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DBZ Episode Summaries

Recap: Buu's anger gave birth to another, evil Buu. There are two Majin Buu's. The evil Buu is fighting the fat Buu. Fat Buu: "Change into chocolate!" Buu's transformed again into a pure evil Buu. Piccolo: "Kuso-ta!! This Majin Buu can sense our ki!" Is there any way to fight back?!

Japanese Episode 256
The Impatient Destruction!! The Extinction of Humanity

As everyone stares at Majin Buu in horror, he demands that those that he was promised a fight with come out. Chi Chi, her father, Bulma, and Videl here Buu's yelling and the explosion of his ki and run out to see what's going on. Piccolo reasons with Buu that the promise was for two days and they still have a day left. Majin Buu tells him that he changed his mind and Piccolo tells him that Goten and Trunks are sleeping and asks if they can sleep a little longer. He then explains that the warrior that he's going to fight isn't at full power yet and tells him he knows that he would rather fight someone at full power. Buu thinks for a moment but then denies the request, telling Piccolo that he hates waiting. Bulma realizes that Buu's there to fight Goten and Trunks, so Chi Chi takes the mop that she brought with her and goes to fight Buu so that Goten doesn't have to, but her father holds her back. In a last ditch effort, Piccolo tells Buu that there are many people left on the earth, so he has to kill them all first before he can fight. Buu laughs and begins to walk around the perimeter of Kami-sama's palace. Piccolo realizes that he's going to kill everyone at once, giving him just a little bit of time. He sneaks over to Kuririn and tells him to wake up Goten and Trunks and have them train in the Room of Spirit and Time. Kuririn asks him why they just can't fight now and Piccolo tells him that there is no possible way they could beat him now, so the least they can do is train as much as they can before their fight. Kuririn sneaks off to wake them up as Chi Chi escapes from her father's grasp and races over to Buu. Buu turns but Piccolo manages to zap her broom in half before any blows are exchanged. Chi Chi's father goes over to her and comforts her and Piccolo sighs in relief as Buu continues his walk around the perimeter. While Kuririn tries to wake Goten and Trunks, Buu finishes his walk and stands in front of Piccolo. As Piccolo watches helplessly, Buu raises his hand in the air and fires blasts that go all over the Earth that go through people everywhere. Tenshinhan and Chaozu are shown dodging the blasts and the blasts are shown as skipping Mr. Satan, who's holding the dog. Buu eventually finishes and reports that everyone on the Earth is dead. Piccolo angrily, but quietly curses Majin Buu and vows that he will bring everyone on the Earth back with the dragonballs. Buu tells him to bring the fighter out, now that everyone's dead and Piccolo tells him that he will, but he just needs an hour. Buu asks how long an hour is and Piccolo creates a giant hourglass and turns it over, telling Buu that it'll be an hour when all of the sand runs out. Buu starts to watch but then says that he doesn't want to. Videl gets angry and asks him why he can't wait just an hour. When Buu goes to blast her, Piccolo tells her that it's Mr. Satan's daughter, which frightens Buu. Majin Buu admits that she does smell like Mr. Satan and agrees to wait an hour, but declares that he will kill everyone afterward, even Mr. Satan's daughter. Goten and Trunks then wake up and Kuririn tells them that they need to start training in the Room of Spirit and Time right away. On Kaioshin's planet, Kaioshin tells Goku that all of humanity was just killed and wonders why Buu suddenly did that. Gohan gets angry with how long it's taking the Elder Kaioshin to finish powering him up. The Elder Kaioshin explains that since it's taking so long it must mean he has a lot of potential. Gohan gets angry and unleashes his ki in the process, stunning Kaioshin, Kibit, and Goku. Gohan asks how he's supposed to defeat Majin Buu if it's taking so long, but realizes the amount of power he has gained and stops. Still reading his manga, the Elder Kaioshin asks Gohan if he can sit back down so that they can get the powering up over with as soon as possible. Gohan quickly obeys and apologizes for his actions.

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