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Recap: When even the fusion was defeated, everyone started thinking it was the end of the world. Goten: "Brother! It's brother!" Finally, Gohan has finished his training on Kaioshin's planet and has come back. Majin Buu: "Are you really going to fight me?" Gohan: "No, I'm going to kill you. ...You idiot." Can the newly powered up Gohan defeat Buu and become a true savior?

Japanese Episode 264
Is He Dead!? Buu's Huge Explosion

After Gohan insults Buu, Buu suddenly tries to attack him from behind, but Gohan elbows him in the face. Gohan then hits Buu back into a rock- mountain. When an explosion comes from it, Gohan deflects all of the debris that flies at him and is surprised to see Buu come along with some of the debris. When Buu starts to fire a mouthblast, Gohan shoves it back into his mouth. As Buu stands there dazed, Gohan hits him in the stomach and then elbows him repeatedly in the back of the neck. Gohan tells Buu that he can't win and Buu silently stands up, explaining that while he was fighting Gotenks he sensed Gohan powering up far away, so he knew about him before he arrived on the Earth. Buu then declares that he won't allow someone to be more powerful than him and powers up to explode. Gohan suddenly realizes what Buu's doing and Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks try and shield themselves. Elsewhere, Mr. Satan finds a bar and fills a mug with beer. Right when he goes to drink it the explosion occurs, destroying the bar and his mug. Back at the explosion, we see that Gohan managed to save Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks from the explosion. Gohan explains to Goten and Trunks that Buu isn't dead because if he wanted to hurt him [Gohan] with the blast, it would have been powerful enough to destroy the planet, meaning that Buu must be up to something. Since they can't detect Buu's ki, Gohan figures that Buu must be able to hide his ki, meaning he could be anywhere. Piccolo asks Gohan how he got to be the way he is and then we are taken to after Gohan explains. Gohan asks where the dragon radar is and Piccolo finds that he still has it, after Trunks gave it to him. Gohan explains that he can barely feel Dende's ki, meaning he's alive. Piccolo closes his eyes to concentrate, also feeling Dende's ki. When they all go searching for him, they spot Mr. Satan and his dog. Since Mr. Satan was left alive Trunks tells them that they should just leave him. Piccolo tells him that they should bring him with them since he's a good man inside, despite how he acts, since he tried to save the world in his own way. When Piccolo nabs Mr. Satan Trunks takes the dog. This frightens Mr. Satan since he at first mistakes Piccolo for the evil Majin Buu. Gohan explains that Dende must've survived since Piccolo and Gotenks had to've escaped the Room of Spirit and Time right after Majin Buu did, due to the difference in time between the dimensions. Piccolo realizes what Gohan means and gets so excited that he drops Mr. Satan. Trunks rescues Mr. Satan from his fall and tells Piccolo not to get so excited. Just then, Trunks spots Dende and drops Mr. Satan in his excitement. When they all land (and Mr. Satan... rather uncomfortably) Dende explains that he lived because Mr. Popo threw him to the earth when Buu started to turn everyone into chocolate. Mr. Satan gets angry and sad at the loss of his daughter and scolds Gohan for not protecting her. Goten tells Mr. Satan that she can come back to life and Mr. Satan tells him that he better not be lying. Everyone begins to sense Majin Buu, who heads toward them. Gohan decides that he's going to finish Buu off for good this time and flies over to him. To Gohan's surprise, Buu challenges Goten and Trunks to a fight and persuades them by making fun of them.

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