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Recap: Goku: "People of the Earth! I beg you, please give me your energy!" After hearing Goku's shouts, all of his old friends raised their hands. Afterwards, Mr. Satan's performance caused all of energy of the Earth to become one. Gohan: "All right! Go!" Goku: "It's here!" The Super Genki-dama is finally complete. And the slow, long battle with Majin Buu is finally approaching the end. Goku: "Get out of the way, Vegeta! Here I go!!"

Japanese Episode 286
Son Goku is the Strongest Warrior After All!! Majin Buu is Destroyed

Vegeta tries to get up to move out of the way, but tells Goku it's no use; he can't move his body. Vegeta yells at Goku to go ahead and use it anyway, since it's their only chance to win. Majin Buu realizes that Goku can't use the Genki-dama when he's next to Vegeta, so he laughs and stomps on Vegeta again. After that, Buu starts hitting Goku with blast after blast. Meanwhile, Mr. Satan sees what's going on but turns to see the good Majin Buu standing behind him, with a serious look on his face. Mr. Satan runs up to Buu to see if he's okay, but Buu smacks him aside and marches toward the evil Majin Buu. Meanwhile, the evil Majin Buu starts throwing even bigger energy balls at Goku. Goku manages to teleport away and back to avoid the first one, but when Buu gets ready to throw the second one he apologizes to Vegeta and gets ready to throw the Genki-dama. Suddenly, the good Majin Buu rams the evil Buu and holds him down as he gets Mr. Satan to run over and get Vegeta. The evil Buu then blasts the good Buu away from himself and turns to face Goku as Goku hurls the Super Genki-dama at him. Unfortunately, the evil Buu manages to stop the Genki-dama from hitting him and it turns into a tug-of-war type struggle as both Goku and Buu try to outpush the Genki-dama toward one another. Back on the Earth, Piccolo tells Gohan via telepathy to meet him at Kaio-sama's Palace, where they'll be able to get a better feel of what's going on on Kaioshin Kai. Piccolo then tells Goten and Trunks to meet him there as well and a little while later they reunite with everyone. Back on Kaioshin Kai, Goku is still unable to push the Genki-dama hard enough and he tells Vegeta that his body's too weak and unstable, while Majin Buu is still too strong. Buu then starts to gain ground on Goku as he pushes the Genki-dama back toward him. Vegeta yells for Dende to think of something. Dende asks Kaioshin to teleport him there so he can renew Goku's strength, but Kaioshin tells him he can't teleport because he lost all his energy from the Genki-dama. Vegeta tells Mr. Satan to get more energy from the people on the Earth, but Kaio-sama tells him that everyone will die if they give their energy again. Vegeta tells Kaio-sama they'll all die anyway if Buu wins and yells at Mr. Satan to hurry up and do it. Mr. Satan goes to, but says that he has figured out that what's going on isn't a dream, but an unbelievable reality and he can't order to people of the Earth to sacrifice themselves. Vegeta picks Mr. Satan up by his shirt and tells him that they can always revive the people on the Earth with the dragonballs and Porunga still has a third wish remaining. He then drops Mr. Satan at this realization and tells Dende to use the third with to restore Goku's health. Dende asks Porunga if he can do it and Porunga confirms this, so Dende makes the wish. When Goku pretty much gives up in the struggle, Buu uses blasts to hurl the Genki-dama at him. Dende informs Goku that a wish has restored his health. Goku catches the Genki-dama, thanks the dragonballs, and hurls it back at Buu. As Buu tries to hold the Genki-dama back, Goku tells him he was an amazing opponent and he hopes he's reincarnated as a good person so that they can fight again. Everyone tells Goku to finish him and Goku pushes the Genki-dama the rest of the way, disintegrating Majin Buu. Goku lands on the ground and he and Vegeta give each other a thumbs up.

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