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DBZ Episode Summaries

Recap: Majin Buu has become stronger than any of the previous enemies. Is there no way to defeat him now? Goku: "V... Vegeta, what do you plan to do? It's still too early to use the Dragonballs." Vegeta: "Kakarotto... how many times have you saved the Earth now? Goku: "Why did you suddenly ask that?" Vegeta: "Because it's time the Earthlings helped out their own planet." At that time, Vegeta suddenly used Namek's Dragonballs to revive all the people on Earth. Vegeta's idea was to... Vegeta: "It's started, get ready!" Goku: "Ready? For what?" Vegeta: "To make a Genki-dama!" Goku: "Genki-dama? Genki-dama!?"

Japanese Episode 284
The Last Hope!! Make a Big Genki-dama

As everyone on the Earth reunites and wonders what's going on, the two Buu's continue their battle. This time, the evil Buu clearly has the edge in the fight. When the fat Majin Buu tries to turn the evil one into candy, the evil one dodges so that Buu transforms a rock instead. The evil Buu catches some of the candy, eats it, and continues pounding the fat Buu as Mr. Satan continues to cheer on the fat Majin Buu and eat candy as well. Goku tells Vegeta that he doesn't think the Genki-dama will work since he can only gather a little energy from everything. Vegeta tells him that it should work if the Earthlings take responsibility for their planet by giving him all of their energy at once. Vegeta asks Kaioshin if there's a way for him to talk to everyone on the Earth at once, just like what Babidi did. The Elder Kaioshin tells him he can't do it. Kaioshin apologizes to Vegeta and tells him that it's not possible. Suddenly, Kaio-sama talks to Goku and Vegeta, telling them that he can broadcast Vegeta's message to the entire Universe. As Vegeta begins his speech, Mr. Satan walks up and asks Goku what they're doing. When Goku tells him and shushes him, Mr. Satan asks why they can't just help out Buu if they're doing such trivial things. Goku tells Mr. Satan that they'll help him out in a minute. Vegeta tells everyone that they were killed by Majin Buu, but were brought back thanks to a great power, and that what they experienced was not a dream. In fact, Vegeta explains, there is a warrior currently fighting against Majin Buu for them but chances of him winning are slim. Vegeta then asks everyone to raise their hands to the sky and donate their energy to help defeat Majin Buu, all it will feel like is as if you've just taken a long run. Kaio-sama realizes that Vegeta's terrible at asking people for help. Vegeta tells Goku to start charging up the Genki-dama and Goku does so. Gohan, Trunks, Goten, and Piccolo are the first to lend their energy to Goku's Genki-dama, which causes it to become fairly large. Goku reports that his Genki-dama is already growing and should get big real soon. Vegeta tells everyone on the Earth to raise their hands again and Bulma and the others at Kami-sama's Palace do so. Goku immediately recognizes where the energy's from. Kaioshin and Dende cheer for Goku when Kaio-sama tells them that something's gone awry, since if everyone on the Earth had given their energy the Genki-dama would be far larger in size. The Namek Elder asks Porunga if he's certain he ressurected everyone on the Earth and Porunga confirms this and asks if they've thought of a third wish yet. Back on Kaioshin Kai, the evil Buu hits the fat Buu with a massive blast. However, when everything clears up, the fat Buu splits into four of himself and attacks the evil Buu at the same time. Goku tells Vegeta that something's wrong: he hasn't gotten any more energy since the last amount and his Genki-dama isn't powerful enough to defeat Buu yet. Vegeta knows it should be charged up by now and wonders what could be happening. Suddenly, Vegeta hears the people of the Earth, all of who are reluctant to lend any energy since they don't know who requested it, wonder why it's of their concern, and don't think they should trust such a thing. This angers Vegeta since it's their planet and he starts screaming at them for their foolishness. Meanwhile, the evil Buu gets angry from getting hit around and escapes the four fat Buu's. This calls all of them to become entangled. The evil Buu hits them with a blast and they all form back to the original fat Buu. When fat Buu starts firing blasts at the evil Buu, they're so weak that the evil Buu can just cancel them out by hitting them. Eventually it gets to the point where the fat Buu's blasts just puff out smoke and the evil Buu drop kicks fat Buu into the ground. Mr. Satan begs Vegeta to help Majin Buu. Vegeta angrily thinks for a bit and decides not to ask the Earthlings for any more help. He starts to go to help in the fight against Majin Buu when Kaio-sama tells him their only hope is to get Earth's help and the way he asked for help earlier was no way to do that. Vegeta starts to ask the Earthlings' help again when he spazzes out in anger and yells for them to hurry up and raise their hands to the air. Goku asks Vegeta what's going on and Vegeta tells him that the people of Earth won't believe him. Vegeta tries pleading with the Earth again. He explains that Majin Buu will kill everyone again if they don't listen and that what's going on is real, but the people of the Earth just ignore him!

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