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DBZ Episode Summaries

Recap: The final battle between Goku and Majin Buu has gone too far. Goku bravely challenges Buu, who has strength that is beyond the human imagination. Vegeta recognizes Goku's real strength during the fight. Vegeta: "Just do it, Kakarotto. You are Number One."

Japanese Episode 281
Hold On Vegeta!! A Minute Fight at the Risk of Life

Majin Buu gets away from Goku and hits him with a powerful blast. Goku fires a kamehameha back, out of the smoke, but Buu hits it in another direction. Buu then heals his arm, which was blown off, and Goku and Buu start blocking each others hits until Goku lands a kick on Buu. Buu swings Goku around and throws him into a rock-mountain, but Goku fires four blasts back at Buu. These blasts go on both sides of Buu and start to crush him. Goku fires a blast at Buu, who's held in place, but at the last second Buu hurls the four blasts at Goku and knocks Goku's new blast back at him. As the smoke clears, Buu realizes Goku isn't there but is too late as Goku slams him downward. When Buu stops himself from falling, Goku drop kicks him into the ground, puts his hand on Buu's head, and fires a blast that goes all the way through Kaioshin Kai. Afterward, Buu's hand comes up from behind and pulls Goku underground, swinging him all over the place. When Buu unstretches his arm, Goku says that he should've killed Buu when he was Vegetto if things were going to turn out this way, but decides he can't lose. Goku then starts hitting Buu around. Afterward, as he sits on all fours and tries to regain his breath, Goku sees that his attacks don't even affect Majin Buu anymore. Up at Dai Kaio-sama's planet, Kuririn realizes that Goku's losing his power since the battle has lasted so long. Back on Kaioshin Kai, Buu flies up to Goku and spreads his form out, looking as if he's going to absorb Goku. Goku fires a blast at Buu and then flies out after him. As Buu starts to regenerate, Vegeta flies up and tells Goku that the Super Saiya-jin 3 could defeat Buu if he was at full power. Goku tells him that he knows but is never given enough time to recover. Goku tells Vegeta that if he could recharge his aura for a minute he would be at full power. When Vegeta hears this, he declares that he will try his best to hold Buu off a minute, until Goku's aura is recharged. Goku warns Vegeta about what will happen if he dies while already dead, losing his existance, and Vegeta smiles and tells Goku not to worry about him. Vegeta then powers up and goes to attack Buu as Goku charges his aura. When Vegeta arrives at Buu he fires a large blast that takes off Buu's lower torso. As Vegeta fires a barrage of smaller blasts at Buu, Buu's pieces gradually come up behind Vegeta and form back into Buu. Buu then hits Vegeta downward, kicks him around, headbutts him, and kicks Vegeta into the ground. Vegeta eventually walks up to face Buu. When Buu beckons to Vegeta, Vegeta angrily powers up and starts to hit Buu around. Buu eventually gets the edge and turns the tables on Vegeta. After hitting Vegeta into the ground, Buu sees that Vegeta is pretty much knocked out. Buu walks up to fight Goku but stops when Vegeta tells him their fight isn't over and asks if Buu's running from him because he's afraid. Buu gets angry and goes to attack Vegeta when Vegeta fires his Big Bang Attack at him. Unfortunately, Buu opens up in the middle so that Vegeta's blast goes right through him, heals, and hits Vegeta around. Eventually Buu grabs Vegeta's hair and fires a blast right in his face. When Buu runs up to the crater and sees Vegeta lying there, he turns around and laughs. Buu stops laughing however when he hears Vegeta ask what he's laughing at. Vegeta horrifies Buu by stumbling out of the crater, saying that such a weak attack can't kill him. Vegeta then powers up as he declares that he is the prince of the Saiya-jin, Vegeta. When Vegeta tries to hit Buu, Buu blocks and they end up having their hands locked against one another in a tug of war. As both power up, Majin Buu breaks free and hits Vegeta hard in the stomach. Buu then stretches his arm out as Vegeta falls backward, wraps it around Vegeta's neck, and starts strangling him. Meanwhile, Goku realizes that something's wrong because he's been charging his aura for over a minute and it still isn't anywhere near as high as he thought it would be by then.

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