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DBZ Episode Summaries

Recap: In one short day Gohan, has mastered the use of the Z-sword. In order to test the edge of the sword, they decide to try it out. However, the Z-sword has broken at the moment of contact! However, while everyone was still in shock, the Kaioshin from 15 generations back showed up. He had been imprisoned in the sword and had the power to bring forth power in people that would allow them to surpass their limits. Meanwhile, Trunks and Goten have mastered the fusion technique and are ready to try it out for real.

Japanese Episode 251
The Birth of a Super Man from Fusion!! His Name is Gotenks

Yamcha informs the others that Goten and Trunks have finished their training and are about to try out the fusion technique. They all get up to go watch and Yamcha explains that they were afraid their power would destroy their palace, so they decided to do it outside. Kuririn wonders what they will look like when fused and Chi Chi wonders what they're going to call them when they're fused. When they reach Piccolo, Mr. Popo, Goten, and Trunks, they see that they're about to start. Piccolo has them make their ki's the same and then has Trunks lower his slightly. When they're equal, they begin the fusion dance but in the process you see that they have their hands different on one part of it. Everyone stares in wonder as they see a fat person emerge from the fusion. Chi Chi and Bulma hope that they aren't stuck that way and Yamcha laughs that Goku must've been thinking of fighting fire with fire, a 'fatso with a fatso.' Videl says that they look like they're about to start something and he starts to run. Everyone falls over when he stops and then starts breathing hard. By then, everyone realizes that he must be a failure and Piccolo informs him that when Trunks had his arms out, his fingers were sticking out, while they should be in a fist. He then tells them to unfuse so they can try again and he asks how to do that. Piccolo then says that they will just have to wait for 30 minutes until the fusion wears off. As he walks away, the others ask him his name, to which he replies 'Gotenks.' Chi Chi is happy that they chose Goten (since that means Goten has the dominant name). After the 30 minutes end, Trunks and Goten separate from one another and wonder if they fused or not. Yamcha asks how it felt and Kuririn realizes that they don't remember. Piccolo walks up and tells them they can ask questions later, after they defeat Majin Buu, but for now they can't afford to waste any time. He has them fuse again, but this time it results in a thin Gotenks. They know from the start that the fusion was a failure this time when they see he's having trouble breathing and hasn't even done anything yet. Another 30 minutes later, Goten and Trunks try fusing again. This time, Piccolo realizes they're successful when they carry out the fusion dance perfectly. Everyone marvels over the storm of ki that Gotenks possesses. Piccolo tells Gotenks that next they should try fusing as Super Saiya-jin. Gotenks tells him not to be stupid because he can easily defeat Majin Buu in his current state. Piccolo tells him he has no idea how powerful Buu is and that there's no possible way they can defeat him without being Super Saiya-jin. Gotenks declares 30 minutes will be plenty of time to defeat Majin Buu, bring back his body, and celebrate his glory. He then starts to take off, senses Majin Buu's location, and heads there. As Gotenks fades into the distance, Videl is in awe of Gotenks's speed and Piccolo hopes he doesn't get killed because doing so would ruin everything. On Kaiosama's planet, Goku wakes up from his nap after a butterfly lands on his nose and causes him to sneeze. He finds out from Kaiosama that it has only been two hours since the old Kaioshin started the ritual, meaning there is still three hours left until the powering up begins. Elsewhere, on Earth, Majin Buu attacks two ships next to a city. He hears someone yelling for help and finds a man who is unable to swim. The guy crawls onto Majin Buu thanking him, but then realizes who he's on. Majin Buu tells him that he doesn't like him and throws him in the air. After he fires a blast at the guy which explodes after pushing him further up through the air, a blast goes through Majin Buu. Buu heals and then looks around to see who shot him, spotting the silhouette of someone standing on top of a sinking ship. He asks Gotenks who he is and Gotenks tells him that it doesn't matter since he's going to kill him soon anyway. Gotenks then flies at Majin Buu and hits him a series of times. When he hits Majin Buu in the face, Buu is thrown into a boat, which Gotenks blows up. Buu then comes flying out of the blast surrounded by energy from it. Gotenks flies up, pulls the tail of Majin Buu's head out of the energy ball, and throws him into the ocean. As the water still hasn't flown back over Majin Buu, Gotenks fires another blast at him. After doing so, Gotenks realizes that he told everyone he would bring back Majin Buu's body and shrugs it off saying that there's no use now anyway. Suddenly Majin Buu's lower torso flies up in front of him and regenerates his upper one. Majin Buu tells Gotenks that he made him angry by calling him a fatso and Gotenks asks him what he's going to do about it. Majin Buu throws a punch at Gotenks which he dodges, saying he's too slow, but suddenly he's hit down to the water. As he falls, he realizes that Buu must've let him attack him to read his movements first. Majin Buu pounds Gotenks in the water and then throws him into a large concrete bridge in front of the city. When he goes to follow up with a blast, Majin Buu is suddenly attacked by another military unit of planes and tanks, that come up from behind where Gotenks is located. Gotenks yells for them to stop since their efforts will be useless, but they don't hear him and continue to attack Majin Buu. Buu gets very angry and creates an explosion that wipes out most of the city and all of the military unit. As Majin Buu flies above the giant crater, he yells that he wants to kill even more. Later on, up on Kami-sama's palace, Gotenks arrives but has his back to everyone. To their surprise, he turns around covered in bruises and says that Majin Buu beat the crap out of him, which causes everyone to fall over. Piccolo walks up and tells them that he told them before that their fight with Majin Buu isn't until tomorrow, while the current day is for training.

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