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DBZ Episode Summaries

Recap: The stupendous final battle between Goku and Majin Buu continues. However, Goku's most powerful attacks failed to affect Majin Buu. Goku: "I need a minute to gather enough strength to destroy Buu." Vegeta: "Okay. I think I can hold him off for a minute, someway or another. Hurry up and gather your strength." Vegeta is risking his existance to buy Goku enough time to gather his strength. But even though he's held out for a minute, Goku has been unable to gather any strength! What in the world is wrong, Goku?

Japanese Episode 282
Don't Tease Satan!! The Original Buu Returns

Buu continues to strangle Vegeta and even starts electrocuting him. Eventually, Vegeta starts to power up but before he can do anything Buu tightens his arm around Vegeta and starts slamming him around again. Elsewhere, Kaioshin gets up and walks away, determined to hold Majin Buu off as long as he lasts so that Goku can gather more energy. Dende joins him and they are about to leave when the Elder Kaioshin runs up to them, explaining that there is nothing they can do to help except watch and hope, otherwise he would've sent them already. Back on Kaioshin Kai, Buu finishes slamming Vegeta around after he hits him into the ground and releases his hold. Goku goes to help Vegeta, but Vegeta angrily yells for Goku to stay away and gather his strength, since he's the one that got him there in the first place. Buu's arm comes out of the ground and holds Vegeta in the air again, but this time Buu powers up a blast in the other hand and prepares to hit Vegeta. Goku realizes that not even Vegeta can take such a blast and goes to help when Mr. Satan yells a challenge at Buu and prepares to fight him. Buu releases Vegeta, puts his arm back to normal, and faces Mr. Satan. Mr. Satan walks up to Buu and taunts him by making faces, shaking his bottom at Buu, and asking if Buu's not attacking because he's a coward. We then learn that Mr. Satan still thinks he's in a dream. Buu flies to Mr. Satan to attack when he senses something for a second, causing him to slow down a bit. When Buu tries to hit Mr. Satan, Mr. Satan dodges by getting on the ground and begging for forgiveness. Mr. Satan then gets a far distance away, continuing to beg for forgiveness, and an angry Majin Buu starts toward him. Suddenly, Buu senses something again and clutches his head in agony. Mr. Satan wonders what's going on and realizes it must be because "Buu fears his wrath." Mr. Satan then starts taunting Buu and laughs over his victory. Meanwhile, Vegeta tells Goku to use the opportunity to power up and Goku agrees. Majin Buu then surprises everyone by spitting something, which grows in size to be the old, fat Buu. Elsewhere, Dende realizes that Majin Buu spit the old Buu out because as long as the old Buu was in his system, he was unable to attack Mr. Satan. The Elder Kaioshin doesn't care much, saying not much will change of Mr. Satan is killed. Kaioshin tells him that's a harsh thing to say, since Mr. Satan is the last representative of humanity. Back on Kaioshin Kai, Mr. Satan runs up to the old Buu and shakes him, trying to get him to wake up, but to no avail. Mr. Satan then starts to mourn over Buu, saying that he was a good guy and was all alone in the world. An angered Mr. Satan declares that he's going to kill Majin Buu and tells him to come and fight. As Majin Buu walks toward him, Mr. Satan asks him if he's actually going to fight and tells him that he will see his true powers. Mr. Satan decides he's going to have to win, since it's his dream, and attacks Majin Buu ferociously. When he asks if Buu gives up yet, Buu lightly punches him in the face, sending Mr. Satan rolling on the ground in pain. When Mr. Satan sees Majin Buu laughing, he runs away and tells Buu that he's going to pay for what he did. Buu starts doing the ape-type power up that he did in an earlier episode and Mr. Satan tells Buu that he might just let him go this time. When Buu flies toward Mr. Satan to attack, a blast is fired between the two and we see that it was from the old Majin Buu. Mr. Satan rejoices that the old Buu is alive and Majin Buu smiles when he sees his dog walking around him. Vegeta asks Goku why he isn't done and Goku tells him that something's wrong: he's starting to lose power now. The battle between the two Buu's begins with both inflicting damage on one another. Vegeta tells Goku to hurry up and finish gathering his strength, but Goku realizes he's losing it and then falls back into his normal state. Meanwhile, the evil Buu flies down and hits the old Buu's head off, but is surprised when the old Buu pulls it back out. Goku lands next to Vegeta as they prepare to watch the two Buu's fight.

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