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Recap: After facing off with Gohan in a vicious battle, Majin Buu strangely and unexpectedly self-destructs. Piccolo: "You got away, Dende!" Their reunion was abruptly cut short when Buu suddenly rematerialized to continue the fight. Majin Buu: "Hey brats! Come on up! I want to fight YOU!" Gohan: "Hey Buu, you and me aren't finished yet!" Majin Buu: "What's the matter? You rugrats aren't scared, are you?"

Japanese Episode 265
Buu Commits a Foul!! Gotenks is Absorbed!?

Goten and Trunks respond to Buu's insults and taunts by preparing to fight. Piccolo knows Buu must be plotting something, but is unable to figure out what. Gohan tells Goten and Trunks to keep quiet and let him take care of Buu, but they protest by saying that he doesn't understand how powerful their fusion is. Meanwhile, two piles of goo slide down Majin Buu's back and legs and creep around everyone and then up from behind Piccolo and the others. Mr. Satan's dog sees the goo and barks at it. Gohan allows Goten and Trunks to fight Buu, telling them to be careful and not underestimate him. While Goten and Trunks fuse and turn Super Saiya-jin 3 the dog tugs on Mr. Satan's pants, trying to warn him about the goo. Mr. Satan misinterprets the dog as wanting food so the dog runs up to Gotenks to try and warn him about the goo that's creeping up behind him. Mr. Satan runs after the dog to stop it, but then also sees the goo creeping up behind Gotenks and Piccolo. Instead of warning them, Mr. Satan gets afraid and doesn't say anything. Suddenly Buu's goo flies up onto Gotenks and starts wrapping around him, as he struggles in vain to escape. Gohan wonders what's going on and turns when he hears Piccolo's cries, only to see him getting attacked by the goo as well. Gohan yells at Buu, but Buu ignores him and absorbs the two piles of goo. This absorption causes Buu not only to become far more powerful, but more intelligent as well, which explains why he wanted to absorb Piccolo. His new appearance becomes more human-like as well. When Gohan tells Buu that absorbing their powers was dirty, Majin Buu explains everything. He tells Gohan that when he felt his power far away he knew he would have to absorb the awesome power of SSJ3 Gotenks to beat him. But when he heard Gotenks saying that his time limit was almost up, he decided to wait until Goten and Trunks fused again before he absorbed him, to have their power as long as he could. He explains that he hid for an hour so that Goten and Trunks would be able to fuse again. When Gohan tells him he's still stupid since he didn't absorb him first, Buu explains that doing that wouldn't've given him a rival, so killing them all wouldn't be as fun. Gohan and Majin Buu then begin their battle, starting off by exchanging hits while moving at great speeds. When Gohan throws Buu into the ground, Buu begins to fire blasts at him, which Gohan manages to evade. Both Gohan and Buu then get in a blast tug-of-war, ending with Gohan being flung backwards. Buu takes advantage of the situation and hits Gohan to the ground, following up by using his ball attack to try and hit Gohan. When Gohan goes to kick him, Buu does the same, and they end up hitting one another in the face. Afterward, they land opposite of one another and stare at each other. Meanwhile, Mr. Satan asks Dende if he saw what was going on. When Dende asks if he means the fight, Mr. Satan tells him he really must be God if he saw what had happened. Mr. Satan then introduces himself and apologizes for not doing so earlier. Dende gets a little embarassed and tells Mr. Satan that he's glad to meet him as well. Buu tells Gohan that he knows he wasn't fighting with all he had. Gohan realizes it's going to be a hard fight, since only Piccolo's mind could read him like that. Gohan then declares that it's time to get serious and Buu agrees. They both get into fighting stances and watch one another. Gohan eventually starts the fight off by trying to kick Buu. Buu grabs Gohan's leg and then Gohan's other leg when he tries to hit him again. When Gohan tries to blast Buu in the face, Buu's head dodges it. He then wraps his headpiece around Gohan's neck and pulls Gohan toward himself, so that he can hit Gohan in the face. Majin Buu then follows up by firing a blast at Gohan. As Gohan tries to recover from the attack, Dende yells for him to watch out. After the blast, up at Kaioshin's planet, Goku is unable to sense Gohan's aura. Back on the Earth, Majin Buu finds Gohan in the smoke and asks him if he's trying to buy time by hiding himself and his aura.

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