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Recap: After Goku and Vegeta successfully entered Majin Buu's body they started searching for Gohan and the others. Vegeta: "It's really hard fighting two people at once. Kakarotto, where are you at a time like this?" Suddenly, the fake Gohan disappeared. But then they found the real Gohan. Vegetto: "Hey, Kakarotto. They're over this way, look."

Japanese Episode 275
The Majin's Secret!! The Two Buu's Inside of Buu

Vegeta wonders if Goten and Trunks aren't fused while absorbed because they lost their fusion in a similiar manner to Vegetto's. Goku explains that they're not fused at the moment because their time limit out, meaning it may be possible for them to fuse inside of Buu's body. Outside, Dende and the others follow Majin Buu to the 25th city he's been to, eating cakes. Majin Buu decides that he's going to go ahead and destroy the earth since he's full. At first Mr. Satan thinks Buu sees them above, but Buu flies right past without noticing them. Mr. Satan asks Dende why he's not following Buu when Dende decides he needs a break and drops Mr. Satan. On the ground, an injured Mr. Satan decides he's not going to trust anyone who can fly anymore. As Vegeta and Goku release Gohan and the others' pods from Buu, Buu goes to destroy the earth. Buu begins to wonder what's going on as he downgrades in power and looks until he's how he turns back to normal. Back inside of Buu, Vegeta goes to blast a way out when Goku tells him to wait. Goku explains that even though Buu's lost a lot of power they still aren't a match for him. Vegeta asks what they're supposed to do then and Goku tells him he has an idea. Vegeta tells Goku he doesn't want to hear it, because he knows he's referring to the fusion technique. Vegeta tells Goku he would never go through such a stupid pose and already refused to ever fuse with Goku again anyway. Goku asks him if he really thinks the pose is stupid, since he doesn't think so. Vegeta tells Goku that he can live inside of Buu for the rest of his life he wants, but he's going to get out. Suddenly Vegeta notices the fat Majin Buu in a pod as well. Goku wonders how Buu can be absorbed inside of himself. The Elder Kaioshin and Kaioshin lose their sight of Majin Buu as he stands on a cliff and wonder what could be happening. Inside of Buu, Vegeta remembers what happened to the fat Majin Buu and Goku suggests they cut him down. When Goku wonders if everyone else Buu ate could be inside of him, they hear Buu behind them explain that that Majin Buu got special treatment. Goku and Vegeta wonder how Buu can be inside of himself and Goku scolds Vegeta for destroying the Potara, since they could've fused outside of Buu to easily defeat him. Buu overhears this and realizes that they can't fuse anymore. He then jumps out of the pool he emerged from and gets ready to fight. Goku and Vegeta go Super Saiya-jin and Goku tells him he shouldn't mess with them or he'll start destroying things inside of him. Buu tells him to go ahead and Goku does so, surprised when Buu stands there unaffected afterward. Buu tells him that they're smaller than fleas so all he feels when they destroy things is a twitch in his head. Goku asks Vegeta if he wants to try fighting and Vegeta tells him of course. Buu yawns to make fun of them for thinking they can stand a chance against him and the battle begins. Meanwhile, Dende, Mr. Satan, and the dog find Majin Buu and take cover. Mr. Satan wonders why Majin Buu is standing so still and Dende notices that Buu has returned to normal. Goku and Vegeta manage to land a good amount of hits, but are also hit pretty hard as well, especially when Buu throws them into each other. They then press against each other and fire a blast at the same time, which hits Buu and blows him apart. Afterward, they walk around and destroy his remains. Vegeta begins to wish that he had fused with Goku instead of pressing against him when Buu's laughter comes from all around. Buu tells them he's immortal inside of himself and laughs, appearing all over the place despite being hit by Goku's and Vegeta's blasts. His laughter starts to make Vegeta so mad that he fires blasts at Buu, almost hitting Gohan and the others' pods when Buu dodges. Goku tells Vegeta to calm down and Buu makes fun of them for almost destroying the friends they've worked so hard to save. Goku tells Majin Buu that what he did was no fair and fires a massive blast at him. This blast leaves a gaping hole which a giant Majin Buu head suddenly forms out of, telling Goku and Vegeta that he's done playing. Majin Buu's arm then forms out of the ground and punches them and then hits them with a blast. Goku and Vegeta fall in different areas. Buu's body starts to absorb the unconscious Vegeta as Goku rushes over to save him.

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