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Recap: Piccolo's plan to seal Majin Buu away in the Room of Spirit and Time succeeded in a manner, but... Majin Buu: "There's no candy! I don't like that!! ...I've decided on chocolate!" Meanwhile, Gotenks succeeded in transforming into Super Gotenks 3 and escaping from the Room of Spirit and Time. Piccolo: "Damn you, what did you do with the people that were here?!" Majin Buu: "They're right here." Gotenks: "You've perfectly pissed me off!!"

Japanese Episode 261
Have I Gone Too Far!? Buu Buu Volleyball

Gotenks launches his attack against Buu, starting off by hitting him through part of Kami-sama's Temple. As Piccolo frets over this destruction, Gotenks hits Buu around. Buu tells Gotenks that he likes fighting with him and is glad he waited for the battle. Gotenks tells him that it's his last chance to brag, powers up, and starts attacking Majin Buu again. This time however, Buu dodges his attacks and Gotenks follows up by kicking at him. Buu catches Gotenks's leg and starts swings him around, letting go so that he goes soaring through Kami-sama's Palace and down to the Earth. Piccolo runs to the massive hole and as he looks down Majin Buu goes flying after Gotenks. As Buu waits above the lake for Gotenks to come out (where there are bubbles), Gotenks sneaks behind Buu and does his Flaming Back Attack. This attack sends energy over Majin Buu and down through him, causing him to split into two halves. Gotenks follows up with his Finish Flash attack, firing blasts at both of Buu's halves. While this battle has been taking place, Goku, Kaioshin, and Kibit have been watching the fight through the Elder Kaioshin's crystal ball. Goku cheers Goten and Trunks on, pleased over their having mastered fusion and the Super Saiya-jin 3 transformation in so short a time. Gohan asks what's going on and Goku tells him. The Elder Kaioshin then tells Gohan that doing that added more time to how long it's going to take to power him up. He explains that he needs to concentrate the whole time, to get done as soon as possible. The Elder Kaioshin then starts laughing again at his manga and Gohan thinks to himself that the Elder Kaioshin should take his own advice. Goku tells Kaioshin that with Gotenks being so powerful, Buu's definitely going to lose. Kaioshin scolds him for underestimating Buu, because he knows that Buu is much more powerful than he's putting on so far in the fight. Back on Earth, the pieces of Buu form into a ring and close in on Gotenks. Buu then forms around Gotenks, having him in a body-bind, and flies toward a mountain, releasing Gotenks into it. After Gotenks pulls his face out of the mountain he uses his Super Battle Bomber attack. For this attack, Gotenks blows energy above Buu, which forms into thirteen Kamikaze Ghosts. As Gotenks tells Buu how the ghosts are scary and have gotten a power up as a result of his transformation, the ghosts fly all around Buu and then run into him, one after the other. This leaves a dazed and withered Majin Buu, which Gotenks kicks away and says he was easy to defeat. Buu quickly reforms himself and flies back up to Gotenks. When Buu dives for him, Gotenks dodges and leads him on a chase. He eventually stops, thinking he lost Buu with his speed. To his surprise Buu says, "Right here!" and grabs Gotenks's head from behind. Majin Buu then fires a blast right at Gotenks's face, causing Gotenks to go flying backward all the way through Kami-sama's Palace, splitting the entire thing in half. Meanwhile, down on the Earth, Mr. Satan and his dog continue to look for people. They arrive at a city and still don't find anyone there, so they eat in a store. Mr. Satan reflects on how good Majin Buu was at heart and wonders why he would kill all of the people in the world. Back at Kami-sama's Palace, Piccolo frets over the destruction of Kami-sama's Palace. Majin Buu turns himself into a ball-like form and starts trying to ram into Gotenks and Piccolo, going through the Palace multiple times. As this destruction continues, Piccolo yells at Gotenks to do something, so he goes to do an attack but is interrupted by Buu trying to hit him. Piccolo then yells at him to just do attacks without the stupid poses and Gotenks tells him he guesses he can. Gotenks then finishes the attack he started earlier, Continuing Super Galactic Donuts, which fires energy rings around Buu that seal him into a ball. Piccolo congratulates him for sealing Majin Buu away, but Gotenks tells him that Buu will break out soon so they should hurt him as much as they can before then. He then thinks for a bit and decides on Attacking Ultra Buu Buu Volleyball, which is basically getting Piccolo to help him with hitting the ball around. He lectures Piccolo for a while over what he should do to help and Piccolo agrees, but is embarassed. Gotenks passes the ball to Piccolo, which Piccolo serves upward. Gotenks then powers up, flies to the ball, and yells "Super Buu Buu Serve!" hitting it down into the Earth. Gotenks flies after it and Piccolo stays there for a bit, realizing that Gotenks really didn't need his help at all, so he looked like a fool for nothing. Gotenks inspects the place where Buu landed and laughs because of how it looks like a meteor just hit. Piccolo arrives and Gotenks tells him he's supposed to yell, "Hi!" Piccolo tells him to shut up with that type of stuff and asks what happened to Buu. Gotenks points down into the crater and tells Piccolo that he's down there. Meanwhile, up at Kaioshin's planet, Goku rejoices that Gotenks defeated Majin Buu, but Kaioshin tells him it's not over yet and yells for Goten and Trunks to not let their guards down until the end. Back on the Earth, Gotenks yells at Buu to hurry because he's almost out of time and it'll take an hour for him to be able to get that strong again. A little while after that, some rocks far below move to the side and part of Buu is shown. Gotenks wonders if Buu's dead and then starts laughing and bragging about his amazing power and strength for defeating Buu already. Suddenly a huge blast is fired from below and Gotenks and Piccolo quickly move backward to evade its path.

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