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DBZ Episode Summaries

Recap: Vegetto: "Don't be so depressed. Even I was surprised that I'd be so much better than you." Majin Buu: "You asshole, you've left me no choice. ...Get him ghost! Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack! ...You were defeated because you underestimated a kid's attack! You idiot!" Vegetto: "You were the idiot. You should have realized that sooner." From Goku and Vegeta's fusion the ultimate warrior, Vegetto was born. With his super strength, Vegetto equaled and surpassed Majin Buu. Vegetto: "What are you going to do? Do you still want to continue?" Majin Buu: Okay. Hey, you. Do you like coffee candy?"

Japanese Episode 272
A Hero Loses!? Vegetto Gets Absorbed

Up on Dai Kaio-sama's planet, Kuririn sees what happened to Vegetto. Kaio-sama starts to tell that it's his turn to go fight Majin Buu, since that's why he argued for him to be allowed to keep his body. Kuririn begins to panick and then refuses to go, not wanting to be eaten again. Yamcha then walks over to Kuririn and tells him that he got sweaty while training so he decided to take a shower. Yamcha then complains about there only being fighters around and no babes to hang out with, when he suddenly notices that Kaio-sama was a little ways behind Kuririn. A let down Kaio-sama begins to wonder if he shouldn't've argued for Yamcha and Kuririn to keep their bodies. Back on the Earth Buu goes to eat the Vegetto-turned-candy when he's suddenly forced to hit himself in the face. The Vegetto candy then gets free of Buu's grasp and warms up by moving around quickly. Vegetto tells Buu that it's hard to get in the mood to fight without arms and legs, but he has still kept his speed and power, along with the fact that he will be even harder to hit now that he's smaller. Buu tells him not to be stupid because even if he can move he's still just a piece of candy that he can finish off by eating. Vegetto then attacks Buu and hits him around. When Buu tries to catch him, he quickly evades and hits Buu around even more. Eventually Buu manages to catch him, but Vegetto forces Buu to hit himself around in his mouth and throat and then escapes Buu's grasp. Vegetto taunts Buu, asking if he was going to eat him. He then slams his way through the back of Buu's throat and out and apologizes, saying he thought he'd let Buu eat him but ended up going right through. Buu angrily heals himself and turns Vegetto back into normal. Up at Kaioshin's planet, Kaioshin is relieved that he isn't going to die a premature death. The Elder Kaioshin scolds him, saying that as long as Majin Buu's alive everyone's in danger of dying from a premature death. At Enma Dai-o's Palace, Enma is relieved that Vegetto's back to normal. Baba asks him what Vegetto would've done if he was permanently candy and Enma wonders if Vegetto was planning for it, especially since half of him is the warrior genius Vegeta. He then congratulates himself again for getting Vegeta to fight Buu and Baba looks at him with a criticizing look. Enma then reflects on when Vegeta came to him wanting to know the meaning of why he has his body. Enma remembers himself telling Vegeta about how Majin Buu survived his self-destruction and how he told Vegeta he was giving him a second chance so that his death would have more meaning. He remembers how Vegeta furiously powered up at the thought of his death having no meaning and agreed to settle things with Majin Buu. Baba continues to critically stare at Enma as we see parts of his palace falling apart from the damage Vegeta did. Back on the Earth, Buu angrily powers up and attacks Vegetto. The battle between the two continue as Vegetto easily blocks all of Buu's attacks, hits Buu around, and hits Buu with powerful blasts. However, this time Buu takes a very long time to heal himself after each attack. When the skirmish is over, Buu heals himself and bluffs that it didn't hurt. Vegetto tells him that he thinks it did and Buu notices that he forgot to heal his middle, where a gaping hole still remains. Vegetto explains that even when Buu takes too much damage he may forget to heal himself all the way. Buu angrily heals his chest wound and Vegetto decides to end the fight now, since he's getting bored. Buu starts to bluff again but Vegetto silences him by firing a blast into his mouth. Vegetto thinks for a bit and then tells Buu that he'll give him until the count of ten until he destroys him for good, and if he wants to die sooner he can try attacking again. As Vegetto counts, Buu decides the only thing left that he can do is to absorb Vegetto, but doesn't know how. Buu then spots his headpiece that was torn off a short while back, still lying far below on the ground and has it move up behind Vegetto. Vegetto realizes that Buu finally figured his headpiece out, that he went out of the way to tear off, and hopes that his plan will work. When Vegetto reaches ten, Buu has his goo envelop Vegetto, right as Vegetto puts up a barrier, and he absorbs him. As Kaioshin and Dende go into a state of horror over the turn of events, Majin Buu happily celebrates his achievement and the Elder Kaioshin watches his crystal ball closely.

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