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Recap: Goku: "Wow, inside Buu is another Buu. Does this mean that Buu was absorbed by himself?" Goku and Vegeta successfully got into Buu's body and were able to locate Gohan and the rest, but... Majin Buu: "In my own body I'm immortal!" Right now, inside of Majin Buu's body, Goku and Vegeta are in the ultimate pinch! Goku: "Vegeta!!"

Japanese Episode 276
Where's the Exit!? Escape from the Falling Buu

Right before Vegeta gets absorbed, Goku shoots the goo, grabs Vegeta, and flies away. Majin Buu intercepts Goku and uses his headpiece to hit Goku into a wall. As Goku gets up, goo almost absorbs him and Vegeta but he manages to grab Vegeta and escape it. As Majin Buu laughs at him, Goku gets angry and attacks him, but Buu vanishes. Then, Majin Buu forms from behind but Goku blasts him. This sends two piles of goop in different directions. The pile on the ceiling forms into Majin Buu's upper half, who tells Goku that all he has to do is wait for him to use up his energy. Goku curses at him and Majin Buu's lower half forms from the other goop pile, runs up, and kicks Goku away. On Kaioshin's planet, all that the Elder Kaioshin and Kaioshin are able to see is the outside of Majin Buu's body, which drives the Elder Kaioshin crazy. Back inside of Buu, Majin Buu forms where Goku's hiding, so Goku flies away. Buu catches Goku with his headpiece, but Goku blows Buu's head off. After Buu's head reforms, he admits Goku is a tough guy since most people would've run out of energy by then. Goku tells him he has enough energy to defeat him and fires multiple blasts at Buu, all of which head in another direction. Buu asks what he's firing at and notices that all of the blasts are hitting around the fat Majin Buu. The evil Buu panics and uses himself as a shield for one blast that almost hits the fat Buu. Meanwhile, Vegeta has regained consciousness and smirks when he sees what happened. Goku goes to blast the fat Majin Buu again, but the evil Buu forms out of the ground in front of him, laughing that Goku didn't have enough energy to defeat him after all. Goku lowers his hand as Buu forms a blast to finish Goku off, but stops when he sees Vegeta tugging on the fat Majin Buu's pod. Despite Buu's pleas and warnings that he "won't become himself," Vegeta laughs and rips the fat Majin Buu's pod out. This sends Buu into writhing pain on the outside and inside and his inside form melts. As everything starts shaking, Vegeta tells Goku they need to use the opportunity to get everyone out of there. Goku and Vegeta then grab everyone's pods, taking two each, and head as fast as they can down a tunnel. As Majin Buu still writhes in pain on the outside and even looks a little like he's melting, steam begins to pour out of his holes. Inside, Buu's body temperature rises and almost causes Vegeta to pass out. They realize that they need to get out of there fast, before they're cooked to death. As they continue their flight, Goku drops Gohan's pod but manages to get under it in time. This sends Goku into extreme pain due to the intense heat of the walls. After he recovers, they both hear rumbling and get out of the way as pressurized steam goes past them. They realize that the steam creates a hole that leads to what may be outside light, so they head that way. Unfortunately, the hole closes up before they reach it. Goku realizes what's going on and tells Vegeta that it must be the steam that the old Majin Buu shot out when he got mad. Goku gives his two pods to Vegeta and when the next batch of steam comes up, holds it off with a blast and flies as quickly as he can with Vegeta as the blast follows behind, giving them enough time to escape Buu's hole. When they make it out of Buu, they return to normal size, along with Gohan, Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks. They start to head away, but head back when they see that Buu still sort of looks the same and is still writhing in pain. Buu's muscles then get enormous and his power grows. Kaioshin goes into a state of shock when Buu turns into a kid-like form, saying Buu has returned to the state he was "back then." The Elder Kaioshin asks what he means and demands that he explain. Goku and Vegeta laugh at Buu's new form and wonder if even they could defeat him now.

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