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DBZ Episode Summaries

Recap: Vegeta: "What's going on? What are you planning on doing?" Goku: "Sorry. I want to compete with that guy no matter what. I want to compete in our first match, while we're both at full power, to determine who's stronger." The Tenka'ichi Budokai has successfully started. The guy that Goku said was incredible turned out to be the reincarnation of Majin Buu, Uubu. Uubu: "My father and... my mother... are not worthless!!"

Japanese Episode 291
To Become Stronger!! Goku's Dream is to Surpass

Goku and Uubu begin a vicious battle. At first, Goku dominates but as time goes on, Vegeta realizes that Uubu is learning during their fight. Uubu starts to match Goku's speed and holds his own, which surprises Kuririn, Bulma, and the others as they realize that the kid is the person Goku was talking about. As Majin Buu and Mr. Satan relax in a room, Buu asks him if it's alright that they're not watching the match. Mr. Satan tells him it's okay because he knows he [Buu] and Goku will make it to the final match. After he says that, the room starts shaking violently and Mr. Satan wonders what could be happening. He and Buu rush outside to see Uubu holding his own against Goku. Mr. Satan worries that they'll destroy the arena and Uubu starts to hit around Goku and slams him hard into the platform. Pan runs up to help but Mr. Satan stops her and the others worry if Goku's okay. When Uubu looks over the edge of the hole Goku was knocked in, Goku powers up and flies out. As their battle ensues, Captain Chicken gets nervous and Knocks tells him they better leave the tournament or they'll get killed (I guess Knocks was added back to the roster when he was healed by the medics). Captain Chicken agrees and they start to leave when a worker next to the roster asks if they're quitting the tournament. Knocks explains that he's going to the bathroom and Captain Chicken claims that he's going to save a girl that's being attacked. After they're both gone the worker knows that they just left. Back on the platform, Uubu declares he won't lose and powers up. When he charges Goku, Goku evades and Uubu almost falls over the edge when he's hit in the head by a rock. However, Uubu manages to hang onto the edge of the platform with his foot. When Uubu looks up, he's surprised to see Goku flying. Goku starts to charge up a kamehameha, but it causes the platform around Uubu to crumble. Uubu almost falls to the ground but Goku catches his arm and takes him up into the air. Goku tells him that he must not know how to fly, since he was never taught how to and probably never thought about it either. Goku takes him back to the platform and apologizes for what he said earlier, explaining that he only said such things to make Uubu get more serious about the fight. Goku figures it must be Uubu's first battle and he doesn't know how to use his power very well, so he tells him that he'll live with him and teach him how to fight and fly. Uubu tells him becoming stronger is no use because he came to get money for his village. Goku pleases Uubu when he tells him that he can just get money from Mr. Satan if they let him win the tournament. Goku tells Uubu it's up to him to protect the Earth in the future and then says to wait there. Goku flies to Gohan and the others and explains that he's going to live with Uubu for a while to train him and doesn't know how many years it'll be, but he'll come back to visit. Goku then goes down to Goten and Trunks when Pan runs up to him and cries in his arms, telling Goku that she doesn't want to not see him anymore. Goku tells her not to cry and promises he'll come back to see her. Pan cheers up and Goku tells Trunks and Goten that they can't slack off because they need to defend the Earth in the future too. Trunks and Goten agree and Pan declares that she will train hard too, to become as strong as Goku. Goku goes over to Vegeta and apologizes for how everything at the tournament turned out. Vegeta tells him not to worry about it because they can't use their full power around so many people anyway. Goku goes back to Uubu, has him get on his back, and takes off to Uubu's village. As they leave, the announcer yells in vain to them, asking them about finishing their match. Piccolo laughs since he's never seen Goku happier than now. Goku tells Uubu that after he trains they can compete again to see who's the strongest. He then admits that that's his true motive in training Uubu. We then see that Pan defeats Goten in the tournament. As Goku takes Uubu fly to Uubu's village, they both get excited about getting stronger.

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