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Recap: Goku: "I'd like to fight you one on one again to find out who's stronger. I'll wait for you. I'll also be much stronger. See you again!" With the Genki-dama, the long, hard battle with Majin Buu is finally over.

Japanese Episode 287
Peace is Restored!! Friend of Justice, Majin Buu!?

Everyone at Namek and Enma Dai-o's Palace celebrate Goku's victory. Piccolo reports to Gohan, Goten, and Trunks that Majin Buu's ki has completely dissapeared. Mr. Satan asks Goku if they really defeated Majin Buu and Goku agrees. Mr. Satan tells everyone on the Earth that, thanks to their help, Majin Buu has finally been destroyed. Everyone on the Earth celebrates their champion, Mr. Satan, and Videl is embarassed that her father took the victory claim again. Everyone at Kami-sama's Palace celebrates the victory, not caring about Mr. Satan's claim but happy that the battle is finally over. On Kaioshin Kai, Mr. Satan finds out his dog's okay when it rushes out to see him. Kaioshin, the Elder Kaioshin, and Dende arrive and Dende goes to heal Goku when Goku tells him to heal Vegeta first. Dende does so and then heals Goku. Mr. Satan's dog finds the good Majin Buu and Mr. Satan goes over to him. Everyone else walks up and Mr. Satan asks Dende if he can heal Buu. Dende looks to see what Goku thinks when Vegeta tells Mr. Satan to get out of the way so he can finish Buu off, otherwise another evil Buu could spring from him again and destroy the earth next time. Mr. Satan explains that this Buu is good, only doing bad things because he was manipulated by bad people, and the only reason the bad Buu came forth was because a bunch of idiots killed his dog. Mr. Satan tells him he'll take full responsibility for Buu's actions and lays on Buu to protect him from Vegeta. Goku tells Dende to heal Buu. When Vegeta asks what he's doing, Goku explains that without Buu and Mr. Satan's help, they both would've been dead. Besides, Goku explains, he's going to train very hard so that if they have to fight Buu again, he'll definitely win. Kaioshin asks how Buu will live on the Earth since everyone will be afraid of him. Goku figures that he can stay out of sight until they can use the dragonballs to erase everyone's memory of the evil Buu. Vegeta tells him to have his way, but not to come to him if something goes wrong. With that, Dende heals Buu and they all return to the Earth, at Kami-sama's Palace. Goku, Dende, and Vegeta walk out first and reunite with everyone. Mr. Satan walks out with his dog and hugs Videl. Buu then walks out, freaking a lot of people out, but Goku tries to explain to them not to worry. Goku explains that he was gone for a long time, but his life was given back by Dai Kaioshin, so he can live with Chi Chi, Gohan, and Goten again. A half a year later, Shenlong is summoned and the memory of Buu is erased from everyone. As Buu walks through a city after this, he sees a girl eating ice cream and watches her. She tells him it's hers and he has to get one for himself. When Buu asks where his is, she points out a shop across the street. Buu goes in and orders all the flavors on one cone. He goes to leave when the worker tells him he has to pay money to get it. Buu asks what money is and the worker takes it from him, telling him he won't get it without money. Steam shoots out of Buu and the man falls over in fear when Buu remembers Mr. Satan telling him not to get mad. Buu leaves the ice cream shop and as he walks down the street a man tells everyone that if they can defeat his big brother in a fight they win 100,000 zeni, but they have to pay 10,000 zeni to fight. Majin Buu asks if he can get a lot of money and is told he can if he wins. Buu tells him that Mr. Satan told him not to fight and the people around get excited that Buu's a student of Mr. Satan. The fighter tells him not to worry since it's just a game and Buu gets excited when he's told it's a game. One guy decides he'll pay the entrance fee since watching the fight would be worth the money. The fighter decides that since he's fighting a student of Mr. Satan he won't show any mercy and starts hitting Buu. When Buu notices he's being hit, he slaps the man away. He then goes back to the ice cream shop, gives the worker all of his money, and leaves with an armful of ice cream cones. When the worker runs outside and yells to Buu that he forgot his change, Buu gets annoyed and asks what it is now, so the worker tells him it's nothing. As Buu eats his ice cream, Bulma finds him and tells him to carry her groceries, angered that Vegeta sent Buu instead of coming himself. Bulma has Buu go with her to a jewelry store with her. When she goes to buy all of the jewelry in one case, two robbers come in. After all of the cops arrive Bulma tells the robbers that they picked a bad time to take hostages, since Majin Buu is one of them. The smaller of the robbers sees Majin Buu and tugs on his older brother's shirt. After Majin Buu decides jewelry tastes bad, he looks up to see the guys who gave him all the money. The older brother freaks out that it's him again and shoots Buu. Buu takes the bullet out and tells him he'll return it, flicking it past the guy's head. When Gohan and Videl arrive as the Great Saiya, the robbers immediately walk past them and surrender to the police. They realize what happened when Bulma and Majin Buu walk out. Later that night, Goku is taking a bath with Goten and Trunks and dunks them down into the water. Goten and Trunks jump out, fuse, and go to dunk Goku. Goku turns Super Saiya-jin, causing the barrel of water to explode. Everyone else is there and laughs or covers their eyes at this scene. Chi Chi runs out and yells at Goku for turning into that "Super Whatever Thing" and then chases Gotenks around with a towel.

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