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DBZ Episode Summaries

Recap: Super Vegetto's ultra power easily overwhelmed Majin Buu's ultimate power-up. After losing control of himself, Majin Buu attempted to disrupt the dimensional barriers and destroy the universe. However, Vegetto was able to knock him back to his senses. Vegetto: "Careful, careful. You've got a lot of power hidden away in yourself. Not as much power as me, but if you defeat me it'll be proven that you're the strongest in the universe."

Japanese Episode 271
Buu's Secret Attack!! Become Hard Candy

Enma Dai-o, Baba, and Enma's servants watch the fight between Vegetto and Buu. Baba is surprised about how Buu can't do anything against Vegetto and Enma tells her that's it to be expected, since Vegetto is Goku and Vegeta fused. Baba tells Enma that she was surprised when she found out he let Vegeta keep his body and Enma tells her that he kept him just in case something like this happened. Enma then gloats over being the Judge of the Dead and his servants applaud. When Baba tells him that she thought he was too popular for someone who stamps papers all day, he falls over, causing everyone else to fall over as well. Back on the Earth, Vegetto tells Buu to hurry up and use his hidden power on him. Buu attacks Vegetto, but Vegetto blocks everything, hits Buu back, and holds onto his headpiece while he hits him with a blast. Majin Buu then wraps his stretched out body around Vegetto and starts to squeeze in on him, but Vegetto powers up and breaks him apart. When Buu regenerates, he motions for Vegetto to give his headpiece back and Vegetto agrees, but surprises Buu when he suddenly blows it up before it reaches him. Vegetto then tells Buu that if he destroys him in a similiar manner, there will be nothing to regenerate himself from. Up on Kaioshin's planet, Kaioshin says that Vegetto should hurry up and destroy him now. The Elder Kaioshin realizes that either Vegetto's toying with Buu or he's got a plan. Back on the Earth, Vegetto tells Buu that he's surprised that he's so much more powerful than him now. Buu gets angry and spits out five Super Kamikaze Ghosts and sends them at Vegetto, who easily destroys them by firing a blast from each finger. Vegetto asks Buu if he actually thought a child's attack would work against him. Buu tells him that he didn't expect it to, but it was a warm up for what he plans to do next. Buu then spits out ten Super Kamikaze Ghosts. Meanwhile, Vegetto is unable to believe that Buu is doing the same technique again, since more ghosts won't make a difference. Buu tells Vegetto that he's using the ghosts for something else. When Vegetto goes to destroy them, he is shocked to see the ghosts simultaneously fire kamehameha's at him. Vegetto tried to outfly the kamehameha blasts, but the ghosts are able to remote control them into following him, so Vegetto has the blats follow him into a large crevice in the Earth. Buu rejoices that Vegetto fell for his trap as Vegetto stops running from the blasts when he's cut off by three ghosts that fire masenko's at him. After the explosion, Buu waits for Vegetto to emerge from the rubble when a blast is fired at him from behind, blowing his head apart. The pieces of Buu's head form into multiple Buu heads that ask Vegetto if he used his Instantaneous Movement technique. Vegetto confirms this, since there was no way even he could shrug off the damage of combined kamehamehas and masenkos. Vegetto then tells Buu that a child's trick is still just a child's trick and that he hopes Buu will start taking the fight seriously. Buu's heads get angry and form back into one. Up at Kaioshin's planet the Elder Kaioshin says that Vegetto's gotten too strong and it's gone to his head, but what Vegetto doesn't realize is that it'll take more than strength to defeat Majin Buu. Back on the Earth, Vegetto is able to stop all of Buu's attacks by going to where he's going and hitting him there. Vegetto then scolds Majin Buu for not taking his advice by following his ki to detect his movements. Buu tells Vegetto to shut up and keeps attacking him. This time, Vegetto blocks by only using his legs. When Buu fires a blast at him, Vegetto knocks his arms downward so that the blast heads in another direction. Up in Heaven, Bulma, Videl, Darbura, and Chi Chi continue their search for Gohan but are still unable to find him. Darbura swears that he'll find Gohan if it means his life, but Bulma tells him that vow is of no use since he's already dead. Videl makes Chi Chi happy with her belief that Gohan's still alive and Bulma accepts this belief, saying that Gohan will need a strong bride. This embarasses Videl and Darbura starts getting all happy-go-lucky over the concept of love. Back on the Earth, Vegetto declares to Buu that he might as well give up since there is absolutely nothing he can do to win. Buu thinks for a moment and smiles when he comes up with a plan. Buu declares that he is the strongest in the universe and taunts Vegetto into getting closer and closer to him. When Vegetto's just the right distance away, he asks if Vegetto likes hard coffee candy as his headpiece quickly flips in his direction. Vegetto realizes what's happening too late as Buu transforms him into candy. The Elder Kaioshin yells at Vegetto for being so overconfident with his power and declares that it's the end of everything now. Buu laughs insanely and celebrates his victory, eventually wondering what he should do with the candy.

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