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DBZ Episode Summaries

Recap: In an attempt to destroy as much as possible Majin Buu is going about destroying any cities or towns he comes across. Meanwhile, Goku has placed his hopes on Goten and Trunks and has returned to the after-life. After he arrived, he was told by Enma Daio that Gohan was still alive. After feeling Gohan's ki, he realized that Gohan was on the Kaioshin world. There Goku met Gohan, Kaioshin, and the ressurected Kibit.

Japanese Episode 250
This Can't Be True! The Z-Sword Gets Broken

As Goten and Trunks continue their fusion training under Piccolo's guidance, the others on Kami-sama's palace play cards. On Kaioshin's planet, Goku is happy with how well Gohan has gotten with the Z-sword and recommends they try its edge out. Gohan agrees with the idea and Goku pulls a giant boulder out of the ground. When he tosses it at Gohan, Gohan easily slices it in half. Kaioshin congratulates Gohan and recommends they try something harder, teleporting a cube of Katchin alloy above him (which he says is known as the hardest metal in the universe). When Gohan hits the Z-sword with it when Goku tosses it at him, it breaks in half, sending Kibit and Kaioshin into great disbelief that he broke the legendary sword of the Kaioshin sphere in which legend says the wielder would be the strongest in the universe. Goku blames Kaioshin for coming up with the idea of Katchin alloy and Gohan tosses the sword to the ground, saying that the legend must not be true. Gohan then tells them about how he feels a lot stronger from adjusting to the sword and Kaioshin and Kibit figure that the legend must mean that they would become strongest in the universe from training with it. Goku tells them that Gohan is still not as strong as Majin Buu and Kaioshin tells him that to think otherwise isn't a good thing. They are then interrupted by a new voice and Kaioshin and Kibit turn to see an old man. When asked who he is, he reveals that he is a Kaioshin from 15 generations ago. This surprises Kaioshin and Kibit, but Gohan and Goku could care less. Elsewhere, at Enma Daio's palace, two workers ask to end their shift but Enma denies them such a thing, telling them that it's their responsibility not to delay the dead and to send them to their eternal rewards. Another worker than comes in to report another arrival from earth numbering at 150,000. Back at Kaioshin's planet, the old Kaioshin tells them that a very evil person from long ago sealed him into the sword because he was afraid of his power. Goku wonders what he means, since he doesn't look very strong at all and secretly tests the Kaioshin's strength him by firing a blast at him. To Kaioshin's and Kibit's disbelief the blast flies between them and hits the old Kaioshin in the face. The old Kaioshin jumps up and angrily reproaches Goku for what he did. He then tells Goku that he didn't mean strength, but a power he possessed. When Goku asks him what kind of power he has, he refuses to tell him. Goku offers the Kaioshin a dirty magazine and Kaioshin starts to tell his dad not to say such things when the Kaioshin tells him he doesn't need such things since he can see the hot women of the world taking showers and changing clothes. Goku then offers him to touch a real girl's body and the old Kaioshin happily agrees. Goku tells Gohan to try to talk Videl into it and Gohan angrily tells him such a thing would be crazy. Goku thinks for a bit and then remembers Bulma. Since he's dead, he tells Gohan to be the one who gets her to do it. Goku tells him that by doing such a thing, she could be responsible for saving the universe. Gohan frets, saying that even if the universe is saved, he's going to die. Goku asks the old Kaioshin if it'd be ok if she was a bit older and he agrees, as long as the girl will be sexy. Goku then asks him what his power is and the Kaioshin tells them that he has the ability to make someone stronger than their natural limits. Goku tells him that anyone can do such a thing and he tells him that there is no one in the universe that can get stronger than their natural limits. He finds out that Gohan is the one who pulled the Z-sword out and got used to using it, so he has Gohan stand still as he bestows the power on him. He then surprises everyone by doing a slow dance of some sort around Gohan, as Gohan wonders what he's doing. Goku asks the old Kaioshin how long the ritual will take and the old Kaioshin informs him that the ritual will take 5 hours and the powering up will take 20 hours. Goku tells everyone that he's going to go take a nap, while Gohan despairs over having to stand there for so long. Kaioshin tells Kibit that they're probably obligated to stay awake for the whole thing and Kibit tells him he's probably right. Meanwhile, on Kami-sama's palace, Piccolo tells them that their fusion dance is nearly perfect now and tells them that it's time to try it for real. He has them start off with making their ki's the same. Trunks meanwhile wonders if he's really going to fuse with Goten, and finds the technique suspicious.

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