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Recap: Goku and Vegeta went inside Majin Buu's body and got Gohan and Piccolo out. But Majin Buu had transformed back into his old self. Goku: "It's impossible! I don't have enough time to teleport." At that time, Kaioshin came and saved Goku and Vegeta. However, the Earth has been destroyed with Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks.

Japanese Episode 278
Buu Get Over Here!! Let's Finish it off at Kaioshin Kai

The Elder Kaioshin informs Goku that the Earth was destroyed and Gohan and Piccolo went with it. Mr. Satan laughs about the Earth being destroyed, when the Earth is obviously "what they're standing on." He then calls the Kaioshins old men and Dende hushes him, explaining how high of a rank they have as Gods and that they're on their holy sphere. Mr. Satan asks why they can't defeat Majin Buu if they're so powerful and the Elder Kaioshin admits that he touched on a sore point. Mr. Satan then declares that he's figured it out: he must be having a dream, since there "can't be so many people that are stronger than him." Mr. Satan then decides that everything including the Tenka'ichi Budokai must be a dream and that he's going to fly to Buu and kill him to avenge his daughter. When he jumps off a cliff, he falls and is hurt, wondering how he can be hurt in a dream and the Elder Kaioshin says that at least Mr. Satan is funny. Vegeta yells at Goku for saving such an idiot as Mr. Satan while letting Gohan and Piccolo die when Kaioshin sees Buu reforming on the crystal ball. They all watch in horror as Majin Buu starts going around and destroying planet after planet. The Elder Kaioshin tells them that Buu must be searching throughout space to get them to come out. Goku gets angry since even if he kills Majin Buu he still can't bring back all of the planets that have been destroyed. Suddenly, Dende realizes that he can get the Namek elder to make new dragonballs. This makes everyone happy, until Goku tells them that he can't teleport to Namek since it's so far away and doesn't have enough powerful people on it for him to teleport to and they don't have a spaceship either. Kaioshin tells them that he doesn't know a thing about dragonballs, but he can easily teleport anywhere since his special power is teleportation. The Elder Kaioshin protests that they can't use the dragonballs, since there was an order put out by the Gods that dragonballs are only meant for Namek and Namekian matters, not to be used by other planets, since it would cause a disturbance in nature. Goku tells him to lighten up and stop being like a book, bribing him with nude pictures of the girl he was talking about. The Elder Kaioshin is happy at first but realizes she's dead and Goku tells him that that's why they need to use the dragonballs. Vegeta realizes he's talking about Bulma and starts screaming at Goku, asking him why he can't use Chi Chi for once. Goku argues that Chi Chi isn't hot and everyone's lives are at stake. Kaioshin interrupts everyone by reporting that Buu has started moving again, looking for Goku and Vegeta. Buu senses some ki and teleports. At Dai Kaio-sama's planet, the Western Kaio-sama and Kaio-sama watch as Paikuhan and Olive train. Then, Yamcha and Kuririn begin sparring, but accidentally knock over a tall pillar in the process. When it looks as if the pillar is going to fall on them, Majin Buu appears and stops it. On Kaioshin Kai, the Elder Kaioshin tells Kaioshin to give Goku and Vegeta his Potara, since Vegetto will have no trouble fighting the current Majin Buu. Kaioshin does so and as Vegeta goes to crush his but Goku surprises him by saying that he doesn't need it. Goku explains that he's grateful for their help, but Majin Buu isn't merging so he won't either and he feels that he can handle him on his own. The Elder Kaioshin asks Goku what he's doing, saying the fight with Majin Buu isn't a game. Vegeta smiles and tells Goku that that's the talk of a true Saiya-jin. Goku promises Kaioshin and the Elder Kaioshin that everything will be okay. On Dai Kaio-sama's planet, as a whole bunch of warriors in training watch, Paikuhan and Olive walk forward to face Buu. Paikuhan asks if he's there for training, saying that he'll accept his challenge to fight. Olive tells Buu that the training's very tough, so he should quit now while he can. Paikuhan puts his hand on Buu's head and asks why he doesn't have a halo. Kaio-sama ducks for cover, hoping that no one will make Buu mad. Buu takes Paikuhan's arm off of his head and smiles, cracking his neck. Majin Buu then causes everyone to be thrown in multiple directions when he screams, just like how he did on Earth. Paikuhan and Olive emerge from debris and attack Buu, but Buu simply heals any wounds they inflict on him. Kuririn then attacks Buu but is only beaten around. When Buu charges up a blast to destroy Dai Kaio-sama's planet, Goku goes to teleport there but Vegeta tells him to just have Buu come to Kaioshin Kai, since it can't be destroyed. When Goku asks how they can get Buu there Vegeta tells him all they have to do is power up, since he's looking for their ki anyway. Goku and Vegeta then power up as much as they can. Meanwhile, Kuririn and Yamcha try to stop Buu from destroying Dai Kaio-sama's planet. They fire blasts at Buu's energy ball, but to no avail, as his energy ball just absorbs their blasts. Buu suddenly picks up on Goku's and Vegeta's ki and laughs. He then surprises Yamcha and Kuririn by letting the energy ball dissipate and immediately teleports to Kaioshin Kai.

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