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Recap: Majin Buu: "I've killed all the humans. Let's fight. Bring out the person I'm supposed to fight!" Piccolo: "Okay! But he's preparing to fight now. Give him a little more time. Give him two hours, no, one hour. Please!" Majin Buu: "One hour? How long is that?" Piccolo: "When all of the sand has run out of this hour-glass." Goten and Trunks have but an hour before they have to fight Majin Buu. Will that give them enough time to train in the Room of Spirit and Time?

Japanese Episode 257
The Training Was a Success!! You're Finished Now, Majin Buu

As Majin Buu sits in front of the hour glass, Goten and Trunks view him from afar, with Piccolo. Piccolo explains to them that they need to train as hard as they can in what little time they have, with every minute that passes out there being 6 hours in the Room of Spirit and Time. Suddenly, Chi Chi unexpectadly walks over to Majin Buu, slaps him, and demands that he bring back her son, who "he killed." Everyone watches this spectacle in horror and are shocked to see Majin Buu turn her into an egg and stomp on it. Tears flow from Goten's eyes at witnessing the death of his mother and he begins to climb over the edge of the tower they're in to get revenge. Piccolo yells for him to stop or he'll throw everything away. He explains that there's no way he could possibly defeat the current Majin Buu, so all he can do is train as hard as he can so that he'll be able to defeat Majin Buu when the time comes to fight. Goten sucks in his sadness and obeys Piccolo. In the Room of Spirit and Time, Trunks complains about the unusual heat and heavy gravity. He stops when he sees Goten already stretching for the training that lies ahead. Trunks then opens the fridge and discovers that all they have to eat and drink are water and rice. As he reports this to Goten he sees that he's already begun training, so he rushes over to Goten so that he can train too. Outside, Videl asks Piccolo how Majin Buu knew her father. Piccolo explains that Mr. Satan became friends with Majin Buu why they were up at Kami-sama's palace. He backs up this statement with the evidence of Mr. Satan being the only human that Majin Buu allowed to live and Majin Buu remembering him, even after becoming pure evil. Majin Buu suddenly gets very impatient and is unable to wait any longer. He powers up and yells that he isn't going to wait any longer, breaking the hour-glass and causing tremors all over the palace. Piccolo saves Videl from getting hurt by one of these tremors and pleads with Buu to wait at least until it's been a half an hour. Buu denies this request, so Piccolo agrees that he'll take him to Goten and Trunks. Majin Buu smiles and follows Piccolo, as he leads him into Kami-sama's palace. Meanwhile, Kuririn and the others follow a ways behind. Kuririn wonders if Piccolo's going to have Buu fight Goten and Trunks in the Room of Spirit and Time. Dende figures that Piccolo must be planning to seal Majin Buu in the Room of Spirit and Time's alternate universe, as a last resort if Trunks and Goten are unable to defeat him. Bulma cries out from hearing this but Yamcha manages to silence her so that Majin Buu doesn't discover the plan. Dende reassures her that if Majin Buu kills Goten and Trunks they can with them back with the dragonballs. Kame Sen'nin states that Piccolo has a good plan and suddenly grabs Bulma's rear end and rubs it, making her very angry. Elsewhere, as Piccolo leads Majin Buu through many flights of stairs, Buu begins to get impatient with how long it's taking to get to them. As everyone follows a little way behind, Piccolo eventually lies to Buu that Goten and Trunks are at the bottom of the palace and they will head there. Majin Buu asks him why they were just going up and Piccolo explains that it's the only way to get there. Meanwhile, Goten and Trunks finish their training in the Room of Spirit and Time and reveal that they reached a stage beyond the Super Saiya-jin. They have also discovered they get tired fast and can only do the fusion at that stage for 5 minutes. Trunks comes up with a plan: to be on equal terms with Majin Buu for 25 minutes and then, when everyone begins to worry, transform with 5 minutes to go and defeat him. Goten laughs at the thought of the idea and Trunks joins in. Majin Buu starts to get really impatient, so Piccolo speaks to Goten and Trunks's hearts to tell them that he's leading Majin Buu to them so they will have to fight earlier than expected. He tells them he should be able to delay Buu for one more minute, during which they will have 6 hours to rest before the fight. Goten and Trunks agree and then laugh with one another at how impressed Piccolo would be if he learned that they were already finished with their training. Piccolo asks Buu if he would like anything to eat and Buu quickly yells no and demands that Piccolo walk faster. The episode then cuts to when Piccolo and Majin Buu arrive at the door to the Room of Spirit and Time. Piccolo slowly opens the door and they walk in. Goten and Trunks recite a rehearsed speech and are happy that they carried it out perfectly. Buu asks if they are the two he's supposed to fight and Piccolo agrees. Trunks is dissapointed that Piccolo is their only spectator, but they shrug it off and continue their speeches. Goten asks if he can say something other than "Majin Buu" and Trunks reminds him that he was never able to remember anything else. As they continue to talk, Majin Buu gets angry that they're the two he has to fight and hits Trunks after he and Goten agree to just carry out their plan without the speeches. Trunks gets up and scolds Majin Buu for starting off like that, when they were about to do something incredible. He orders Buu to stand there while they finish what they were doing and they fuse. Piccolo wonders why they fused without starting as Super Saiya-jin but is glad that the fusion was perfect. Majin Buu recalls Gotenks and tells him that he's going to really trash him this time. Gotenks tells him that he's changed a lot since then and is going to prove it. Piccolo notices that Gotenks has powered up a lot from last time and starts to believe that Gotenks might actually stand a chance. Gotenks launches an attack on Majin Buu, hitting him in the face several times. However, Majin Buu stands there the whole time without showing any sign of pain at all. He asks Gotenks if he can have a turn to attack. Gotenks tells him to wait a second and lands a little ways away. Gotenks starts to worry, since Goten and Trunks originally believed that the attack would knock Majin Buu around several times. Piccolo begins to worry too, realizing that Gotenks might not stand a chance after all.

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