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DBZ Episode Summaries

Recap: Goten and Trunks: "Fuuuu... sion! HA!" Piccolo: "It's perfect! It's born!! ... Nani?" Trunks and Goten have used the fusion technique that they received from Goku. They've used this technique to become the super warrior Gotenks. However, as confident as Gotenks was, he was still defeated by Majin Buu. Gotenks: "He beat the crap out of me." Soldier Leader: "What?!" Majin Buu: You all... !" Gotenks: "Stop it!!" Majin Buu: "Die!!" In a single day, Majin Buu has destroyed 80 percent of the earth's population and cities. Majin Buu: "I'm going to kill some more!"

Japanese Episode 252
The Activation of a New Secret Weapon!? Satan Saves the Earth

The narrator tells us that Majin Buu has been going around the world destroying people and cities, taking a childlike interest in seeing them run away before he kills them. He says that while he mostly uses explosions, he also turns people into food that he eats. Although the armies haven't been sitting around doing nothing, they have tried many times to stop Majin Buu. Eventually they came to realize that their attacks did nothing to him and have stopped trying. This doesn't mean that the people haven't lost all hope though, since they have heard on the radio that a savior is still alive, someone who easily defeated Cell and is the strongest person in the universe, Mr. Satan. After this narration and series of scenes, we see Mr. Satan dramatically emerge from his training, guarded by what looks like walls of steel and a large group of armed soldiers. After being wished good luck by a large group of people, he takes off in a plane to go fight Majin Buu. At Kami-sama's palace, Trunks and Goten are in great pain from getting their wounds healed and Goten being spanked by Chi Chi. They are scolded for doing something so foolish and agree that they learned their lesson. Trunks asks Piccolo if he's stronger than his father and tells him that he must become stronger so that he can accomplish what his father tried so hard to do. Piccolo walks up and puts his hands on Goten and Trunks's heads. He explains that within their veins flows the blood of warriors that have accomplished the impossible, so he is sure that when the time comes they will know what to do. He then regenerates their clothes and heals their wounds. When he walks away and tells them it's time to begin training they happily agree and follow him. On Earth, Mr. Satan arrives a little ways away from Majin Buu's house with a soldier and a military leader. He tells them they can go back as he goes to battle with Majin Buu. The leader wishes him luck, but notices a bag he's carrying and asks what's in it. Mr. Satan tells him that his secret weapon against Majin Buu is in the bag. Then, he does a series of dramatic actions which include flinging his cape and belt off and pointing toward Majin Buu's house. He walks toward it and yells for Majin Buu to come out, but his voice gradually gets quieter as he makes fun of Majin Buu. The leader asks if something's wrong with his throat. Mr. Satan tells him that Majin Buu can't hear if he speaks so quietly, so the leader tells him that if that's the case he'll yell for him. Mr. Satan grimaces as the leader yells at the top of his lungs for Majin Buu to come out and that he's going to die today. Mr. Satan grabs him and runs behind the cover of the ruins of what looks to the little of what's left of a wall. He tells the two they can go ahead and leave, but as he's telling them to tell the press that he's bringing peace to the world, he sees that they're leaving in the jet already. Mr. Satan then begins to slowly and quietly crawl to the house. Along the way, he finds a small tree so he plucks it out of the ground and uses it as cover in front of his head. He eventually reaches the wall of the house and tosses a rock near the window. He then rushes to the side of the house and hides. He peeks inside the window and assumes that no one's there, so he starts laughing and making fun of Buu and how he must've scared him off. When he hears a noise nearby, he immediately gets to his knees and starts groveling and saying that what he said wasn't true and that he's always wished to be on Majin Buu's side. But when he sees that it was just a lizard, he stomps on the ground repeatedly, yelling that the lizard had to be dumb to think that he was afraid of Majin Buu. However, he suddenly hears Majin Buu yell, "Yoohoo!", causing him to freeze in place. He looks up to see Majin Buu waving to him, standing on the roof of his house. When he unfreezes, he greets Majin Buu courteously. Majin Buu flies down and wonders what he should turn Mr. Satan into, to eat, but Mr. Satan protests, telling him that he brought him gifts. He opens a box of chocolates and tells him that they are very high quality. Buu pauses and asks him what that means and Mr. Satan responds by saying it means they're very expensive and very delicious. Buu sniffs it for a little while and then starts eating them rapidly, saying they're better than any humans that he's ever had turned to chocolate. Mr. Satan then shows him a Game Boy and Buu starts playing it. Then Buu starts getting mad because the game's too hard, so Mr. Satan tells him he'll put an easier one in. As Buu plays the Tetris-like game, Mr. Satan backs away and presses a button, which causes the Game Boy to explode. As he does a victory pose, he sees that Majin Buu is still standing there. Buu thanks Mr. Satan, saying that he had fun, and tells him he can be his servant. Mr. Satan gratefully agrees and Buu reaches into his pants and pulls out three candies that he tells him are what he turned some humans into. Mr. Satan thanks him and puts them in his mouth, saying that they're wonderful. Satan then looks surprised and looks in another direction, causing Buu to look. When he does, Mr. Satan spits the candies out and then does it again. When Buu turns again, Satan hits him in the neck. When Buu turns around saying he didn't see anything, Mr. Satan tells him that he thought he had a shadow. Buu tells him that he'll kill it then and fires a blast in the direction that he looked in. Mr. Satan's eyes grow wide at this and then he starts hesitatingly clapping, telling Buu that he truly is wonderful. Mr. Satan then sets up a camera and asks Buu if he can get a picture to remember him by. Buu agrees and Mr. Satan has him lie down face flat on the ground. Mr. Satan apologizes, saying it's the way pictures are taken these days and then sets the camera to go off as he runs behind Majin Buu and poses. Happy with at least getting a good picture of Buu "being defeated," Mr. Satan then offers to cook him something. Meanwhile, on Kaioshin's planet, the old Kaioshin finishes the ritual and sits down. Kaioshin awakens Goku, who was taking a nap again, and they all go over to where Gohan and the old Kaioshin are. Goku asks if Gohan's stronger now and the old Kaioshin tells him that he isn't any stronger yet because there is still 20 hours of powering up to do. He tells Gohan that they might as well get started since he [Gohan] doesn't have much time and tells him that all he has to do is sit there and concentrate. Gohan gets distressed and asks if he has to. The old Kaioshin tells him to be greatful that that's all he has to do in order to surpass his limits. Gohan complies with his wishes and closes his eyes and the old Kaioshin begins the powering up process. On Earth, we see that Mr. Satan has fed Majin Buu and now is massaging him while Buu takes a bath. While he does this, he thinks to himself that Majin Buu better not take the service for granted and underestimate him because one day he'll [Mr. Satan] destroy him.

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