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DBZ Episode Summaries

Recap: Majin Buu has absorbed Gotenks, Piccolo, and finally Gohan, obtaining great power and wisdom, transforming himself into the ultimately powerful, evil Majin. Goku: "Oh no! ...Impossible! Yahoo! I was right!" Vegeta: "Ka... Kakarotto!" Majin Buu: "I'll erase you from the pain now!" Vegeta: "Hand it over! Hurry!" Goku: "Vegeta!" Majin Buu: "It's all over!" Vegeta: "This is okay, right?" Goku: "Thank you, Vegeta." Vegetto: "All right!"

Japanese Episode 269
Vanquishing Power!! Vegetto Surpasses the Ultimate

The new warrior formed by Vegeta and Goku is impressed with his power, saying that he didn't think it would turn out as well as it did. He then sends a slight shockwave toward Buu, cutting his face open and tells Buu that he shouldn't be surprised. Buu heals his wound and the new warrior decides that since he was formed by Goku and Vegeta he should be known as Vegetto. Buu figures out that Goku and Vegeta must've fused and tells them that even fused they won't be a match for him. Vegetto makes Buu mad by beckoning him toward him and Buu attacks. Vegetto dodges Buu and kicks him in the face. Buu stops his fall and hits Vegetto many times, following up by hitting Vegetto into the ground and firing a blast at him. When the smoke clears up, Vegetto is stretching. When Buu attacks Vegetto by stretching his arms toward him, Vegetto evades them and flies up to Buu. However, Buu manages to grab Vegetto's leg with his headpiece and hurl him back to the ground. Vegetto blasts his way out of the rubble. He then apologizes for not being used to his body yet and decides the warm up is over. Vegetto quickly makes his way up to Buu and hits him in the face. After hitting Buu around, Vegetto knocks him backward and hits him with a blast. When Buu emerges from the smoke of Vegetto's blast, his lower half and one of his arms are missing, appearing to be very damanged and annoyed with Vegetto. Vegetto tells him to get out of his disgusting state and regenerate and Buu does so. Buu tells Vegetto that he was going to toy around for a while, but has decided to fight at full power so he can hurry up and defeat Vegetto. Vegetto tells him to do so, if he can, and they start fighting again. Up at Kaioshin's planet, Kaioshin realizes that Vegetto and Buu are even in the fight, meaning Vegetto might have a chance of winning. The Elder Kaioshin tells him to look closer and when Kaioshin does so, he realizes that Buu is beginning to get afraid of Vegetto. Kaioshin asks the Elder Kaioshin if Vegetto is going to win the fight and the Elder Kaioshin tells him he might or might not, since battles mostly depend upon luck. Back on the Earth, Vegetto gains the edge in the fight and manages to damage Majin Buu again. When their fighting ends again, Majin Buu heals himself and surprises Vegetto by powering up. Meanwhile, up in Heaven, Bulma, Videl, Chi Chi, and Darbura meet one another and everyone reports that they weren't able to find Gohan. Chi Chi wonders if it's possible that Gohan went to Hell and Darbura and Videl argue that there's no way he could've since he's such a good person. Bulma tells Darbura that he sure has changed a lot and he explains that ever since he came to Heaven, he's realized the importance of life and good. Bulma and Videl decide that there's no use in searching for Gohan anymore because of the millions of new spirits that constantly arrive and Heaven's size. Darbura vows to Chi Chi that he'll find her Gohan. Back on the Earth, Vegetto shields his eyes from Majin Buu, who is still powering up. When Vegetto is able to look again, he is shocked to see Majin Buu wielding a giant ball of energy. Buu tells Vegetto he can either dodge the ball and save his own life, resulting in the immediate destruction of the Earth, or die trying to stop it. Close by, Dende drops Mr. Satan and tells him to sneak his away around from there. The protesting Mr. Satan falls, but regains his composure and manages to land gallantly. Unfortunately, he lands directly on top of a tall, sharp rock, sending him into immense pain. Dende tells Mr. Satan to be quiet so that Buu doesn't hear. They sneak to an area across from Vegetto and Dende realizes why he sensed Vegeta's and Goku's ki's. Dende laughs happily when he realizes that Goku and Vegeta must've fused together, meaning there may be a chance for the Earth after all. Mr. Satan's dog goes off on its own and Mr. Satan follows to stop it. When he looks to see what his dog's barking at, Mr. Satan is shocked to see Majin Buu holding a large ball of energy. Mr. Satan has Dende come up to have a look and they both watch in terror as Vegetto tells Majin Buu to go ahead and try out his plan, vowing to not take one step in retreat. Vegetto manages to stop the energy ball from moving and surprises Buu by pushing the blast back while running and kicking the ball back in his direction. Buu moves out of the way as the energy ball slowly moves into space and explodes. During the explosion Mr. Satan manages to stay in place by clutching onto a rock, but is blown away when he loses his grip from being hit in the face by debris. Vegetto moves up to face Buu with a grin on his face. Buu admits that Vegetto's strong, but is nowhere near his [Buu's] level of power. Vegetto tells Buu that he'll show him something then and transforms into a Super Saiya-jin.

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