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Recap: The terrifying Majin Buu has destroyed the entire human race in an instant. Majin Buu: "Is that them?" Piccolo: "That's right." Buu has finally entered the Room of Spirit and Time after Piccolo delayed him by taking him on a long detour. Trunks: "You're finished now!" Goten: "Majin Buu!" Majin Buu: "Is that what I waited for?!" Trunks and Goten: "Fuuu sion! HA!" The battle between the two strongest beings in the universe, Majin Buu and Gotenks, has just begun. Gotenks: "That's odd... He should be writhing in pain. He must have his nerve senses for pain under control."

Japanese Episode 258
I'm Really Going to Attack This Time!! Super Gotenks Pushes His Limits

Piccolo gets frustrated over how Goten and Trunks didn't start off as Super Saiya-jin when they fused. Buu tells Gotenks that he's dissapointed over how he had to wait for such a fight, causing Gotenks to attack him with a Dynamite Kick to the neck. Buu's head twists around to face Gotenks and he grins at them. Gotenks does another Dynamite Kick to his side, which ends with an explosion. As Gotenks gloats over his attack, he stops short when Buu asks him what the attack was supposed to be. Gotenks gets angry and does his Rolling Thunder Punch attack, which is pretty much just him spinning his arm around at a rapid pace. His fist stops when it hits Buu's stomach, but Buu is unharmed. Majin Buu leans over and points to his chin, telling Gotenks he's supposed to hit there. This toying angers Gotenks, but he does as Majin Buu suggested. The attack still doesn't hurt Buu and suddenly the environment around them turns into some cold, outdoors place where the ground is covered with ice. Gotenks pulls his legs out of the ice and does his Wild Boar Attack. This takes his past Majin Buu, so he turns around and begins a series of attacks, which go in this order: Power Tackle, Miracle Super Punch, Great Kick Special, Metal Machine Gun Punch, and Final Shooting Score. As a humiliated Piccolo watches, Gotenks stops to remember his next attacks and then resumes with Magnum Thunder, Ultra Missile Parfait, and Hyper Plasma Short Cake. Gotenks then stops to take a piece of paper from his jacket, to see what his next attack was planned to be. He finds that it's Burning End, so he runs up to do it but is slapped away by Majin Buu. He skids for a bit across the ice and then stops himself and rubs his face in pain. Gotenks nervously laughs, saying that he was planning for that to happen. He then spots Piccolo, who has his hand over his face in disgust, so he calls time out and walks over to him. Gotenks tugs on Piccolo's cape and asks him if he thinks he's going to lose. Piccolo tells him that he doesn't want to think that way, but it does look like Buu's a lot stronger than him. Gotenks drags Piccolo by his cape back behind a giant hourglass, next to the entrance area, and reveals his plan: to look like he's losing and then suddenly pull off an amazing victory. Piccolo tells him that he should fight as hard as he can from the beginning, so Gotenks scolds him for having no sense of fighting with style. Piccolo tells him that rather than working on impressing him, he should defeat Majin Buu. Meanwhile, Buu hears the whole conversation and gets angry. He declares that time's up and powers up. Gotenks immediately flies over to attack him, saying it's time to begin Round Two. Outside the Room of Spirit and Time, Bulma scolds everyone for being so casual about Goten and Trunks's predicament, since if Piccolo destroys the doorway they'll be stuck in there with Majin Buu. Dende reassures her that they'll be wished back with the dragonballs, but Bulma scolds him for thinking that way since death is such a horrible thing. Back in the Room of Spirit and Time, Gotenks hits Buu with a series of punches, which he calls Big Thunder Punch. He follows up the attack by spinning around, with his leg hanging out, and flying toward Buu with his Great Fighting Top attack. Unfortunately, Buu dodges and Gotenks goes spinning into the ground, leaving just his head sticking out. As Gotenks recovers from being so dizzy, Piccolo wonders if it was part of his plan and "fighting with style." An angry, disgusted Buu tells Gotenks that he's no fun to fight, and says he's going to kill him now. This angers Gotenks into declaring how terrifying he is and how sorry Buu will be for making that statement. Gotenks then dramatically transforms into a Super Saiya-jin, which pleases Piccolo since he didn't know it could be done after fusing. Gotenks then surprises everyone by sitting down to decide his next attack. Piccolo yells at him to finish Buu immediately and Gotenks stands up, saying that he knows but his first attack might kill Buu so he needs to pick a good one. He decides on using his Galactic Donut Attack, for which he creates a giant energy ring and moves it over Majin Buu. He then tightens it hard, causing Buu to scream in pain. Buu surprises Gotenks by suddenly saying that he was just kidding and destroying the ring by breaking out of it. Piccolo is astonished at Buu's strength and Gotenks tells Buu that he thought that might happen. Buu decides that since he's been taking the attacks the whole time, so it's his turn. He flies at Gotenks and slams his hands together, but Gotenks manages to escape by flying upward. During flight, Buu easily catches up to him and knocks him further up and then downward, causing him to slam into Piccolo. This takes them through a wall, near the doorway, and into a bathtub. Gotenks turns off the shower which they caused to start running and Piccolo surfaces in front of him. As they dry themselves off, Majin Buu beckons to Gotenks and takes off in the opposite direction. Angered at this, Gotenks is duped into the trap and takes off after Buu. Buu kicks Gotenks downward and heads after him. While soaring to the ground, Gotenks decides he's had enough and hops off the ground and flies back up to Majin Buu, slamming his head into Buu's. They both feel great pain from this and as Buu looks up in anger at Gotenks, Gotenks flips the bird. Afterward, Gotenks tells Buu that he wanted to show off all his attacks but is getting tired of the fight, so he decides to use his secret attack, The Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack. He follows this statement by powering up, which causes their environment to return to the previous, blank one. As Piccolo begins to think that Gotenks might stand a chance of winning, Gotenks finishes powering up and spits a ghost out of his mouth. The ghost introduces himself to Buu and this takes us into the next episode.

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