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DBZ Episode Summaries

Recap: Trapped in a room in another dimension is the greatest evil to ever exist, Majin Buu. And with him, the greatest warrior to ever exist, born from the fusion of Goten and Trunks. The greatest battle ever has begun. Gotenks: "Hey! Let's go, attack!" However, the fight has gone badly. Gotenks: "It's no good! I don't have the power to use any more big attacks! It's all over! The world is going to be destroyed!!" Piccolo, in his worry, destroyed the only door into and out of the dimension, and sealed Majin Buu in the dimension. What will the result of Piccolo's desperate plan be?

Japanese Episode 260
Inter-Dimensional Escape!! Super Gotenks 3

Gotenks despairs over their situation while Buu is angered over the thought of never having candy again. At Kami-sama's Palace, Mr. Popo explains to everyone that the door to the Room of Spirit and Time was destroyed. Muten Roshi tells everyone that that must mean Goten and Trunks weren't strong enough to defeat Majin Buu and Piccolo had to use his last resort. Bulma scolds everyone for placing the fate of the Earth on two kids' shoulders, since no matter how strong they are they're still just kids. Back in the Room of Spirit and Time Gotenks yells at Piccolo for not warning him and breaks it to him that he was just joking and still had his most powerful attack left to use. Piccolo and Gotenks exchange insults at each other for their stupidity but they stop as Buu walks past them, mourning the loss of candy. Suddenly Majin Buu gets furious and screams that he wants to be let out. As a result, his voice opens some sort of inter-dimensional portal to Kami-sama's Palace. Buu eventually figures out what it is and since the portal continually shrinks down in size, Buu turns liquidy and goes through it. Piccolo and Gotenks rush up to it to try and get through but it vanishes as Gotenks dives for it. Up at Kaioshin's planet, Goku instantly recognizes Buu's ki but reports to Kaioshin that he still doesn't feel the power of Gotenks's fusion aura. As they wish they could see what's going on, the Elder Kaioshin hears them and tosses them a crystal ball to use. After it rolls up to them, it activates and Goku is happy to be able to see Kami-sama's Palace while being so far away from it. At Kami-sama's Palace, everyone realizes what the liquidy lifeform is when it molds into Majin Buu. As everyone gathered together is standing in front of him, Buu is happy that there are so many people arond just as he was starting to get hungry. He decides to turn them into chocolate and Kuririn, Yamcha, and the fighters of the group prepare to fight him. Back in the Room of Spirit and Time, Piccolo comes up with a plan to do the same thing that Majin Buu did, use the power of voice to break through the barrier between the dimensions. They try doing this, but it proves unsuccessful so Piccolo tells Gotenks to prepare to try it again. Back at Kami-sama's Palace, Kuririn tells 18 to take the others and hide in the temple while he distracts Buu. When he begins his attack, everyone rushes into the temple. However, Kuririn's distraction is ended when he is transformed into a bar of chocolate and eaten by Majin Buu. Right afterward, Buu fires a ray into the temple, which turns 18 and her daughter, Marron, into bars of chocolate. After he eats the two chocolate bars and everyone is in hiding, Buu decides he's getting bored so he's going to turn everyone into chocolate at once. Goku watches what's going on in horror and curses Majin Buu. After Kaioshin asks what's become of Gotenks, Goku tells him that since he can't feel Gotenks's aura anymore then he very possibly could have been killed, meaning there's no one left to protect the Earth. Gohan asks what's going on and Goku tells him to just concentrate on his training so that he can be done as soon as possible. In the Room of Spirit and Time, Piccolo and Gotenks try yelling again, but to no avail. Gotenks tells Piccolo that he might as well try his special attack, even though he wanted to save it for a cooler setting. Piccolo asks him what he's talking about and as Gotenks tries to act cool about it, Piccolo hits him for acting that way again. As Piccolo wonders what he's trying to do, Gotenks transforms into a Super Saiya-jin 3. Piccolo then stands there with his jaw dropped open as he sees what Gotenks is able to do, and Gotenks successfully opens an inter-dimensional portal. He then tells Piccolo to hurry up or it'll close and they jump through it. When they enter the outdoors of Kami-sama's Palace, Buu's head turns around in surprise at seeing them and Gotenks gets into a fighting stance. As Gotenks and Buu speak to one another, Goku is happy to see the kids fused and how they've mastered being Super Saiya-jin 3, when it took him years. After Piccolo stares in disbelief at what Buu has done with his palace, he angrily asks Buu what he did with the people that were there. Majin Buu pats his stomach and tells him that he ate all of them, after turning them into chocolate, and they were delicious. Gotenks gets angry and powers up from the thought of Trunks's mother being killed and declares that Buu has made him angry beyond belief. He then flies toward Buu to begin his attack.

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