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Recap: Super Gotenks's super power far surpassed even Majin Buu. However, at the time that he was about to finish off Buu the fusion ended and he transformed back into Goten and Trunks. Goten and Trunks: "Oh no, it can't be! The fusion's over!" Meanwhile, back on Kaioshin's planet, Gohan's received the ultimate power-up. Goku: "Now I'll probably never see you again, at least until you come to the after-life. Do your best and kill Majin Buu!" Gohan: "Right! ...Okay, it's time to go!"

Japanese Episode 263
He's Overwhelming Buu!! Gohan's Miraculous Power

As Trunks and Goten realize that they're going to be killed, they protest among themselves since they don't want to die, being so young. Piccolo flies down to them and tells them that even though it won't make much of a difference, he'll fight alongside them. Goten and Trunks tell him that fighting would be pointless, since their base fusion form didn't even work. Trunks tells Goten that he has a plan, to apologize with a straight face. This causes Piccolo to fall over and they decide that since Buu's a funny guy, he might take the apology, especially if they give him candy, and maybe giving them enough time to fuse again. Goten goes to get candy, but flies back when he realizes there probably aren't any candy shops left or people to make it, for that matter. Piccolo yells at them to take their situation seriously when they see Buu yawn, sit down, and close his eyes. Piccolo tells Goten and Trunks to be quiet and listen, because he hears something. They realize he's snoring and Piccolo wonders if Buu's making fun of them or if it's some kind of trick or evil plan. Goten and Trunks rush over to investigate Buu without Piccolo's permission and he tells them not to do anything stupid. Goten and Trunks realize he's asleep, but when his sleep bubble pops, they sit down, cover their ears, and close their eyes in fear. When they turn around, it appears that Buu's still asleep, so they decide to see if he's faking by pulling on his headpiece. Piccolo manages to get them to stop what they're doing and let Buu keep doing what he's doing, faking sleep or not, so that they can get enough time to prepare for the next fusion. Suddenly, Piccolo senses a massive, incoming ki. Majin Buu even wakes up when he senses it, and everyone's eyes turn to the sky. At first, Piccolo mistakes it for Goku but Goten realizes it's Gohan. Gohan lands right in front of Buu and tells Goten and the others that he's glad he made it in time. Piccolo realizes Gohan's completely different, not only being much more powerful, but all of his gentleness being gone, which explains why he didn't know it was him at first. Gohan explains that he almost died, but was saved thanks to Kaioshin. Gohan then asks what happened to everyone else and Goten tells him that everyone was killed except for them. This angers Gohan because if Dende's dead, their last hope: the dragonballs are gone as well. Buu then angers Gohan even more by telling Gohan that he ate them all and they tasted great. Suddenly, Gohan realizes that they're not dead because he can barely feel their power. He then approaches Buu and stands right in front of him. Buu laughs and asks him if he's actually thinking of fighting him, to which Gohan replies, "No, I plan on killing you." Up on Kaioshin's planet, Kibit tells Kaioshin that it's pretty funny how he originally didn't want Gohan to be on his planet and how things ended up working out. The Elder Kaioshin tells them all that he's dissapointed that none of the 14 generations of Kaioshins after him were able to release him. Kaioshin apologizes to him and tells him that what happened worked out for the best anyway. Goku tells him he's right, since it's more of the responsiblity of living humans to take care of their world, rather than the Gods or the dead. The Elder Kaioshin scolds them since they're telling him things he already knows, due to his age and the fact that he's a Kaioshin. Back on the Earth, Piccolo senses that Gohan's ki is still lower than Buu, so Goten and Trunks prepare to fuse, even though they're supposed to wait an hour. Gohan powers up and hits Buu's leg, tipping him over. Gohan follows up by hitting Buu in the face and landing behind him. Buu turns around and swings at Gohan, but Gohan catches Buu's hand and kicks him in the face. After hitting Buu hard in the stomach, Buu stumbles backwards in pain and Gohan asks Buu why he isn't beating him up, like he said he would. Buu heals himself and flies at Gohan, but Gohan easily dodges or blocks all of Buu's attacks. He then kicks Buu in the face, causing him to slide across the ground and lie there. Gohan tells him to quit fooling around, because he knows his attacks didn't hurt him. Buu gets up and Gohan begins walking toward him, causing Buu to stand there nervously, unsure of what to do. Gohan tells Buu that since he [Buu] isn't going to attack, he'll start off and kicks Buu in the stomach. He then hits Buu around, grabs his headpiece, spins him in circles, and flings him away. Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks run out of Buu's path as he's flung back into a rock-mountain. A little after that, Buu fires a mouthblast but Gohan knocks it away. Buu then rolls himself into a ball and flies at Gohan. Gohan braces himself and catches Buu but is still pushed backward into a rock-mountain. Inside, Gohan dodges and blocks all of Buu's attacks. He then grabs Buu's arm, flings him into the sky, powers up, and manages to fly past Buu and knock him back to the ground. Buu stops himself on the ground and looks around for where Gohan went but is surprised to hear Gohan from behind, telling him that he's right behind him.

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