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DBZ Episode Summaries

Recap: The strongest and most evil Majin Buu has been ressurected. Under the influence of his original nature, Buu destroyed the Earth. However, Goku used the Dragonballs' powers to ressurect everyone on Earth and collected their energy to create a Genki-dama to finally defeat Majin Buu. Peace has once again returned to the Earth and over ten years have passed.

Japanese Episode 289
Grandpa Goku! I'm Pan

We learn that this episode takes place ten years after the previous one. A teenage Trunks flies to Goku's house to meet Goten, but learns from Chi Chi that he's off with Goku somewhere but Gohan might know. Trunks goes inside the house and finds Gohan, who's preparing materials for class and has become quite a scholar. We also find out that he's had a child with Videl, named Pan. Gohan tells Trunks that Goten is behind the mountain training with Goku and Bulma and Vegeta are there as well. Meanwhile, Bulma scolds Goku for never meeting them while she always has to come to him. Goku asks what she means, since they saw each other five years ago. Bulma tells him that that's still five years and when they wanted to meet last time he wouldn't come because he was training. Goku laughs at Bulma for how old she looks now and she yells at him, saying she's still complimented for looking young and says "at least I age, unlike you monsters." Vegeta explains to her that since the Saiya-jin battle and train so much their prime lasts much longer than humans. Bulma tells them that she's thinking of using Shenlong next time to make her younger. Vegeta asks Goku why he decided to enter tomorrow's Tenka'ichi Budokai. Goku explains that he knows a very strong earthling, human opponent will enter. Vegeta tells him he doesn't sense such a strong ki and Goku explains that he's keeping it down right now, but he knows the human will be very strong. Trunks arrives and Goten tells him that his father's forcing him to enter the Tenka'ichi Budokai even though he has a date. Goku tells him he can date anytime and Vegeta is amused that their sons weaknesses are their worries. Pan then arrives from her assigned task to fly around the Earth and asks if she can enter the tournament now. Bulma asks if that means Pan wants to compete against the adults since there isn't a junior division anymore. Goku explains that Pan is the strongest person in his family right now; while she probably won't win the championship, she should do very well. Vegeta gets interested and tells him to count him in and Trunks as well. To stop Trunks from protesting, Vegeta threatens to cut his allowance in half and Goten gets excited that they're all going to be in the tournament. When Goku and the others arrive at the Tenka'ichi Budokai early, Pan has Goku take him around. Goku buys her a large stuffed animal and food and they do a bunch of other things. After Pan gets some ice cream, a shoplifter stumbles over her, causing her to drop her ice cream on the ground. Angered, Pan looks as if she's going to beat up the boy and Goku realizes things could get ugly. Pan surprises them both by crying when her ice cream gets eaten by dogs. Goku gives Pan his ice cream and the shoplifter leaves, but stops when the lady he shoplifted from stands in his path. Later on, Goku and Pan meet up with everyone else. Kuririn tells Goku it would be nice to hear from him every once in a while. Piccolo tells Goku that he won't be participating in the tournament since they're out of his league, but will be watching to see how powerful they've gotten instead. We then see Mr. Satan giving Buu lots to eat and drink, instructing him to try to hold back when fighting against those weaker than him so that they have opponents next time and to let him [Mr. Satan] win when they reach the final match. Buu agrees to this as he eats and there's a knock at the door. When Mr. Satan answers it, he's pleased to see Goku and his granddaughter. Pan surprises Mr. Satan by telling him that she's going to participate in the tournament. Goku informs him that they've all made it past the preliminaries and Mr. Satan is shocked to see Trunks, Goten, and Vegeta down the hall. Goku tells Mr. Satan not to worry because if any of them reach the final match they'll let him win. Goku then tells him not to get too excited because someone else may reach the final match. Goten comes up and tells Mr. Satan that none of them have a place to sit and asks if he can do anything to help and Mr. Satan happily agrees. To everyone's embarassment, they're given seats outside in front of everyone in the stadium. Videl goes to Mr. Satan again and then they're all seated indoors where they all have a good view. After that, the announcer starts off the semi-finals and everyone that passed the preliminaries walks out: Majin Buu, Pan, Goku, Goten, Trunks, Vegeta, and six other fighters.

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