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Recap: Goku used the completed Super Genki-dama, gathered from the energy of everyone on the Earth, to finally destroy Majin Buu. The Earth has returned to normal. Using Shenlong's power, the memory of Buu was completely erased from everyone's minds. Goku: "How sneaky, using Fusion! Okay!"

Japanese Episode 288
You're Late Goku! Everyone's Partying!!

Chi Chi has everyone in her family dress up in fancy clothes, since they're going to the city. We learn from Gohan that they really are just going to Bulma's house. When they're preparing to leave, we find that Goku's gone, watching pterodactyl eggs. He sees that one's missing from the nest, being in a branch on the side of a mountain instead. Goku picks it up and goes to move it to the nest when he's attacked by the pterodactyl parents. Goku puts it back in the branch and tells the pterodactyls that it's dangerous keeping it there because it may fall into the river below. Goten informs Chi Chi that Goku went to look at pterodactyl eggs because they're supposed to hatch that day. Gohan tells Chi Chi that he can go look on the other side of the mountain but Chi Chi tells him that they'll just leave without him. Meanwhile, Goku goes to leave when a large snake tries to eat a pterodactyl egg. Goku manages to grab it in time, swing it around, and hurl it away. After that encounter, Goku decides to wait there until the eggs hatch. Over at the Capsule Corp house, Kuririn, 18, and Marron arrive when a car comes speeding through the door. Luckily, Trunks manages to stop it before it breaks through a wall. Yamcha and Pu'ar get out of the car and Yamcha thanks Trunks for stopping his car. Kuririn asks Yamcha if it's his car and Trunks tells them that it's their latest model. Yamcha tells Kuririn that he got it on a discount from Bulma and Kuririn decides that he's gotta talk to Bulma sometime. Gohan, Chi Chi, and Goten then enter and Chi Chi tells Kuririn that Goku isn't coming because he wanted to see a baby that's going to be born. Gohan tells them that he'll explain later. We then see that everyone is at the party, eating and talking, even Vegeta and Majin Buu. Majin Buu glances over Vegeta's shoulder at his food and drools on him. At first Vegeta refuses to give him anything but smiles and offers him some food. Mr. Satan wonders if it's right for God (Kami-sama) to party with them and Dende tells him it's fine with him. Meanwhile, Goku reminesces back when he was found and raised by his foster grandfather, Son Gohan. Suddenly there are tremors from two dinosaurs fighting nearby. Goku grabs them both, takes them far away, and drops them there to fight. Back at the party, music is turned on and some people dance while the others watch. 18 pushes Gohan out to dance with Videl. When Gohan starts dancing, Chi Chi tells him she'll show them how to dance. She starts doing karate poses to the music and impresses them when suddenly she hurts her hip. After that, Chi Chi admits she's finally getting old and everyone applauds. Dende tells her it's no wonder she's Goku's wife. Everyone gets sad when they remember that Goku's not there. When Bulma asks if Goku's really not coming, Chi Chi tells her if she's in love with Goku she better give up the idea because she [Chi Chi] is more beautiful. Everyone laughs at this and Yamcha tells her she looks good today. Chi Chi asks him if that's supposed to mean she doesn't look good every day and everyone laughs again. Kuririn assures Dende that Goku will come. Meanwhile, a bunch of other animals join Goku in watching the eggs and leave when a storm comes. Goku quickly flies to a forest a short ways away, rips a bunch of trees out of the ground, and comes back. He then uses them to support the main nest from its ceiling of rocks falling on it. When Goku starts to build support for the branch, falling rocks cause the entire branch to fall out of the mountain, causing the egg to fall in the river below. Luckily, Goku manages to catch the egg before it falls on a rock at the bottom of a waterfall. Unfortunately, when he does so a giant fish jumps out of the water and eats him but Goku eventually forces his way out of the fish by opening its jaws. Later that day, at sunset, Kuririn's family is about to leave when Goku rushes in. Goku apologizes for being late and quietly asks Gohan where Chi Chi is when she starts scolding him. He apologizes and says that he planned on coming right away when Chi Chi tells him she's not mad, because it's not like it's the first time it's happened and if she got mad every time she still wouldn't be his wife. Chi Chi finds out that Goku hasn't eaten yet and she and Bulma go to fix him some food. As Goku eats everyone is gathered around him as he tells about when the four pterodactyl eggs hatched. Goten asks if he was cuter when he was born and Goku tells him that he doesn't know, since he was dead. Everyone laughs at this and Goku asks Vegeta why he's standing away from everyone and to come and join him.

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