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Recap: Both Piccolo and Super Gotenks were absorbed by Buu, transforming him into the universe's most powerful fighter. Majin Buu: "What do you think Gohan? Don't I look divine?" Gohan: "If you wanted to be the best, it would've been easier to take me out than them." Majin Buu: "You don't get it. What's the point of being a champion if one doesn't have a rival? My final goal is to kill you all anyway." Gohan: "I see. Now I get it." Majin Buu: "What's the matter? Are you hiding from me, just like how you're trying to hide your aura? Are you stalling for time? Or have you realized that it's impossible to win?"

Japanese Episode 266
Come Back Son Goku... Save the Universe

When Gohan launches an attack against Majin Buu, Buu is easily able to dodge every hit. He then grabs Gohan's arm and twists it behind his back. When Gohan tries to kick him, he vanishes and goes to hit Gohan from behind when he stops his hand right next to Gohan's face, causing Gohan to realize just how fast Buu really is. Gohan goes to hit Buu again, but is hit backward and then down into the ground. As Gohan walks away from where he hit, he is shocked to see Majin Buu power up Piccolo's Makankosappo and fire it at him. Gohan manages to stand in place and block it, but falls to his knee in fatigue afterward. Buu lands in front of Gohan and tells him the blast was one of Piccolo's attacks, the Makankosappo, but was far more powerful than Piccolo could've ever made it. As Gohan quietly kneels with his eyes closed, Buu asks him if he agrees. Suddenly Gohan fires a blast at Buu's face, but Buu dodges it and grabs Gohan's face. Buu then stretches his arm while holding Gohan, shoving him through multiple rock mountains before he releases. As Gohan recovers, Majin Buu creates a Super Kamikaze Ghost of his own and has it fly at Gohan. Gohan jumps out of the way and tries to destroy it with blasts, but the ghost easily dodges them. Gohan manages to dodge the ghost again, but hits in the neck, causing it to explode. As the explosion clears up, Buu is dissapointed that he couldn't use the attack more often, but is surprised that Gohan managed to live through the blast. Mr. Satan realizes he's still alive, but finds that his dog (I believe it's been given the name Wan) is running over to help Gohan from being strangled to death by Buu. Up at Kaioshin's planet, the Elder Kaioshin (I hear the name Dai Kaioshin sometimes, so he may be called that, but it also says Kaioshin from 15 generations back a lot as well) decides it's time that Goku went to help Gohan out. Kaioshin tells him that Goku can't return to the Earth anymore. The older Kaioshin tells Kaioshin that Goku will be able to return to the Earth if he gives Goku his life. Kibit protests because of how it wouldn't be honorable for a God to give his life to a human. The Elder Kaioshin tells them that they're all going to die if he doesn't, since Buu will eventually come there if nothing is done. Kaioshin tells everyone that he'll give his life for Goku, so that he can help in some way for once. The Elder Kaioshin disagrees with this, since Kaioshin is still young. He, the Elder Kaioshin, on the other hand only has a thousand years left of his lifespan anyway. Goku and Kaioshin become very grateful for the Elder Kaioshin's decision. At Enma-daio's palace, Enma-daio explains to Baba that he let Vegeta keep his body in case something like this happened. Enma then tells Baba to take Vegeta to Earth to help the others out. Baba protests this request, since she would rather not risk her life going to the Earth while Majin Buu is there. Enma begs of her to do this, since it's not just the Earth that's in danger. Baba reluctantly agrees and Vegeta laughs about how he feels like he's being used. Back on the Earth, Gohan eventually goes limp from being strangled by Buu. When Buu begins charging a blast to finish Gohan off, he hears Mr. Satan's dog barking at him and decides to fire it at the dog instead. As he goes to fire the blast, Mr. Satan attacks him and gets to the dog, but freezes in place when he sees that Majin Buu is about to blast both him and the dog. Gohan regains consciousness right in time to see what is about to happen, managing to knee Majin Buu in the face. When Majin Buu is flung backward, he loses his grasp on Gohan. When Buu lands on a rock to face Gohan, Gohan tries to kick him but is hit by Buu into the air. Buu then uses Gotenks' energy ring attack to bind Gohan. As Gohan tries to escape the energy rings' grasp, Buu fires what looks like the kamehameha at Gohan. When it looks as if Gohan's going to get blown away, he manages to break free of the rings and move out of the blast's path right in time. Up on Kaioshin's planet, everyone watches the Elder Kaioshin as he sits down, says goodbye, and falls over dead. Everyone continues to watch the Kaioshin's sacrifice in sadness as Goku's halo vanishes when he suddenly gets up (with a halo now) and tells Goku to not waste his life and to hurry up and leave. Back on the Earth, Majin Buu finds Gohan hiding and tells him that it's useless to try and hide his aura. When Gohan moves away quickly to try and escape, Buu immediately catches up to him and hits him into the ground. To his surprise, Gohan fires a blast up at him, but Buu just knocks it right back at him. After the blast goes through the entire Earth, Buu flies down to Gohan, tells him that he won't kill him yet because he wants to savor the battle until Gohan's power runs dry, and starts hitting him repeatedly. Up at the start of the blast hole, Dende and Mr. Satan watch in horror. Dende tells Mr. Satan to take the puppy and run away before he gets caught up in their situation. To Dende's embarassment, Mr. Satan pulls out a gun, saying that he didn't want to resort to using it but will now. Up on Kaioshin's planet, the Elder Kaioshin stops Goku before he teleports to the Earth and tells him that there's no way he and Gohan could possibly beat Majin Buu with their current conditions. Goku comes up with the idea to fuse with Gohan, but the Elder Kaioshin tells him that it wouldn't work, since Buu probably wouldn't wait through all the poses and such. Instead, the Elder Kaioshin proposes using his two Potara earings. He explains that if Goku wears one on his left ear and Gohan wears the other on his right, it'll be just like fusing into one being.

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