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DBZ Episode Summaries

Recap: Gotenks, Piccolo, and even Gohan have led to the ultimate Majin Buu. In order to save the Earth from Majin Buu, Goku and Vegeta have fused, becoming the super-warrior Vegetto. Majin Buu: "Get blown to nothing with your Earth!" The battle between Majin Buu and Vegetto has gone past all barriers. But just when you thought the two fighters were on equal terms, Vegetto came out with a golden aura, becoming Super Vegetto. Vegetto: "I am Super Vegetto."

Japanese Episode 270
A Barrier Smashed!! Buu Has Been Destroyed!?

Dende and Mr. Satan's dog search for Mr. Satan. When they find his boot near a massive crack in the Earth, Dende and the dog look into it, hoping that Mr. Satan didn't fall in. Mr. Satan emerges from a pile of rocks behind Dende and the dog, telling Dende that the World's Martial Arts Champion can't be killed by such things as the explosion. When Mr. Satan asks what happened to Majin Buu, Dende points upward and they watch as Vegetto and Majin Buu speak to one another. Buu asks Vegetto what sort of a difference going Super Saiya-jin will make if he's absorbed three Super Saiya-jin already. Vegetto explains that the Potara fusion is no ordinary fusion and tells Buu that he'll demonstrate, beckoning to him. Buu angrily attacks Vegetto, but Vegetto easily dodges all of Buu's attacks. When Buu fires a blast at him, Vegetto hits it back at him. Buu pulls his head into his body to avoid the blast but Vegetto comes right after it, kicking Buu in the face. Vegetto asks Buu what he said about the likes of him and then tells Buu to wipe his bloody nose off, saying it's disgusting. Majin Buu does so and then says that every time he gets messed with he's just going to hurt Vegetto more before he kills him. Buu then powers up and hits Vegetto around. After Vegetto is knocked through a rock-mountain and into the water below, Majin Buu fires many blasts at him. Vegetto surprises Buu by emerging unscathed from the water, saying that his hits didn't even tickle and that he wished Buu would take the fight more seriously. Vegetto then says that he'll demonstrate what doing damage is and fires Vegeta's Big Bang Attack at Buu. When Majin Buu is hit, Mr. Satan stands up and cheers for Vegetto but is knocked unconscious from getting hit in the face by a rock. After the blast goes into space, Majin Buu regenerates himself and bluffs about it not hurting at all. Vegetto goes up to him and Buu gets angry, causing his holes to generate steam all around him. Buu realizes that he can use the steam to not be seen and tells Vegetto this. Vegetto tells him he's right about not being able to see him and then goes into the steam and hits Vegetto around. When Buu emerges from the steam, wondering what happened, Vegetto explains to Buu that he's losing because he relies on his eyes to see his opponent. Buu suddenly goes to hit Vegetto but Vegetto hit him instead, catches Majin Buu's kick, and then throws him into the ground. Up on Kaioshin's planet, Kaioshin is astounded by Vegetto's power. The Elder Kaioshin explains that not only are Vegeta and Goku are two of the three strongest warriors in the universe and after-life, but they are also rivals of one another, which helped tremendously in the fusion process. Back on the Earth, Vegetto lifts a wounded Buu out of where he was thrown by shooting energy out of his finger. Meanwhile, up at Dai Kaio-sama's planet, Kuririn laughs about how Vegetto is totally in control of the fight. Kaio-sama explains that he and Yamcha were allowed to keep their bodies in case they were needed to fight, so Kuririn asks in horror if that means they're going to be turned into spirits now that they're not needed. Kaio-sama makes Kuririn happy by saying that, since he helped Goku to save the Earth so many times, he'd ask Dai Kaio-sama if they could keep their bodies and be trained like how Goku was. Kuririn goes to tell Yamcha the good news but is unable to find him when he sees that he's sparring with two other warriors. Kuririn wonders why Yamcha is so excited to fight beings from other planets for training when he had given up training when they were alive. Back on the Earth, Vegetto angers Buu by thinking lowly of him. Buu manages to pull himself free of Vegetto's energy pole and becomes enraged when Vegetto laughs at him. As Vegetto wonders what Buu's doing, Buu turns into a liquidy form and forces his way down Vegetto's throat, into his body. Buu laughs and tells Vegetto to prepare himself to be destroyed from the inside out. Vegetto realizes he's in control of himself and tells Buu that he should be the one preparing himself. Vegetto then powers up and uses the power of the Potara to force Majin Buu into being in one area at a time. Vegetto then simply hits Majin Buu wherever he goes in his body. When Buu moves into Vegetto's back, Vegetto slams himself into a rock-mountain. When Vegetto explains that he's sealed Majin Buu in himself so that he can't move the way he wants to, Buu heads back out Vegetto's mouth and reforms himself. Vegetto then makes fun of Majin Buu, saying that he's very dissapointed in him after all of the people that he's absorbed. This sends Buu into a wild fury and he begins to power up. Dende explains to Mr. Satan that he's made Majin Buu too angry, just like when Buu got so angry from being trapped in the Room of Spirit and Time that he created a gateway out of it. Dende tells Mr. Satan that when Majin Buu goes out of control, his energy goes into the air around him and breaks through into another dimension. He explains that if Buu keeps up what he's doing he'll destroy the barrier between their dimension and another. Vegetto realizes that if Buu keeps it up, he'll destroy the entire universe. Vegetto flies up to Buu and finds that Buu is surrounded by an energy barrier. At first, Vegetto has trouble getting through, but when he powers up enough he manages to break through and hit Buu in the face. When Buu falls into the water below, the Earth gradually returns to normal as the dimensional holes vanish. Buu emerges from the water, wondering what happened, and Vegetto tells Buu that he should use his inner power to prove that he's the ultimate warrior by fighting instead.

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