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Recap: Elder Kaioshin: "Take that Potara and put it on your left ear." After Goku received the mysterious Fusion device known as a Potara, he has now returned to life. Majin Buu: "Everything dissapear!" Mister Satan: "I'm sorry Majin Buu!" Goku: "Damn you! ...Gohan, catch this!" Gohan: "Found it!" Goku: "Oh no!" However, Majin Buu absorbed Gohan. Majin Buu: "This is good. I am much stronger than I was before!"

Japanese Episode 268
Fusion!! Vegeta's Pride and Goku's Anger

Majin Buu gives Goku five second to choose someone to fuse with, before he attacks him. Unfortunately, Goku only has a choice between Mr. Satan and Dende, since Tenshinhan is unconscious from getting kicked by Buu. He ends up choosing Mr. Satan since Dende's not a fighter and goes to throw him the Potara when he senses Vegeta's ki. Buu attacks Goku when time's up, but Goku uses his instantaneous movement to go to Vegeta. When he arrives at where Baba took Vegeta, Baba wonders how it's possible for Goku not only to be on Earth, but his halo gone as well. At Kaioshin's, Kaioshin wonders why Vegeta's body wasn't taken away and memory erased in Hell. The Elder Kaioshin explains that Enma Dai-o must've kept him around as a last resort against Buu. Back on the Earth, Buu takes off in pursuit of Goku's ki and Dende goes to follow when Mr. Satan tells him he wants to come along, so that he's not alone again. Elsewhere, Goku starts to explain to Baba how he's there when Buu comes there way quickly. Baba hurries off to the afterlife and Goku tells Vegeta to hurry up and put the Potara on his ear, but Vegeta refuses to fuse with Goku, saying he'd rather dissolve into oblivion. As Buu arrives, Vegeta continues to refuse the fusion. Buu fires a blast at them and Goku realizes he has no choice for now but to fight along with Vegeta. They fire two blasts at Buu's, causing it to fall to the ground and explode. Buu stops in front of them and tells them their attacks will do no damage to him. He then asks them if they're going to fuse and sees that they want to fight instead. As Goku continues to try to get Vegeta to use the Potara, Vegeta gets angrier and angrier about the topic. He then powers up and fires multiple blasts at Buu, which Buu reflects away from himself. When Vegeta tries to hit him, Buu easily blocks all of his attacks and then hits Vegeta around. When Vegeta flies at him to attack again, Buu gets him in a hold from behind. Goku powers up and flies over to them, grabs Buu's headpiece, and hits him in the face, freeing Vegeta from Buu's hold. Goku and Vegeta then attack Buu simultaneously, but to no use since Buu just dodges or blocks all of their attacks and hits them back. Goku asks Vegeta why he's being so stubborn about the matter, telling him to just take the Potara and put it on. Vegeta yells at Goku, telling him that he's done so much to anger him, especially by holding back when he fought him earlier. Goku realizes what he's talking about and Vegeta tells him that he knows about Super Saiya-jin 3 by watching everything from the afterlife. Goku apologizes and starts to explain to him about the time limit when Vegeta tells him to stop with his excuses, disgusted with Goku not fighting as hard as he could against him. Buu tells them that listening to their quarrels has made him even angrier and attacks them once again, this time by flying after them and rapidly firing blasts from his fingers as they try to dodge and evade him. Eventually they hide beneath a cliff and then jump out at the same time to fire blasts at the incoming Buu, but Buu fires many energy discs that cut through their blasts and almost hit them before they escape. Afterward, Buu lands on top of a rock-mountain looking for them as Goku and Vegeta emerge from a pile of rocks, but have transformed back to normal. Goku tells Vegeta that what they're doing is no use, then continues by saying while he was away Buu destroyed everyone, including Bulma, Kuririn, Trunks, Gohan, Piccolo, and Chi Chi and that they both need to avenge everyone. As Goku yells at Vegeta, Buu hears and finds out where they are. At last, Goku finally convinces Vegeta to fuse with him so that they can defeat Buu. Buu creates a blast in his hand and flies at Vegeta and Goku, determined to destroy them. Vegeta has Goku toss him the Potara and he puts it in his right ear. Goku thanks him as the fusion begins and they are then pulled by the Potara toward each other and fused together. Buu stops in wonder as he sees the new super-powerful warrior standing where Goku and Vegeta used to be.

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