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DBZ Episode Summaries

Recap: In order to allow Goku enough time to gather his strength to defeat Majin Buu, Vegeta fought Majin Buu to buy time. However, Vegeta was unable to stand against Buu's overwhelming power. At that time, the nice Buu that was absorbed by the other Buu was revived. Fat Majin Buu: "I hate you! Don't tease Satan!" Vegeta: "Haven't you gathered your strength yet!?" Goku: "I... I'm losing my strength!" However, while trying to gather his strength, Goku changed back to normal from Super Saiya-jin.

Japanese Episode 283
Vegeta's Secret Plan!! Porunga's Two Wishes

The two Buu's resume their battle. Vegeta yells at Goku for having him go through so much pain for nothing. Goku tells him that Super Saiya-jin 3 wasn't a problem when he was dead, which must mean it eats up too much energy for the living. The evil Buu gets fat Buu in a headlock and Mr. Satan and his dog run up to help. The evil Buu knocks Mr. Satan away and fat Buu escapes his headlock by making his head skinny. When fat Buu tries to turn evil Buu into chocolate, the evil Buu evades and blows fat Buu's head off. After fat Buu reforms his head, Goku knows that there's no way the fat Majin Buu can defeat the evil Buu. Suddenly, Vegeta cries out to Dende and Kaioshin and tells them he knows they're watching him and to answer if they can hear. After they answer, Vegeta tells them to go gather the dragonballs on Namek as fast as they can. The Elder Kaioshin starts to wonder about using them again when Dende tells him there's nothing wrong with using them for good and they need to go through with Vegeta's request right away. Kaioshin teleports the Elder Kaioshin and Dende to Namek. Vegeta realizes they must've left and Goku asks him why he's gathering the dragonballs already. Vegeta asks Goku how many times he's saved the Earth. When Goku isn't sure the number of times, Vegeta tells him it's about time humanity took responsiblity for itself. When Dende and the others arrive on Namek, he is greeted by several Namekians, one of which is the elder. As they start talking and greeting one another, the Elder Kaioshin tells them they can get reacquainted later, but time is running out. Dende tells the Elder they need to gather the dragonballs as soon as possible. The Elder surprises Dende by showing him that they've already gathered them all and know about Earth's situation. Dende contacts Vegeta and tells him that they've gathered the dragonballs. Vegeta tells Dende that he needs him to summon Porunga right away and needs two wishes restored: the Earth restored and everyone on the Earth that died after the Tenka'ichi Budokai except for the truly evil brought back to life. Dende is a little hesitant about granting Vegeta's wishes so soon when Goku tells him it's okay. Dende asks what the third wish is and Vegeta tells him to use it for whatever he wants. Goku asks Vegeta why he doesn't just wish everyone killed by Majin Buu back to life. Vegeta explains that that would bring Darbura and Babidi back to life and wouldn't bring those that he killed at the Tenka'ichi Budokai back. Dende shocks Goku and Vegeta when he reminds them that Porunga can only bring back one person at a time. The Namek Elder surprises Dende once again by saying that ever since the mess with Freeza, he's given the dragonballs a power up, meaning any number of people can be restored to life. The Namek Elder then summons Porunga and Dende makes the first wish. Porunga easily restores the planet Earth and then Dende makes the second wish: for everyone on the Earth that's died since Babidi arrived except for the truly evil to be restored to life. Porunga tells him to wait a little while since the wish is a little more difficult than usual, due to the vast numbers. Back on Kaioshin Kai, the evil Buu has wrapped himself around fat Buu. Mr. Satan tries to help by biting the evil Buu. When this happens, the evil Buu uncoils himself from the good Buu and hits Mr. Satan. The fat Buu goes to help Mr. Satan when the evil Buu kicks him backward. The evil Buu then takes his arm off, curls it into a ball, and uses it to hit the fat Majin Buu around. Vegeta and Goku feel that the fat Buu is starting to lose power and Vegeta demands to know if his second wish is completed yet. The Elder Kaioshin tells him Porunga is working as fast as he can when Porunga finishes. To Goku and Vegeta's surprise, Vegeta's halo vanishes, meaning he must not be truly evil. Goku realizes what Vegeta's plan is and tells him he must want to get Gohan and Gotenks to come fight with them. Vegeta tells him he's wrong and tells Goku to start preparing a Genki-dama.

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