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DBZ Episode Summaries

Recap: Finally, the battle between Goku and Majin Buu over the universe has begun. Goku: "Majin Buu. He's a joke but has huge power, speed, and the ability to recover quickly. He's different from the other Buu's. He's so strong." Finally, Goku became Super Saiya-jin 3. Who will win: Buu or Son Goku?

Japanese Episode 280
Vegeta - Hats Off!! Goku, You Are #1

Buu laughs at Goku and attacks him. The colossal battle starts off with Goku hitting Buu rapidly. Buu wraps his headpiece around Goku's neck and starts hitting him, but Goku blasts Buu into pieces at point-blank range. When Buu reforms, his lower torso is upside down and on the wrong end of his body. He angrily reforms and fights Goku upside down. Meanwhile, even the people Goku fought in the past are watching from Hell. Freeza bitterly hopes that Goku loses for ruining his plans. Cell is surprised that there are two people who like fighting more than him. Babidi walks up and impresses everyone by telling them that Buu used to follow him around like a brother and that he taught Buu the techniques he's using now, even though Buu was a bad learner. Babidi then walks elsewhere and secretly cheers Goku on, since Majin Buu disobeyed him so much and killed him. Back on Kaioshin Kai, Goku hits Buu and Buu turns into his ball-like form and chases Goku around. When Buu goes into the ground, Goku moves all over the place, unable to figure out where Buu is. Buu surprises him by coming out of the ground behind him. When Goku gets up, Buu laughs for a while, gets serious, and flies down to attack Goku. Goku decides that he needs to set his worries about maintaining stamina aside and take a chance. He then powers up a kamehameha and hits Buu as hard as he can. Afterward, he falls to his knees and then on all fours from being worn out. When Majin Buu's pieces form into many Majin Buu's, Goku stands up and starts to power up, but turns back to normal instead and falls over. Vegeta flies over to him and Goku tells him that he's going to have to fight now. Vegeta flies up inside of the swarm of Buu's and they move in to attack, but are surprised and knocked back when Vegeta powers up and fires blasts at them. They all form into one Buu who fires a blast at Vegeta and attacks him. Unfortunately, Vegeta is no match for Buu and as he's unable to block most of Buu's attacks, he wonders how Goku can fight such an opponent. When Buu mocks Vegeta, he gets angry since he's the prince of the Saiya-jin and starts firing blast after blast at Buu, who just heals himself each time. Unfortunately, this causes Vegeta to get really tired. Buu hits Vegeta back into a rock-mountain, flies up in front of him, and goes to finish him off with an overhead energy ball when Goku headbutts Buu and his blast away. Goku then goes Super Saiya-jin, flies up to Buu, and then goes Super Saiya-jin 2 and then 3. As Goku and Buu continue their fight, Vegeta watches in awe and admits that only Goku is a great enough fighter to take on such an opponent as Buu. Vegeta then reflects on the past, when he first met Goku on the Earth, up through when Goku defeated Recoom, through the whole who's a Super Saiya-jin ordeal, and when Vegeta first became a Super Saiya-jin. Vegeta explains that at first he thought what made Goku so powerful was the need to protect others, but now that he has his own family to protect, he realizes that that's not entirely the case. Vegeta remembers all the other things he fought for: killing his opponents and his own satisfaction, entertainment, and pride. He realizes that Goku fights not to win, but not to lose as if he knew that Vegeta would become what he is now back when he spared his life. After all of this thinking Vegeta declares that Goku is the number one fighter and with that the furious battle between Majin Buu and Goku continues as everyone continues to watch.

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