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Recap: Vegeta: "What will happen if I pull the living crap out of this?" Majin Buu: "Dont do it! Please don't do it! Get your hands off it! I won't become myself!!" Vegeta: "That's pretty interesting. Do you think that I would actually listen to you?!" Finally, Goku and Vegeta successfully escaped from Buu's body with Gohan and the others... but Buu began another transformation. Vegeta: "He's still transforming..." Goku: "Cut it out already." Kaiobit: "He's back to the way he was!" Goku: "Yes! Now maybe we can get rid of him." Keep on the lookout, Vegeta and Goku! The fear on Kaioshin's face isn't normal!

Japanese Episode 277
Goodbye Earth! Buu Falls into Evil

Buu, who has now transformed into a kid version of himself, continues to stand still on the cliff. Mr. Satan begins to think that he can defeat Buu now, but Dende tells him that he feels that Buu has gotten much more evil than before. Goku and Vegeta put Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Piccolo in a safe place. When Goku tries to wake Gohan up, Gohan stirs, meaning that the four are alive. Meanwhile, on Kaioshin's planet, Kaioshin explains Buu's beginning to the Elder Kaioshin. He starts off by saying when mankind was first learning to walk upright, he (the Eastern Kaioshin), three other Kaioshins (North, West, and South), and Dai Kaioshin all lived together in peace on Kaioshin Kai (the planet Kaioshin and the Elder Kaioshin are on now). We are shown Buu in his kid form destroying a planet under the orders of Bibidi, who watches Buu. Buu then goes out of control and fires a blast at Bibidi, who manages to evade it and go up next to Buu. After he scolds Buu, Buu scares him by turning toward him and Bibidi tells Buu that it's time to go to their next planet. We see that this next planet is Kaioshin Kai. Bibidi laughs and watches as Buu fights and kills the Western Kaioshin and then the Northern one. When the strongest and the bravest of Kaioshins, Southern Kaioshin, fights Buu, he manages to put up a good battle but is absorbed by Buu. This causes Buu to transform from his kid form into an extremely powerful and muscular looking form. Next, Buu attacks the Kaioshin we know now, who was the weakest and youngest of the four Kaioshin on Kaioshin Kai. Kaioshin explains that he managed to survive with only injuries thanks to Dai Kaioshin's protection. Dai Kaioshin blocks a blast from hitting Kaioshin and slices Buu to pieces, but when Buu reforms he envelops Dai Kaioshin and absorbs him. This results in the fat Majin Buu that we first see in Dragonball Z and is also how Bibidi was able to start controlling Buu. Before then Buu was a messed up creation, always disobeying orders, but now that Buu was much more carefree, childish, and in love with food, Bibidi was able to bribe him with cake. Kaioshin goes on to explain that this is the same Buu as the original, one that is incapable of feeling any good emotions at all. Back on the Earth, Buu begins to move around. Buu goes up to the top of a cliff and suddenly screams at the top of his lungs, causing havoc all around him from the power. When he stops, everything becomes calm again but Buu fires a blast at the Earth. Vegeta manages to fire a blast that knocks it in another direction and decides Buu has gone insane, since the blast would've blown him apart as well. Goku tells Vegeta that even though Buu would've gotten blown apart, he can still reform himself. Vegeta yells to Buu that destroying the Earth is fine, but they have to fight first. Buu laughs and creates a humongous energy ball above his head. At Kaioshin Kai, the Elder Kaioshin tells Kaioshin to go give his Potara to Goku and Vegeta immediately. Kaioshin complies with this order and teleports there. Back on the Earth, Goku pleads with Buu to fight first but Buu throws the energy ball at them anyway, forcing Goku and Vegeta to fly away. As Goku and Vegeta go to get Trunks, Goten, Gohan, and Piccolo Goku sees Mr. Satan, Dende, and the dog and picks them up. Goku and Vegeta continue to flee the energy ball and Goku starts to panic since he can't teleport in a rush. Kaioshin suddenly teleports in front of them and grabs Goku's hand. Vegeta grabs Goku's shirt and reminds him of Gohan and the others. Goku glances over at them and curses, since there's not enough time to get them. The blast then collides with the Earth and vaporizes it. At Kaioshin Kai, the Elder Kaioshin is glad to see Goku, Vegeta, Kaioshin, Dende, Mr. Satan, and the dog suddenly teleport in front of him. Goku gets angry that even though he made it the Earth, Gohan, and the others were destroyed. Vegeta walks up to Goku, picks him up by his shirt, and yells at him for saving "a dog and an idiot" over Trunks and the others and Dende apologizes. Meanwhile, in space, Majin Buu's pieces begin to come together...

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