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DBZ Episode Summaries

Recap: Buu has gotten rid of Gotenks and Piccolo by absorbing them into himself. But the savage battle between Majin Buu and Gohan still rages on. Majin Buu: "Not yet. Let me savor this until your power runs dry." Meanwhile, Goku has been ressurected by taking on the Elder Kaioshin's life force. Elder Kaioshin: "Now put this Potara on your left ear. Put the other one on Gohan's ear and you'll undergo a transformation similiar to the Fusion." What does this mysterious Potara do?

Japanese Episode 267
One More Miracle. The Super Fusion with Gohan

The Elder Kaioshin explains that the Potara have been in the Kaioshin's arsenal for centuries. However, Kibit and Kaioshin have never heard of it before. The Elder Kaioshin tells them to each take off one of their earrings so that they can see how the Potara work. Kibit and Kaioshin do so, causing them to float to each other and combine into one, more powerful being. This new Kaioshin/Kibit (who I will refer to as Kaioshin, since the show calls him that) combination is amazed by his new power, telling Goku that he can go fight with him now. But the Elder Kaioshin embarasses him by telling him that he's still not strong enough and would just get in the way, so he should stay there. Goku asks how long the transformation lasts and the Elder Kaioshin shocks Kaioshin by saying that it lasts forever. He then explains that he would've changed back if he could. He explains that a long time ago he used to be a handsome young man when an old witch mistook his Potara for earrings, took one from him, and tried it on. This is where he got his mysterious power from. Goku wonders if fusing with Gohan will mean that he'll have to go to school with him. Back on the Earth, Gohan continues to lose the fight against Buu. Eventually Buu hits Gohan with a blast that takes him out of the pit, leaving him lying on the ground in pain. Dende runs up to him and heals him as Buu watches. Buu wonders who Dende is and feels that Gohan's aura is now the same as it was before, but less powered-up. Buu decides that he doesn't care, since that just means that he'll be able to torture Gohan even more, and fires a blast at Dende. Mr. Satan runs up next to Dende and fires a .45 handgun at Buu when suddenly the blast is knocked to the side. Mr. Satan laughs in triumph while Gohan and Buu find that Tenshinhan has arrived, diverting the blast with his Kikoho attack. Buu laughs that another wimp has arrived in the fight and fires a blast at Tenshinhan. Luckily, Tenshinhan manages to dodge the blast and flies up to face Majin Buu. When he fires his Kikoho attack, directly hitting Majin Buu, he is shocked to learn that Buu didn't feel it at all. Buu decides that he's getting bored and makes a giant blast, planning on destroying everyone at once. Up at Kaioshin's planet, Goku asks the Elder Kaioshin if he should turn Super Saiya-jin first. The Elder Kaioshin tells him he shouldn't because it would cause a massive power overload that would shorten his lifespan. Besides, he explains, the Potara will give him more than enough power once it's used. Suddenly, Kaioshin tells Goku to hurry up and go to the Earth because of what Buu's about to do. Goku agrees and hastily teleports to the Earth. Mr. Satan closes his eyes and tells Majin Buu to forgive him as he fires a couple of bullets at him. Goku teleports behind Buu and throws a Kienzan at Buu, cutting him in half and sending the blast elsewhere. Mr. Satan opens his eyes and closes them when he sees "what he's done" to Majin Buu's body and the dog shakes his head listening to Mr. Satan. Buu turns around and recognizes Goku, telling him that his transformation won't make any difference since he's [Buu] become a whole new person. Goku laughs and tells Buu that he has a new secret weapon that will give him tremendous power. Buu controls his lower half into kicking Tenshinhan and flying back up to him. After he joins with his lower half, Goku tosses Gohan the other Potara earring and tells him to put it on his right ear. Gohan goes to catch it but misses it and starts to look for it. Buu tells Goku that his plan won't work because he's going to kill him first and flies to Goku. Goku turns Super Saiya-jin 3 and battles Buu, managing to hold up in the fight but is still on the losing side of it. When Gohan finds the Potara, Buu fires a blast at him, forcing Gohan to have to look for it again. As Buu goes to attack Goku again, he suddenly stops and his form changes (to Piccolo's cape) and aura drastically decreases, meaning that Goten and Trunks's fusion has run out. Gohan finds the Potara and asks what he's supposed to do. Goku laughs and turns back to normal, telling Buu that he's dissapointed since Gohan can easily defeat him now. It is then Buu's turn to laugh when he tells Goku that he's glad he has his insurance. He explains that he didn't bring the other part of his headpiece back to him for a reason. Suddenly, his headpiece creeps up behind Gohan and turns into goo that envelops him. Goku flies down and gets the other Potara while Buu absorbs the goo, causing him to gain an incredible amount of power (that won't have a time limit) and to gain Gohan's clothes. Goku then looks around at everyone, trying to figure out who he should fuse with, while Baba and Vegeta leave Enma Daio's palace and head to the Earth (took long enough, geez).

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