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Recap: Ten years have passed since Goku defeated Majin Buu by gathering everyone's energy. Pan: "Grandpa, I went around the Earth once." Goku decided to join the Tenka'ichi Budokai with Goten and Gohan and Videl's daughter, Pan. Vegeta: "Why did you suddenly decide to participate in this year's tournament?" Goku: "Because there's going to be a very powerful person participating." Vegeta: "What?" Goku: "I don't know much about him, but he's definitely very powerful."

Japanese Episode 290
I'm Uubu! Now Ten Years Old, Formerly Majin!?

One of the Budokai finalists talks to a nervous kid and asks him how he made it to the finals. The kid guesses it was luck and the older finalist tells him he's probably right, meaning the younger kid must have had even more luck, pointing to Pan. Pan balances herself on her arms to move around, but when a bud lands in her path she ends up running into a really huge contestant. The huge guy asks her if she has a problem with him and scares her into crying and running to Goku. Goku tells her it's okay and Vegeta asks him which one is the powerful one. Goku tells him to wait and he'll see. When the announcer declares it's time for the drawings to see who fights who and when, Goku goes over to Buu and asks him if he can use his magic to make it so he fights a certain person. Vegeta asks Goku what he's up to and Goku explains that he wants to fight the person no matter what and first, so that he's at full health when they battle. Son Goten is chosen as the first to draw, and he draws the number 8. When the violent guy that Pan ran into (Hokeiho) draws and 18 scolds Kuririn for not participating. Pan draws #1, shocking Mr. Satan since that puts her against Hokeiho. When it's Goku's turn to draw, he has Buu use his magic to put him in the #3 slot, which doesn't have an opponent filled yet. Next is Hidato and Goku has Buu give him the number 6. Uubu is then called up to draw, which turns out to be the nervous kid from before. Goku tells Buu to give him the number four and not worry about the rest. Vegeta tells Goku that he doesn't understand what's going on. Goku explains that when he defeated Majin Buu he made a wish for Buu to be reincarnated into a good person, so that they can fight again one day to see who's truly the strongest. Goku tells Vegeta that he knew his wish came true because if you reverse the sound of Uubu's name you get Buu and while he was training he could feel Uubu's power. He figures that Enma Dai-o must've heard his wish and made it possible. As Vegeta draws a number, Uubu worries about what his mother told him: he may be the strongest in his village but there are bound to be stronger people in the world. He then worries that he won't win the prize money to buy lots of food to bring back to his village. Later on, the match order is finally decided: Match 1: Pan vs. Hokeiho, Match 2: Goku vs. Uubu, Match 3: Captain Chicken vs. Hitaho, Match 4: Buu vs. Goten, Match 5: Trunks vs. Otokosuki, Match 6: Knocks vs. Vegeta. Hokeiho complains that he has to fight against a little girl and wonders how she could've made it to the finals. Knocks calls Vegeta an old man and tells him he should greet his opponent. When he walks up behind Vegeta and tells him to die, Vegeta's hand suddenly goes back and hits Knocks way across the stadium and through a sign. As Trunks, Goten, and Vegeta laugh, Vegeta announces that someone should tell the officials that one person just gave up. Knocks's name is scratched off the chart and Knocks is taken away on a stretcher. Later on, the announcer declares that the Tenka'ichi Budokai has begun: starting off with 114 participants and now down to 12. After Gohan and Videl send Pan out to fight, the announcer explains that although Pan is just 4 years old, she is the granddaughter of Mr. Satan. He then says that Hokeiho was defeated in the last Tenka'ichi Budokai by Buu and is 2 meters and 30 centimeters tall. When they stand to face each other, Hokeiho decides he'll just knock Pan out of the ring. When the match begins Pan slaps him in the face and when he gets back up she knocks him out of ring into a wall. He then falls down and the announcer runs up to him. When he sees that Hokeiho is alive, he declares Pan the winner. After the match, Mr. Satan runs down to make sure that Pan's okay. Goku shakes hands with Uubu before their match and wishes him good luck. As they walk up to the stage, the announcer announces that he believes the last match will be Goku vs. Buu in a heated battle. He goes on to explain that Uubu comes from a small, southern island and is the oldest of five siblings, participating in the tournament to win the prize money. Bulma and the others think it's too bad that his first match in the finals had to be against Goku, but Piccolo tells Dende that this match is the most important one in the entire tournament. When the match begins, Goku realizes that Uubu is too nervous and afraid, meaning he won't be able to use his true strength. Goku decides he has no other choice and starts making fun of Uubu. Goku tells Uubu that he really is evil, but was acting nice in front of the others, and he's going to kill him and that his mother has a bulging stomach and is a good-for- nothing. The mother comment starts to make Uubu angry. Goku runs up to Uubu and tells him his father's a good-for-nothing and hits Uubu back. Uubu manages to stop himself from falling over the side of the platform and gets very angry. Uubu charges Goku and Goku prepares to block.

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