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DBZ Episode Summaries

Recap: The warrior that was born when Goku and Vegeta fused is Vegetto. Vegetto fought Majin Buu with his overwhelming power, easily gaining the upper hand. Then, Vegetto had almost beaten Majin Buu but, using his last hope, Majin Buu absorbed Vegetto. Was Vegetto caught off guard or was that Vegetto's plan?

Japanese Episode 273
An Evil Maze!! What's Inside of Buu!?

Majin Buu celebrates his victory by happily flying around while Kaioshin is in a state of panic on Kaioshin's planet. The Elder Kaioshin tells him that it might not be the end of everything, since it doesn't look like Vegetto was absorbed. He goes on to explain that Majin Buu changed after absorbing everyone else and hasn't changed in form or power after absorbing Vegetto. Back on the Earth, Majin Buu runs throughout a city destroying buildings and cars. He then flies around the Earth firing blasts all over the place. Meanwhile, Mr. Satan and Dende have snuck away from where Majin Buu previously was and Dende despairs over the loss of Goku and Vegeta. Mr. Satan picks Dende up and asks him what's to become of the Earth. Dende tells him that no one that can fight Majin Buu remains, so they'll have to sit back and watch as Majin Buu destroys everything. Mr. Satan asks Dende why he can't just use a trick to stop Majin Buu like his friends. Mr. Satan releases Dende when Dende apologizes because he's not a fighter-type of person like Goku and Vegeta. Suddenly, the dog starts barking and they turn in horror to see that Majin Buu's returned from going around the world. After they run and jump into the bushes, Majin Buu stops flying and wonders why he didn't change after absorbing Vegetto. He shrugs it off since he's relieved that Vegetto's gone, meaning he's the strongest warrior in the universe. Meanwhile, we see that Vegetto's successfully invaded Buu's body, and has become very small in the process so that he can walk about freely. Vegetto gets angry at Buu because of his continous laughter, since it's so loud from being inside of him. He then decides to drop the barrier since he safely invaded, with the intent to find and safely lead Gohan and the others out of Buu's body. However, this causes Vegeta and Goku to automatically lose their fusion. Goku wonders why it ended, since they were supposed to be fused forever. Vegeta shrugs it off since he's happy that he won't be fused with Goku forever. Vegeta then shocks Goku, Kaioshin, and the Elder Kaioshin by crunching his Potara up in his hand. Goku scolds Vegeta for doing such a dumb thing since they're not guaranteed that they'll be able to find and safely lead everyone out. Vegeta tells Goku that they should hope for the best then and walks off. A dissapointed Goku also crunches up his Potara and walks after Vegeta. Later on, Goku and Vegeta are walking around Buu's insides and Goku gets the creeps. Suddenly Vegeta is pulled into the ground that he walks on and Goku is as well. Unable to do anything but struggle, Goku and Vegeta are absorbed into the ground and tossed into Buu's stomach. Vegeta gets out of the digest and stands on some food Buu ate while Goku remains in the acid. When Goku wonders what the smoke coming out from around him is, Vegeta yells for him to hurry up and get out before he's digested by Buu's stomach acid. Goku spazzes out and gets on top of some food as well. A hole then opens in Buu's stomach and starts emptying its contents. Goku and Vegeta are pulled along as well, on top of the food, and try to stop the other food from hitting them. They are eventually hit by another piece of food, throwing them into Buu's stomach acid. Goku realizes they've got to do something quick when he sees Vegeta charge up a blast. Goku tries to signal Vegeta to stop, but Vegeta fires a hole through Buu's stomach anyway. Buu suddenly feels the pain and wonders if absorbing Vegetto gave him indigestion. Back inside of Buu, Goku scolds Vegeta for firing the blast since they can't afford for Majin Buu to find out. Vegeta tells Goku that he should be thanking him for saving them both from being dissolved. He then tells Goku that they have no time to argue since they have to find Gohan and the others while there's still time. As their journey continues, Goku comments about how unhealthy it is for Majin Buu to be eating so much cake and candy. Vegeta tells Goku to be quiet and that it would be stupid if Majin Buu died from his diet after all that everyone went through. Goku laughs that it would be when Vegeta tells him to be quiet and listen. They hear a strange pulsating noise and realize that they're surrounded by little green jelly-bean like objects. Suddenly the objects fall and they jump out of the way as they objects fall on the food around them. One object lands on Goku and starts to burn him so he throws it away. Vegeta realizes that the objects must be what give Buu his nutrition from what he eats. After the food is all dissolved they realize they are probably going to be attacked. Vegeta tells Goku that they should show the things that they're no good to eat then. When the objects attack them, Goku and Vegeta fight them off by punching them. Vegeta evenutally gets annoyed enough to blast the objects instead. When Goku stops and scolds Vegeta, the objects pounce all over him and start to digest him as he struggles in vain. To make matters worse, they are suddenly attacked by a giant worm-like creature as well. Vegeta tells Goku to hurry up and burn the creatures up. Goku tells Vegeta that he would but he's unable to move and continues to yell in pain as the monster roars and creeps up on them.

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