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DBZ Episode Summaries

Recap: Majin Buu finally escaped from the other dimension, the Room of Spirit and Time. Majin Buu: "Lucky me, there's lots of you! I was getting hungry, so this is perfect. What should I turn you into?" Meanwhile, after the fused Goten and Trunks transformed into Super Gotenks 3, they also escaped. Gotenks: "Now you've really pissed me off! ...Continuing Super Donuts! ...Ultra Buu-Buu Attack! Hey! Hey! Hey! Majin Buu come out and fight! I know that wasn't enough to kill you!"

Japanese Episode 262
Even Greater!! The Reborn Gohan Returns to Earth

After Gotenks and Piccolo barely escape Buu's massive blast, Piccolo is grateful that it wasn't fired in the other direction or the Earth would've been destroyed without a trace. Majin Buu suddenly comes out of the ground a distance away and Gotenks is dissapointed that he isn't any weaker. Piccolo reassures Gotenks that he is weaker emotionally, since he's never faced an opponent that was anywhere close to his level of power. Gotenks starts to gloat about being the best warrior in the universe, so Piccolo cautions him not to let his guard down by getting cocky, since he can tell that Buu is going to start going all out. Gotenks laughs and tells Piccolo that he doesn't care, because he's wanted it that way all along, Buu rams him, wraps his arms around him, and releases him into the ground. When he swings at Gotenks again, Gotenks dodges and slams him through a bunch of buildings. Gotenks then flies toward Buu, declaring that he's going to finish him once and for all. However, Buu dodges by becoming liquidy and grabs Gotenks by stretching his arm outward. He then gets Gotenks in a headlock, but Gotenks manages to escape by biting Buu's arm. Gotenks then charges Buu again, but Buu opens his chest up into a hole, resulting in Gotenks passing through. When he realizes he's about to run into a building, Gotenks manages to stop himself, but Buu comes up from behind and rams him into it. When Gotenks tries to hit Buu again, Buu fires a huge mouthblast at him. Afterwards, Gotenks surprises Buu by firing a mouthblast right back at him. A stunned Buu falls onto the ground and Gotenks follows after him and kicks Buu in the face. He then blocks one of Buu's attacks and they begin hitting each other rapidly. After Buu looks really injured, Gotenks declares that he's going to blow him into pieces and then erase his ashes into nothingness, when he suddenly goes back to normal. When Gotenks realizes what's happened, he starts to walk away but Buu heals himself and yells, "Hey!" Gotenks then turns around and laughs nervously, saying that he gives and the fight was fun. On Kaioshin's planet, Goku tells the Elder Kaioshin that he has to hurry because the kids are out of power and are going to be killed. The Elder Kaioshin tells Gohan that he can go ahead, since they've been done with the powering up for five minutes. Gohan asks him why he wasn't told when they finished and the Kaioshin replies that it's much more dramatic to help Gotenks when he's in a big pinch. Back on the Earth, Gotenks decides there's only one thing left to do and creates 8 Super Kamikaze Ghosts. When he tells them to blow Majin Buu to pieces, they all huddle and try to figure out what they're gonna do, not wanting to attack Majin Buu because he looks so strong. Gotenks yells for them to hurry up and attack him and they obey. However, before they reach Buu, he inhales deeply and blows them backward, which causes them to explode. Gotenks decides to run away using the smoke, but Majin Buu feels Gotenks's ki and blasts a large rock, before Gotenks is able to hide behind it. Up at Kaioshin's planet, the Elder Kaioshin tells Gohan that all he has to do to access his new power is to power up in a simliar way to going Super Saiya-jin. Before the Elder Kaioshin gets a chance to get out of his way, Gohan powers up, causing great winds all around him and sending everyone into wonder over how much more powerful he is now that he's surpassed his limits. Goku wonders if he could become even more powerful by transforming into a Super Saiya-jin, but the Elder Kaioshin tells him this power up has made the Super Saiya-jin transformation obsolete. Kaioshin goes to take Gohan to Earth, but Kibit volunteers to instead so that there'll be less people to get in Gohan's way and so that Kaioshin isn't put in any danger. Gohan says farewell to his father and Goku wishes him luck, telling him he'll see him when he comes to the afterlife. As Goku and Gohan give each other thumbs up, Kibit teleports himself and Gohan to the Earth. At Gohan's request, Kibit generates clothes on Gohan similiar to his father's. Kibit wishes him luck and teleports back to Kaioshin's planet. Gohan then takes off in Buu's and Gotenks's direction. Meanwhile, Buu hits Gotenks, picks him up with his headpiece, and throws him into a big rock formation. Right then, we discover the fusion has worn off, which sends Goten and Trunks into a panick as Majin Buu walks toward them.

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