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DBZ Episode Summaries

Recap: Majin Buu, a creature of pure evil, has invaded heaven and killed all of the people on Earth. Piccolo has placed the fate of the Earth in the hands of Goten and Trunks. They were fighting in the Room of Spirit and Time but... the new Majin Buu is now unbelievably strong. Gotenks has finally spit out his hidden attack. Gotenks: "I've worked hard to perfect this technique. It's called the Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack." Piccolo: "Wha... what's that?" Ghost: "Hiii! I'm a ghost." Gotenks: "I've won."

Japanese Episode 259
I've Done It!! The Ghosts Have Succeeded in Defeating Majin Buu!?

The episode starts off with the ghost gloating over how scary it is. When Gotenks orders the ghost attack Buu, Buu slams his arm into its neck as it flies to him. However, the ghost has something of its own to smile about when it suddenly detonates, creating a massive explosion. When the smoke clears, Buu is very messed up, physically and mentally. Piccolo yells at Gotenks to hurry and finish Buu, before he heals himself. Gotenks decides 10 ghosts at a time ought to finish Buu off. He spits out the 10 ghosts, but they anger him as they act very undisciplined. He gets them to line up, but as they do so one almost touches another. As the two ghosts argue with one another, Gotenks yells for them to be quiet and count off. After they do so, Piccolo walks up to Gotenks and points out that Buu's already healed. When they look over at him, he's drinking out of a glass and reading a magazine. Gotenks gets angry at being made fun of so he sends ghosts #1 and 2 to attack Buu. This time, Buu doesn't fall for the attack, making the two ghosts run into each other when he flies upward. Gotenks and the ghosts then gather for a huddle and make fun of Majin Buu. On Kaioshin's planet, Goku tells Kaioshin about how weird it is that he can't sense Buu's and Gotenks's auras. The Elder Kaioshin tells him that they're fighting in the dimension of time and Piccolo led them there, but he doesn't know why. Goku recognizes his statement as the Room of Spirit and Time. He then tells Kaioshin that Gohan's a lot stronger now and all the Kaioshin has left is his title. On Kami-sama's palace, Bulma decides to eat but Muten Roshi tells her he doesn't feel that it's the proper time to eat. Kuririn assures everyone that Goten and Trunks will be okay, since they're Goku and Vegeta's sons. Back in the Room of Spirit and Time, Gotenks and the ghosts finish discussing their plan. When Gotenks mobilizes the ghosts to attack, two of them grab each other's hands in triumph but explode. Gotenks yells for the rest to continue as planned without them. Buu gets into a fighting stance as all but one fly at him, but they go past him and huddle in a circle, looking at and talking about something weird they found. Buu walks over to see what they're talking about and they all clutch onto him and explode, leaving Buu as a moaning pile of goo. Gotenks orders the last ghost to go into Buu's mouth and blow him up from the inside out. When the ghost does as ordered Gotenks declares his victory. We are then taken to Mr. Satan, who is wondering with the dog in search of food. He threatens to eat the dog, but the dog just stares at him in confusion so he gives up his threat and stares into the sky. When Mr. Satan sees a cloud that looks similiar to Majin Buu he remembers Buu being happy with the dog, getting eaten by the evil Buu, and evil Buu's transformation. Back in the Room of Spirit and Time, Piccolo and Gotenks burn the remains of Majin Buu with ki blasts and then stomp out the ashes. Piccolo tells Gotenks that he was way better than he thought and congratulates him on a job well done. Suddenly, a great wind comes out of nowhere and Majin Buu's aura reforms his body. Piccolo regrets that they didn't focus more on destroying Majin Buu's aura and then the door to the room instead. Gotenks knows he still has his super special attack to use, but decides to give Piccolo a scare first, for fun. Gotenks then cries out in despair, saying he has nothing up his sleeve and the Earth is doomed. Suddenly Majin Buu grabs his leg with the tentacle on his head and swings Gotenks into the ground multiple times. When Gotenks calls Majin Buu a freak and tells him to let him go, Buu throws him away. Gotenks gets up, rubbing his face, and tells Buu that he really made him made this time and has decided to unleash his ultimate secret attack. As he says this, Piccolo suddenly destroys the gateway between their dimension and the Earth, leaving only a pile of rubble. Piccolo then reveals what he did to Buu and congratulates him on how powerful he was. He then smiles as he tells him that no matter how powerful he is, he won't be able to escape the room's dimension and challenges Buu to go ahead and kill them so that he'll have all eternity to spend alone in the desolate, empty dimension.

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