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DBZ Episode Summaries

Recap: The new, evil Buu has become the strongest Majin Buu ever; there is only one way to defeat him. (Note: I could immediately tell the translation was wrong on my fansubs. It made no sense whatsoever! Reincarnation of Buu? And then a sentence that has nothing to do with anything, out of nowhere?! I just made as much sense as I could out of these first two sentences). Vegeta: "Can you hear me, the people of this planet? Raise both of your hands to the sky!" Vegeta gambled everything on gathering everyone's energy to form a Super Genki-dama. However... Man on Earth: "It doesn't seem trustworthy..." Other Man: "Yeah, who'd raise their hands?" Girl on Earth: "This doesn't concern us." Vegeta: "What?! This is your planet!! Are you going to wait until it's destroyed before you stop being so naieve and act!?" Mr. Satan: "It's no good! I beg you, please save Buu!" Vegeta: "Earthlings! You should help out a little too!" Hurry up everyone on Earth! Give your energy to Goku! The reliable Buu can't stand much more.

Japanese Episode 285
Big Appreciation!! It's Here, Everyone's Genki-dama

Dende and the others on Namek see what's going on. The Elder Kaioshin knows that Vegeta won't ask in a nicer manner for the Earthlings' help because his pride won't allow him. Suddenly, Vegeta starts begging the people on Earth to raise their hands to the sky, which surprises everyone. We are then shown a man who tries raising his hands to the sky to see what happens while his associate tells him not to, since it must be an "evil trick." When the man does, he loses his energy and gasps for breath. Vegeta hears people on the Earth saying that it's a trick and no one should do it. Now, the good Buu is losing the battle against the Evil Buu as the Evil Buu continually slugs him in the stomach. The Evil Majin Buu then lets the good Buu go and goes to finish him off with a blast when Mr. Satan intervenes by throwing a rock at the Evil Buu's head. When Mr. Satan sees Buu turn toward him, he apologizes and runs back to Vegeta, causing Buu to spot Goku's Super Genki-dama. Angered, the evil Buu goes to attack Goku but Vegeta gets in front of him and tells Goku he'll try and hold Buu off as long as possible while Goku convinces the people on Earth. Goku cries out repeatedly for everyone on the Earth to help and contribute their energy. After people recognize Goku's voice, those that Goku's known who haven't contributed their energy so far do so, which includes: Upa, Upa's father, Upa's tribe, Tenshinhan and Chaozu, Android 17, Android 8 and the village he's staying in, Karin, Yajirobei, and Lunch. However, the rest of the people on Earth still prefer not to give their energy away to such an "evil trick." Buu finishes pummeling Vegeta and goes to attack Goku when Vegeta blasts Buu and declares that he will be the one to defeat him. Buu grins and goes back to hitting Vegeta around again as Goku continues his desperate pleas for help, wondering why the people of the Earth are holding back, and Mr. Satan looks back and forth at the two scenes. On the Earth, Piccolo tells Gohan that most of the people on the Earth aren't donating their energy because they're suspicious after all that happened with Majin Buu and Babidi (note: probably that they all died and they didn't see very often anyone trying to protect them). He then tells Gohan that they should all split up and head to different cities to try to convince everyone, since it's the least they can do. Unfortunately, all of their attempts prove futile as the people of the Earth just ignore them too. Piccolo doesn't even get the chance to plead for help, since everyone just runs from him when they see him hahahaha. Back on Kaioshin Kai, Mr. Satan hears the people of the Earth and their comments. Mr. Satan gets angry to the point where he curses and yells at the people of the Earth, asking if they're going to ignore his pleas as well. A lot of people get startled at hearing Mr. Satan and start realizing that he must be fighting Majin Buu. Mr. Satan laughs and tells them that he was going to hide it from them but it can't be helped now and to hurry up and donate their energy so he can defeat Buu. Mr. Satan then turns toward Goku and apologizes, saying it was the only way the people on the Earth would believe him and all that's important is defeating Majin Buu anyway. After hearing this, everyone all over the Earth donates their energy and Piccolo laughs over how he was defeated by Mr. Satan. The energy arrives gradually in Goku's Super Genki-dama, causing it to get much, much larger in size. Mr. Satan asks if anyone is still not raising their hands, Vegeta smiles at seeing the completion of the Super Genki-dama, and Goku tells Vegeta to get out of the way as he prepares to hurl it at Majin Buu.

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