way and discovers Kaio-Sama's little planet way up above him. He jumps up to it and encounters powerful gravity. He mistakes Kaio's monkey for Kaio and eventually meets the real Kaio. He then learns that the little planet's gravity he is on is ten times that of earth's.

Episode 13: A Fight Against Gravity... Catch Bubbles!

After Goku succeeds to make Kaio laugh, his training begins and he must catch Bubbles in order to get used to the planet's enormous gravity. When they eat lunch, he learns that the Planet Vegeta has the same amount of gravity as where he's training. Goku also learns that the two saiyajins are stronger than Kaio himself. This makes Goku determined to train harder. Meanwhile, Gohan's intense training with Piccolo has begun...

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