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DBZ Episode Summaries

Recap: Majin Buu's destruction hasn't let up. He's used his overwhelming power to destroy cities and kill people. And incredibly, he also changed a city full of people into clay and made himself a house out of them. On the other hand, Goten and Trunks's training continued. Unfortunately, in the middle of training Goku's time limit ran out. Goku left his hope with Goten and Trunks and cheerfully returned to the after-life. Goku: "I'll meet you all later!"

Japanese Episode 249
Where's Gohan!? The Harsh Training on Kaioshin's Planet

As Baba leads Goku to Enma Daio's palace, Goku is astounded at the huge number of the recently deceased. Baba asks him if he's sure about leaving the fate of the earth up to the kids and Goku confirms his choice, saying that they'll defeat Majin Buu if they perfect the fusion technique. Baba is glad at his decisision, due to the belief she shares with Goku that those that live on the earth should be the ones that protect it. When they reach the palace, Baba and Goku depart from one another and Goku pays a visit to Enma. He angers Enma by telling him that all of the earth will probably be there soon and then asks if his son, Son Gohan, had passed through before all of the dead starting pouring in. Enma starts to look through his records but then tells Goku that he would've remembered it if his son had passed through. While Goku celebrates the good news that Gohan is still alive, Enma tells him about how Darbura had come through earlier and since he knew Darbura would enjoy being in hell, he sent him to heaven. Goku laughs at how that was a good idea and thanks Enma. As he flies over Snake Way, he senses Gohan's ki and teleports to its location. Unfortunately, the place he teleports to is right in the path of Gohan swinging the Z-sword. Goku manages to dodge the sword in time, resulting in only a few hairs being cut off. Goku asks Gohan why he's wearing the clothes he's wearing and as Gohan goes to explain, Goku sees Kaioshin. Meanwhile, Kibit is in shock at yet another person being on the holy sphere. Gohan asks Goku what he's doing there, since his 24 hours shouldn't be up yet, and Goku explains what had been going on on the Earth during their absence. Goku then asks to see the Z-sword and is stunned by its weight. When he picks it up and starts swinging it around, he scares Kaioshin and Kibit, leaving them wondering at what kind of race the Saiya-jin is. They all decide to take a break when Goku asks if he can have anything to eat. As Kaioshin leads the way to food, Gohan tells Goku that his SSJ3 transformation sounds pretty cool and Goku tells Gohan that he'll show him after they eat. The next day, Piccolo wakes Goten and Trunks from their sleep and tells them to hurry up and bathe and eat since they only have one day left to train. When Trunks and Goten go back to sleep while he's talking, Piccolo yells at them and hits them to wake them back up. As everyone else watches them, Trunks asks if he can see the fusion technique being carried out, since they've only seen it done correctly once. Piccolo reluctantly agrees and tells Kuririn to assist him. Kuririn asks why Piccolo chose him, when there are plenty of others around that know it too from watching it the day before, but turns around to see that everyone else that was with him had run away. Both perform the technique, but are humiliated in the process, and Goten and Trunks are unable to believe that they'll have to perform such an ugly looking dance. Meanwhile, on Earth, a news report is being shown in a city, where the reporter says that so far Majin Buu has killed/destroyed 2/3 of the human population/cities. Majin Buu then comes out of the broadcast screen and starts destroying the city. As he flies away, he sees someone walking and flies to them, determined not to let anyone escape. He finds out that the kid is blind, and has been so since birth. Buu heals the kid's eyes so that he will be scared of him, but the kid surprises him by hugging him instead and thanking him. As they sit on the side of a cliff, the kid asks Buu if he's a foreigner, since he has something on his head that his people don't have. Buu asks the kid if he's handsome and the kid tells him that he guesses he is, since he healed his eyesight, pleasing Majin Buu. Majin Buu tells the kid to wait there and flies away, astounding the kid since he didn't know "foreigners can fly." Buu lands next to a guy unloading a truck and turns him into milk. When he returns, he hands the kid the milk and tells him money is bad and milk is good. The kid thanks him as he flies away. Majin Buu repeats his new knowledge as he flies to the next city. When he destroys it, he laughs happily at the fact that he's handsome.

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